Chapter 4-14: Conquering The Inhuman Club

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2113 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1342 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

A ray of golden light came sweeping from the distance. Trimmed little curl, tight red-blue dojo uniform. It was a figure that Lilith was extremely familiar with.

“Yo! What brings you here, Mordy?”

“You again, little b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!!” Elder Mord was slightly taken aback at the sight of Lilith before he roared in anger.

“Why are you everywhere?! Speak! What misdeed have you done again?”

“What do you mean by misdeed?” Lilith spread her arms. “I’m contributing to the harmony of the academy!”

“Who would contribute to the academy as you did?” Mord pointed to the surroundings.

The place was in shambles.

Buildings collapsed and the street was damaged.

There were also a few unlucky ones who were buried under the ruins.

No matter how you looked at it, this place looked like the aftermath of a natural disaster.

However, this was St. Caroline Academy. With a grand defense magic circle in place, there was no way it would be struck by natural disasters.

That could only mean that this was man-made.

As the only unscathed person on the scene, Lilith naturally became the first suspect.

“What’s with that saint realm aura just now? What happened here? You better be honest with me, little b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.”

“Man, why won’t you believe me?” Lilith spoke earnestly, “I came to the Inhuman Club for the sake of the academy’s peacefulness. I’m not here for fun and games.”

“…Inhuman Club?”

Mord was shocked. Due to the thoroughly destroyed building, he failed to realize that this was the Inhuman Club which had been the source of his headache to date.

“Then he is…”

Mord pointed to a very familiar-looking guy among the mess, yet his figure didn’t quite match the one from his memory.

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“That’s right. The president of the Inhuman Club, the best among the sixth-year, demon wolf Elliot.”
“You’re the one who beat him to a pulp?”
“Nope. He over-exhausted himself by using a skill that was beyond his control and it backfired.”

Of course, Lilith wouldn’t say that he turned into this after getting yelled at by her mother, so she started talking nonsense.

“I was beyond terrified at the time. I came here for a friendly exchange with him as the vice president of the disciplinary committee, but he didn’t appreciate my initiative and even beat my secretary up.”

Lilith pointed to Kieran who had lost his consciousness from fright, then wiped away the non-existent tear from the corner of her eye.

“My poor secretary. There’s no way a spoiled daughter from a rich family would be able to take that kind of shock. She fainted from fright on the spot, but…”
“But what…?”
“But… Not only did he not stop, he even extended his demonic claw toward me, a delicate and weak girl.”
“He said that he was going to sacrifice me to some ancient wolf, then unleashed his ultimate skill as soon as we butt heads. In the end, he lost control and ended up in this state.”

Mord was skeptical.

“You still don’t believe me?!” Lilith looked aggrieved, like a husband who was constantly suspected of cheating by his own wife, and continued with much heartache, “As the vice president of the disciplinary committee, I dedicate myself to the academy. I’ve been working diligently ever since I took up this post. I at least deserve the credit for my hard work. Things turned out this way because I wanted to get rid of the bad influence in the academy; to turn the Inhuman Club into a great club that everyone loves. It is for this reason, a cute little loli like myself ventured fearlessly into the dangerous base of the Inhuman Club. Do you think that I’m not afraid to face the terrible demon wolf Elliot and his fierce subordinates? I was shaking in my boots!”

For the second time, Lilith wiped a non-existent tear from the corner of her eye. To make it seem convincing, she even secretly used a low-level magic to condense a few water droplets on the tip of her finger and rubbed them on the corner of her eye to make her appear to be even more pitiful.

“Even in the face of those terrifying guys, I mustered the courage to dissuade and educate them, in hopes that they would turn over a new leaf and contribute to the harmony of the academy. Yet despite all of that, Elder Mord still suspects me. How tragic my life is… sob…”
“W-…Wait, stop crying! I believe you, alright?”
“You’re not lying?”
“I promise I’m not.”

“Fine then,” Lilith agreed ‘reluctantly’.

“Ahem.” Mord cleared his throat, “Then I shall bring Elliot to get his injury treated and interrogate him. Take care of things here. Make sure you deal with it properly and don’t leave any problems behind…”

“Elder Mord, you doubt my capability?” Lilith sobbed.

“No, I don’t. Of course, I have to believe in you. I totally have nothing to worry about now that you’re the vice president.”

After saying that, Mord picked Elliot up and left as though he was fleeing from the scene.

It wasn’t until Mord disappeared from her sight did Lilith’s lips curled up into a smile.

As expected of Elder Mord. His low IQ makes him an easy target to trick.

Lilith turned her head to look at the remaining members of the Inhuman Club, as well as the audience.

It was as though the pitiful expression on her face earlier was nothing but an illusion.

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It was now replaced by an undisguised contempt, as though she was looking down on bugs.

“People from the Inhuman Club… Oh no, I mean… Listen up, all you stray dogs. From now on, I, Lilith, will be your new owner. I don’t care how highly you think of yourself before, how arrogant you were and how you looked down on people before. Now that I am your owner, you must obey my command. Humans need to be humble, dogs need to be even more humble. If any one of you does anything that would put me, the vice president, in a tight spot…”

A gentle smile graced Lilith’s lips.

“I’ll kill you all~”
“Do you all have a problem with me? You can tell me, I highly value your opinions and I definitely won’t get angry.”
“If that’s the case, then why am I not getting an answer from all of you?”

Under Lilith’s death threat, the members of the Inhuman Club who lost their backbone finally lowered their heads in humiliation.

Of course, they had a problem with that. After suddenly being stepped all over by someone, anyone would feel so humiliated and furious that they would wish to tear that person up into pieces.

However, that demon named Lilith was just too terrifying.

To think that their former president, the great demon wolf Elliot who was the best among the sixth graders, would lose just like that. And not only that, he lost to her secretary. It was hard to imagine just how powerful Lilith was.

At least for them, there was not a chance that they would be able to rebel. To obey the strong and ravage the weak was the nature of beasts.

Lilith nodded in satisfaction after confirming that everyone had submitted themselves. Finally, she was able to gain another foothold in the academy other than being the vice president of the disciplinary committee. Conquering the Inhuman Cub would definitely further secure her position. And it was just a matter of time before the president’s position would be hers.

Ahhh~ It has only been three days since I joined the academy and I already got to such a high position.

‘There’s probably no one as awesome as me in St. Caroline Academy since its founding,’ Lilith thought narcissistically.

Hehe, well then… I should set my plans in motion. One by one, I shall break those old-fashioned rules… And turn this academy into a ‘paradise’.


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