Chapter 4-132: Authenticity

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3018 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1712 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Can’t return to my original world? Then what happens?”

[ There’s an extremely slim chance that you’ll be transported to another world. ] 

“What’s the greatest possibility?”

A bad feeling welled up in Lilith…

[ The greatest probability is that … You’ll be drifting in the void for countless years. If you’re lucky, you’ll reach another world. If you’re unlucky… You’ll be stuck in that void for the rest of your life. ] 

“What?! Save me right now, gramps!”

Lilith looked at Cornelia threateningly, anxiously hoping that the ancestor would lend her his power as always. After all, she had no desire to die of old age in a void.

However, the ancestor’s response was…

[ Don’t even think about it. ] 

“Why, gramps? You can bear to see your descendant trapped in the void for the rest of her life?”

[ Don’t worry, it is still highly possible that you won’t be trapped there for the rest of your life. ] 

“For real?”

[ You’ll be completely devoured by the terrifying beasts travelling through the void. Not a single bone would be left of you. ] 

“That’s even worse…!!”

[I don’t want to see you die either. But the dynamic between you and that Cornelia is just so fascinating. In some technologically advanced civilization… this is known as the… deterrence theory.] 

[Once you use more power than this world could bear, she will also do the same. When the two forces collide, this world will definitely be destroyed. Putting aside the aftermath, can you really bear to let your other companions die here? ] 


Lilith fell silent.

Cornelia didn’t dare to use that level of power because she had people to protect.

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Though she acted so badass in front of Cornelia earlier, that was all an act. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have agreed to be captured after sending Lesiah away.

Not only that… She was also very concerned about the ‘consequences’, which the ancestor spoke of, though her intuition told her that it was nothing good.

So for now, she could only…

“You’re hoping for that companion of yours called Lesiah to come to your rescue?” Cornelia suddenly looked up and sneered, as though she could read Lilith’s thoughts.

“Quit dreaming. You think that weakling could reach you?”
“I believe in her.”
“Oh, what makes you so sure?”

Lilith lowered her uncertain gaze.

Her thoughts travelled back to the moment she fainted not long ago.

As Lesiah’s blood flowed into Lilith’s throat, some fragments of memories with images that were frozen in time flashed in Lilith’s mind when she was still unconscious.

In those fragments, there was a young girl.

That young girl who skipped out on work every morning, but regretted her decision when she was on her way home.

That young girl who kept an adult novel in the drawer of her office desk, but would always end up being too embarrassed after reading two pages of it.

That young girl who never forgot to spend time with her younger sister and mother, no matter how busy her work got.

That young girl who didn’t manage to push the great Macedonian Empire to prosperity but maintained its huge governing system.

That young girl who was loved as the most beautiful princess by her subjects and always welcomed by them when she paraded down the streets.

That young girl who loved her father, the late king, but also hated him for leaving everything in her hands.

That young girl who liked to escape from her troubles, but never let go of what was important to her.

That young girl who was both weak and strong, felt useless, and was caught in a conflict.

Just how powerful could she be?

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A warm smile crept onto Lilith’s lips.

Immensely powerful.

“She’ll come, definitely.”
“Is that so? Then I shall prepare to give her a proper welcome.”

Cornelia sneered, then resumed drawing the teleportation array. This time, the speed of her hand increased. It looked like she was eager to greet the next guest herself.


“Well… that’s about it.”


After listening to Lesiah, everyone gasped like they’d just heard the greatest plot twist in a novel. But the serious look on the princess’ face told them that she was telling the truth.


Diana knocked her head incredulously. “You mean… Strange creatures known as the black devils suddenly appeared in this world? Not only did they kill the Golden Demon Htilil, they also captured Lilith?”

What was this turn of events?

The entire human race was on standby, ready to fight the Golden Demon Htilil and make history, only to find that she had died in these ancient ruins out of the blue. Not only that, she died by the hand of strange creatures with a lame name?

This was no different than the emperor of a country waiting outside the capital city with 100,000 troops to battle against vile rebels who tried to usurp power.

Only to see a sissy eunuch coming over to report that those rebels had been killed by passing bandits when they were peeing by the roadside on their way here.

Hmmm… That really caught them a little off guard.

What about Lilith? Didn’t the Golden Demon Htilil kill her? How did she end up being captured alive?

“Everything I said… is true.”

Lesiah said with a poker face. Lying was easy for someone like her, who battled her maids with brawns and brains every day.

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Besides, most of it was the truth, save for the part that Golden Demon and Lilith were the same person. She only cut out some part of the story or skipped it all together.

It would be extremely difficult to detect one lie among nine truths, since it wasn’t really a lie.

Durance stared at Lesiah for a long time before saying, “Even if what Your Royal Highness said is all true, how are you going to prove one thing?”

“Which one?”

“How are you going to prove that you are Princess Lesiah of the Macedonian Empire, and not an impersonation by Golden Demon Htilil or the black devil that you spoke of?”

Lucas suddenly interjected, shocking everyone else one the scene. The point he voiced out wasn’t something expected of a lewd and wretched leader from the Luminous Theocracy. It really made the others see him in a new light.

How did Lucas come up with such a smart question? Everyone thought he was the type who would only ask a woman for their body measurements every time he opened his mouth.

Durance looked at Lucas meaningfully. As expected, the pride of Luminous Theocracy wasn’t just a nobody. The less conspicuous one was always the most well disguised and smartest.

Lesiah was silent for a moment before asking, “How do you want me to prove it then?”

“Just tell us some private information that a princess would never share with others.” Lucas then ended his question with mischievous chuckles. It was hard for anyone to take his question seriously with that lewd expression he was wearing on his face.

Durance secretly pursed his lips. Lucas really wasn’t just an idiot with a bad brain to be able to come up with such a well thought suggestion.

“Private information… that I would never share with others…?”

The princess’ lovely face instantly reddened. For some reason, she suddenly thought of that night.

The night when she…

No, no, no! That was the only thing that she mustn’t tell anyone!

If she did, she’d never be able to clear her name… Ugggh… That damn Lilith! If she hadn’t done those irresponsible things to her, she wouldn’t have to bear this humiliation! She’d definitely make her pay for that!

“No, I refuse!”
“Why? Are you admitting that you are really an impersonator?”
“Of course not. But that’s… something I’ll never tell anyone!”
“I see…”

Just when everyone was about to pull their weapon out with a guarded expression on their face, Durance suddenly stopped them and bowed to her respectfully. “It looks like you are the real princess.”

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“Huh? What?!”

Durance smiled at Choobchoob’s question. “If she was the imposter, she would have all the princess’ memories. So if the princess replied to this question, we would never be able to tell if she was real. But… only the princess herself would never tell anyone her secrets even if it means she has to die. Am I right, Brother Lucas…?”


It was this response that made everyone change their opinion on him. Even Choobchoob was looking at him with admiration in eyes.

“Senior Lucas, I was wrong about you. So you’re not an ordinary pervert, but an extremely intelligent pervert.”

Lucas rubbed his smooth bald head awkwardly.

“Haha… Right… That was exactly what I thought, haha…”

However, Diana was frowning because she sensed that something wasn’t right.

“But what if the princess really doesn’t have any unspeakable private information? Won’t that be a pointless question to ask her?” she asked Lucas.

Her question took everyone by surprise, and all attention was back on Lucas again.

“Eh? Um… Everyone has secrets. So there’s nothing wrong with this question…”

“Secrets and private information are two different things. Why didn’t you just ask for her secret instead of private information? You would’ve gotten the same result if you had asked the princess for a secret about her.”

“Well… Well…”


“Wait, wait! How would I know?” Lucas waved his hands frantically under everyone’s intent gaze.

“I only asked that because I wanted to get some hot information about the princess…”


Lucas quickly slapped his hand over his mouth.

S̲h̲i̲t̲, that was a slip of tongue.

“Ohh…” Lesiah took out her scissors again.

“Look at this elite from the Luminous Theocracy. It seems like you strongly wish to be a good boy, Lucas. In that case, allow me to fulfill your wish.”

“Noo!! I beg of you…! Dammit, Diana! Aren’t we allies with an ongoing deal? How dare you sell me out!”

“Allies?” Diana laughed coldly.

“Fool. If you die, I won’t have to split the money with you. I clearly know that getting full profit is better than half.”



A miserable scream echoed through the forest, causing countless birds to fly away in alert.


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