Chapter 4-123: Purpose

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2216 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1215 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“It doesn’t matter?”

Lilith suddenly stopped and put Lesiah down.

“You finally got over it?” Lesiah beamed at her.


Lilith looked at the princess’ face. She looked radiant and beautiful with that sweet smile on her face. Yet her eyes were dead. She should have noticed earlier that the moment she rescued Lesiah from that steamer, she had already changed.

Although she still looked the same, she had lost her attachment to ‘running away’. Had she been the same person when she first entered this world, she would have tried to run away many times when Lilith was fighting with Cornelia and the others.

Ever since Lilith rescued her from the steamer, she didn’t even try running away. Not even once. It was almost like running away was meaningless to her.

Although Lilith had no exact idea what happened, she had a hunch that Shiloah must have said something to Lesiah. It exposed the weakness that lurked in her to the scorching sun.

Vulnerable people were the easiest targets to manipulate. As long as they could penetrate the veil that obscured their heart, their psychological defence would instantly crumble.

[My descendant, it seems like a strange power is about to act on both of you. ]

Got it.

Lilith’s abrupt stop caused Cornelia to slow down her pursuit too, perhaps out of fear that Lilith would set some traps for her.

The princess was still smiling as she waited for Lilith’s verdict.


This was the first time Lilith addressed her by her name so solemnly. It surprised her a little, but it also made her feel at ease.

This must be their last goodbye.

“Lilith. Umm… It’s indeed a nice name. But I guess this is also the last time I get to call you that.”

She placed her hand gently on Lilith’s face, the pain from the wound on her side caused her to wince a little. But nothing really mattered now.

Nothing was, when death was just around the corner.

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“Farewell, Lilith.”
“This is not a farewell.” Lilith corrected her suddenly.
“It’s not a farewell. I’ll see you later.”

Before the princess could even react, Lilith suddenly tiptoed and wrapped her hands around Lesiah’s neck.

Then, something warm covered her lips.


Lesiah was stunned. Likewise, Cornelia was also stunned. Were they putting up a drama in front of their enemy, hoping that the enemy would be moved and spare their lives? How naive.

Cornelia didn’t stop, but she did slow down significantly. It seemed like she was also interested in watching the show until the end.


Lesiah struggled reflexively. But how could she win Lilith? She only ended up making Lilith embrace her even more tightly.

With their lips glued together, Lesiah couldn’t even put up a fight against Lilith. Her mouth was pried open by Lilith clumsily. A soft but flexible appendage wriggled into her parted mouth and frolicked with her own in the hot cavern.

They intertwined with each other, teasing and exploring each other’s sensitivity. Lesiah eventually allowed her own tongue to dance along with Lilith’s. Then a surge of warmth invaded the princess’ mouth like hot lava.

“Ummphh, ummphh, ummphh…”

The princess clawed Lilith’s back. Her eyes were glazed over as her face turned into a lovely shade of red.

Hot… The lava flowing into her mouth was scalding hot… Her body felt like it was going to melt… It was as if…

Their lips parted with a smack, but they were still connected by a trail of saliva.

Lilith wiped the blood leaking from the corner of her mouth and winced a little. Being bitten at the tip of her tongue was more painful than she thought.

She looked at Lesiah and held her gaze.

With an extremely serious tone she said, “Since you said that your death is meaningless, then I shall give it a meaning. You don’t like to be the princess of your homeland, then I shall give you a new identity. From now on, you, Lesiah, belong to me, Artemis Niger Lilith, the Dragon Princess! You do not have to live for anyone else nor any purpose. But you are not allowed to die without my permission!”

[ My descendant, the time has come! ]

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With a silent nod, Lilith leaned into Lesiah’s ear and whispered to the princess who was in a daze.

“My blood is the mark.”

After saying that, Lilith suddenly grabbed Lesiah. In Lesiah’s confusion, she was thrown into the distance!


It was then Lesiah finally came back to her senses and understood what Lilith was trying to do. But it was too late. She was still in midair when the scenery in her view suddenly changed without any warning.


The princess quickly got up from the ground and started searching for Lilith. Although the scenery changed, it was still a rough landing since she was being thrown so far by Lilith. But Lesiah couldn’t care so much at this point.

The black sun, crimson sky, village, and the busy Titans. But there was no sign of Lilith anywhere.

“Our queen?!”

Lesiah’s sudden appearance caused Titan 12138 to stop working and come jogging over in a pleasant surprise.

“You’ve finally returned! We were so worried about your long absence!”

The other Titans who had gathered around also nodded. Although Lesiah had just met them not long ago and was even an enemy before this, the Titans were treating this queen of theirs as one of their own.

Titan 12138 looked around, but didn’t see the person whom she wanted to see. “Oh, where is our king? Why is she not with you?” she asked curiously.

“Lilith is…” Lesiah lowered her head and clenched her fists. She couldn’t stop herself from shaking as she tried her best to break the news.

“She won’t be returning for some time.”
“What do you mean? Is she in danger?”
“I mean what I said. Due to some reason, Lilith, won’t be able to return for the time being, so…”

Raising her head, Lesiah saw a few hundred pairs of eyes that were either filled with worry or anticipation. Yet they were all filled with a ray of light known as faith. The words that came to Lesiah’s mouth were swallowed back again.

If she told them the truth, it would surely extinguish the light in their eyes. The princess forced a smile.

“That’s why Lilith requested that I return first to help all of you out. She will return when her work is done.”
“Ah, so the king has some matters to attend to. We thought something happened to her.”
“What could possibly happen to her? She is… your king.”
“That’s right! Our king is most powerful! How could something happen to her! You guys better stop talking nonsense!”

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Titan 12138 also glared at the person who spoke. But when she returned her gaze at Lesiah, she failed to hide the anxiety in her eyes.

“Queen, you must be tired. Why don’t you take a rest somewhere first?”
“This way please.”

The old titan led Lesiah into the king’s bedchamber. But before she went in, she made a gesture to the rest, instructing everyone to keep their distance from here.


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