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Chapter 4-12: Demon Wolf

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2135 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1289 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Alright, smash the door.”

“S-Smash the door?” Kieran tremblingly pointed to the tall door in front of him, “Do you know what this place is?”

“Of course. Why would I come here if I don’t know? You think I’m here to shop?” Lilith curled her lips disdainfully. “It’s just the Inhuman Club.”

“JUST?!” Kieran echoed miserably. “This is one of the top three clubs that one must not provoke in this academy. The president of the Inhuman Club is that demon wolf, Elliot from the sixth year. I don’t have a death wish!”

“Tch, what a chicken wuss. It’s just a little puppy, why are you so afraid?”

“Puppy…” Kieran gave Lilith a dumbfounded look.

How dare she refer to the demon wolf Elliot from the sixth year as a puppy?

Even him, who had been the best among second-year for so long, didn’t dare to do that. Where did she get all that confidence from?

Lilith cast a scornful look at Kieran, then walked to the door herself and gave it a hard kick.


Under Kieran’s horrified gaze, the door was destroyed by Lilith’s terrifying brute force. It was broken into pieces, revealing a spacious dark hall within.

A few evil gazes from inside the hall were gathered on the two people at the door.

The people inside were stunned to see that their door was suddenly busted down. As soon as they got a clear look at the intruders, their eyes instantly turned unfriendly.

“Where did these bugs come from? You shouldn’t be hanging around here.”

“Bugs?” Lilith sneered and walked into the hall. She looked at the bald man with hideous lines on his body who spoke earlier. “Are you Elliot, the demon wolf?”

“Our president isn’t someone that bugs like you can meet.”

“Is that so? Sorry to hear that.”


Before everyone could react, a figure smashed through the wall. No one knew if he was alive or dead after that.

Lilith slowly retracted her fist. The figure of the unconscious bald man reflected in the depths of her pupils.

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“Anyone know where Elliot, the demon wolf, is?” Lilith looked at the horrified crowd in the hall and repeated her question.

The atmosphere gradually fell silent.

A few moments later…

“I am Elliot.”

A man sitting in a dark corner at the far end of the room slowly stood up.

“Ha. I thought the legendary sixth-year was a powerful guy, but it turned out to be a coward who was too scared to reveal his identity earlier.”

“It doesn’t matter if I am a coward or not.” Elliot pushed the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. His elegant and simple outfit made it hard to believe that he was that infamous, cruel and bloodthirsty demon wolf.

“Most importantly, who are you and what brings you here?”

“No reason in particular.” Lilith spread her arms. “I’m the newly appointed vice president of the disciplinary committee. The president has sent me here to say hi to your good club~”

Elliot’s pupils shrank slightly at the mention of the vice president of the disciplinary committee.

“The newly appointed vice president? I didn’t hear about that.”

“Hoho,” Lilith sneered. “You think it’s your business to know that I’m being appointed as the vice president?”

“…I see. It seems like I was ill-informed. But vice president, you don’t look like you are here to say hi, given your attitude.”

“Of course I’m not here for that. Lowly beasts like you guys aren’t worthy to make me waste my breath.”

“What did you say?! Who are lowly bea…”

“Silence!” Elliot berated his upset subordinate but his gaze remained calm, as if he wasn’t affected in the slightest by Lilith’s taunting.

As expected of a demon wolf. This guy is really tricky to handle.

Lilith secretly praised in her heart.

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“Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Lilith. A first-year who has joined the academy, and also the newly appointed vice president of the disciplinary committee.”

“A freshman?” Elliot showed a reaction for the very first time.

“I came here at the request of the president. As they say, a new broom sweeps clean. And all of you will be the first thing that I’ll sweep.”

“Seems like we’re being undermined. To think that a freshman would dare to find trouble with us, the Inhuman Club.” Elliot threw a glance at the bald man who was still unconscious. “But you don’t seem like an ordinary freshman either.”

“Aw, stop it you. You’re feeding my ego.”

Despite saying that, Lilith was nodding in approval.

“To be honest, I’m a very easy-going person. I come to offer you guys two options. It’s up to you all which option you want to choose.”

“Let’s hear it then.”

Lilith stuck her finger index up. “First option: surrender.”

Then she stuck her middle finger up. “Second option: perish.”

She shook her two fingers and smiled at them. “The choice is yours.”

A terrifyingly violent aura slowly seeped out from under Elliot’s simple and elegant clothes. He took off his black-rimmed glasses, revealing his eyes that were glowing green.

“That is not a funny joke, vice president.”

“A joke? Haha…” Lilith covered her mouth and laughed as though she just heard the funniest joke. “You think this is a joke? Sorry, I never joke about this kind of thing.”

The expression on her face instantly turned serious.

An ancient and imposing aura radiated from Lilith’s petite body like a violent storm. Apart from Elliot, all the other members of the clubs were instantly brought to their knees against their will.

Elliot didn’t seem to be coping well either. Beads of cold sweat broke out on his forehead. His back was slightly hunched and his legs began to tremble.

“Who are you exactly…”

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Lilith’s eyes glowed faintly, not completely lit up in gold yet.

This wasn’t even the might of the dragons. It was only the innate suppression toward creatures of lower classes.

This class suppression that flowed in their bloodstream had always been most effective against beasts like Elliot.

“I’m giving you all another chance. Surrender or perish.”


Elliot, who could barely stand up straight in the oppressive aura, suddenly let out an angry roar. His body began to grow. His clothes were torn and dark steel-like long fur began to grow on the surface of his skin.

In just a few seconds, Elliot transformed into a giant werewolf that stood five meters tall.

“I see. You still want to resist.”

“Although I don’t know which form of demon beast you are to possess such powerful innate suppression, challenging the strong is the nature of a Dark Moon Demon Wolf!”

“Ahh, how troublesome. Kieran.”


“I’ll leave this to you.”

“WHAT?!” Kieran paled. “How would I be able to defeat a monster like that?! Why don’t you do it yourself since you’re so powerful?”

“I’m just a freshman. Isn’t it weird for me to be challenging the best in sixth grade?”


“Cut the crap and just go!”

Kieran wanted to refuse, but that will from the sky above the academy descended once again and made Kieran walk toward Elliot against his will.

His face paled more with each step he took. Kieran closed his eyes as though he had given up on hope and completely surrendered his body to that will.

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However, his behavior was undoubtedly perceived as a provocation by Elliot.

“I see, you’re completely looking down on me. If that’s the case, then I won’t be pulling any punches.”


  1. TLN: “开门,社区送温暖。”
    I hope I translated this joke right lmao.

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