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Chapter 4-13: Thoughts From Thousands Of Miles Away

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2160 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1332 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

As Elliot’s voice fell, a black violent storm with a destructive aura spread out around him. It tore up everything it touched.

“Oh no, the president is getting serious!”
“He won’t care if it’s a friend or foe when he flips out! Let’s get out of here quickly!”

All of Elliot’s subordinates carried the unconscious bald man and scrambled their way outside.

The building where the Inhumane Club was located had been torn up. The debris was swept into the sky. Even without a roof over their heads, the sunlight still couldn’t penetrate through the eye of the storm, where Lilith and the rest were.

Lilith rubbed her chin. “Actually, we could have done this in another place. How wasteful of you to tear up your own nest before the fight even started.”


Elliot growled dangerously before he turned into a bolt of black lightning that tore through space toward Kieran.

Lilith was shocked to find out that Elliot’s speed surpassed hers.

This was the first time she had seen… any creature with superior physical power to herself ever since she left Dragon Island.

But even if Elliot was stronger than she expected, the outcome was already decided.

Kieran had given up on hope. He knew that resistance was futile, so he could only close his eyes and accept his fate while praying that his dead body would at least be in one piece.

However, after waiting for a long time with his eyes closed, Elliot’s attack that would rip him apart like a violent storm never came.

He only felt warmth in his stomach. Kieran cracked open his eyes… And met the gaze of the ferocious wolf in front of him. They were only less than half a meter apart. Kieran could even feel Elliot’s chaotic aura. On that bloodthirsty wolf face, Kieran could see a trace of what could be known as disbelief.

“You… actually remained unscathed?”

Kieran followed Elliot’s horrified gaze and looked down at his abdomen. His opponent’s sharp claws that seemed to be able to tear everything apart stopped right against his abdomen. It seemed to be blocked by the extremely flimsy but impenetrable maid’s outfit.

“Oh my. The best among the sixth-year, the president of the Inhumane Club, Lord Elliot who was known as the demon wolf, you can’t even beat my secretary? How pathetic.”

Unbeknownst to them, Lilith was already standing beside them with a mocking expression on her face.

“I don’t believe it. How is this possible? Her breath is so weak. How can she remain unscathed by my attack! This must be a deceptive trick.”

Elliot suddenly raised his head and let out a sharp wolf’s cry.

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The storm suddenly rushed back to his body. His body continued growing bigger, surrounded by the dark lightning. His every breath sounded like the storm.

He seemed adamant about tearing Kieran apart with his brute force.

What an honest baby. He could have just used a full coverage damage skill or directly attacked Kieran on his head. That would have solved the problem.

Lilith took a few steps back and watched Elliot rush toward Kieran with even more terrifying power.

She took out some of her treasured snacks, sat down and continued watching the show.

Naturally, Elliot’s attacks were ineffective. No matter how terrifying his strength was, it didn’t damage or leave even the slightest trace on Kieran’s maid dress.

It was no surprise.

After all, the maid dress was a pseudo-artifact that the Dragon Queen herself had created.

Apart from its ability to change its size, auto-temperature adjustment, self-timed cleaning, it didn’t have any other special features. However, its quality wasn’t something that could be damaged by a student like Elliot.

“Ah, are you guys done?”

After finishing up her snack, Lilith went back to Elliot who was panting hard and taking a break.

“I would advise you to work harder. Otherwise, things will end up badly.”
“W-…What do you mean?”
“It seems like you are not aware of what I do with those who lose to me.”

After saying that, Lilith flipped Kieran’s skirt up in front of Elliot with the speed of lightning.

“ARGH…! What are you doing?!”

Kieran quickly pushed his skirt down with a red face. But it was too late. Elliot had already gotten a clear look at the splendid view beneath his skirt.

His eyes widened as he wore a dumbfounded look on his face, looking as though he’d just seen something unbelievable.

He staggered a few steps back, his previously intimidating aura of a werewolf waned into that of a bereaved dog.

“A man?”

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“That’s right.” Lilith nodded. “He was a man before he lost to me.”


Elliot howled exactly like Kieran did when he woke up in Lilith’s dorm, as though he saw his own tragic ending.

“Ancient wolf, I summon you!”

Elliot’s huge body suddenly shriveled. His black fur gradually turned blood red.

A huge wolf-shaped black shadow gradually formed behind him.

The black shadow exuded a destructive aura of the saint realm. Even the magic circle above the St. Caroline Academy was alarmed. It was glowing in golden light, looking like it would deliver a punishment at any moment.

On top of a mountain in the distance, a few pairs of eyes were attracted by the aura that appeared.

“Your wish has been heard.”

An old and majestic voice came from the black shadow. Its green eyes locked onto Kieran… With murderous intent.

Lilith took out another sausage and stared at the thing that Elliot had suddenly summoned with a dumbfounded look on her face.

She looked unfazed like an old dog, but she was in fact panicking.

F…F̲u̲c̲k̲, this guy actually used his ultimate move without a warning. His opponent was just a second-year student. Did he have to use such a self-destructing skill?

Did he fear losing that much?

The wolf-shaped shadow raised its huge front paw and brought it down on Kieran.

After going through so much, Kieran had already lost the ability to feel fear. He looked dully at the death scythe that was coming toward him.

All while Lilith frantically fished out a scroll to save him. A golden light came sweeping from the top of the mountain in the distance. It was at this moment, everything suddenly became quiet. Everything turned still, as though time itself had stopped.

The wolf’s claw stopped right on top of Kieran’s head. In this stilled time and space, only two people retained their consciousness. No. More precisely, a person and a wolf. Lilith blinked in confusion, wondering what just happened.

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The dark shadow that Elliot summoned was secretly shocked or even horrified. The flow of time was forcibly stopped in this area. This wasn’t something that anyone could do.

The maid dress on Kieran’s body suddenly started glowing faintly. A phantom slowly appeared. The expression on Lilith’s face grew excited.


The phantom of the Dragon Queen turned her head to look at Lilith and then at Kieran, who was wearing the maid dress. There was a look of disappointment on her face.

Lilith fell silent.

The Dragon Queen turned her head to the trembling black shadow, perhaps to vent her anger.

“Scram.” Her vermillion lips moved.

The black shadow instantly dissipated.

A certain powerful being in a faraway land suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood. With horror in his eyes, he kneeled down and prostrated himself in the direction of the Dragon Island, begging for mercy.

“Mercy, Queen! Have mercy!”

After making sure that no punishment came, only then he slid back into his nest. There he cowered in fear and silently licked his wound.

The queen’s phantom disappeared, and time flowed again. Lilith patted her chest and breathed out a sigh of relief.

Damn, she actually left a divine thought on the maid dress. Just how badly did she want me to put this dress on?


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