Chapter 4-122: Insignificant Death

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2307 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1263 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Lesiah’s eyes were as tranquil as Dragon God Lake in the evening. It was the first time she spoke to Lilith in such a way. But for some reason, it made the latter feel extremely pressured.

The question Lesiah threw at her was no different than asking Lilith “Who would you save if your mother and I fell into the river at the same time?” — the classic question that every guy feared their girlfriend would annoy them with.

Oops, I forgot. I’m a girl now. But what difference does it make?

It was obvious that this kind of question existed for the purpose of finding faults intentionally. Even a female would find it extremely difficult to answer. But of course in this lifetime, this question became a very easy question for Lilith.

That was because no river could drown her mother. That was unless her mom deliberately pretended to be a drowning dragon just so that her beloved daughter would have no choice but to rescue her.

However, Lesiah indeed raised a very difficult question. No. It wasn’t a difficult question. It was just difficult to tell her.

When a cutie stared right into your eyes and suddenly asked you why you were being so nice to her… The best answer would be…


Lesiah continued to stare at Lilith’s face, as though she wouldn’t give up until she got an explanation.

“Can we just leave this until later? We are running for our lives right now,” Lilith smiled wryly.

She could feel a terrifying and explosive aura approaching from behind. The power that Cornelia used was definitely beyond what she used before. The speed of abstract painting-like distortion had far surpassed her speed that had already been enhanced by her ancestor’s power.

She must have been furious because her ancestor suddenly went back on his word.

“Fine… It doesn’t matter anymore.”

The princess propped her chin on Lilith’s shoulder again. “In any case, you must have ulterior motives for being so nice to me.”

“Motives? What do you mean?” Lilith couldn’t help but frown.

“Isn’t it common sense to think that someone is nice to another person just because they wanted something from that person?”

“Common sense?” Lilith’s pitch went higher. “Where did you learn all this common sense?”

Lesiah smiled bitterly at the question.

“I learned it firsthand. My father treated me well because I am his only successor. My mother is nice to me because I’m the only one she can rely on. My sister is nice to me because I can give her many good things. Miss Sheila is nice to me because I am her employer. The ministers are nice to me because they want more power. People are nice to me because they want something from me.”

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Lilith fell silent for a moment before asking, “Do you think I’m the same as them? I want something from you?”

“Is that not the case? Like you said, I’m just a useless princess. I can’t find any other reason why you would be so nice to me apart from wanting to get something from me.”

“You think you’re useless?”

“Am I not? I’m cowardly, incompetent, likes to escape from my problems and let everyone down… Is this not the definition of being useless?”

“I am Artemis Niger Lilith, the princess of the strongest race in this world. I have the strongest mother in the world and many saint-level underlings. What makes you think I want something from you, a mere mortal princess who is a piece of trash? Do you think you have something that might tempt me?”

“Perhaps my beauty? Haven’t you been ******* over me?”

“Me? ******* over you?”

Lilith gritted her teeth and repeated her sentence word by word.

Anger. It had been too long since she last felt like this. To think that Lesiah could say such foolish things. Lilith was so furious that she wished she could teach that girl a good lesson on the spot.

She suddenly grabbed Lesiah’s head, forcing her eyes to meet hers. Lilith’s piercing golden eyes made the princess subconsciously want to look away, but she couldn’t because of Lilith’s firm grasp on her.

“Lesiah, I hope you’re not saying all these just to make me abandon you.”

Lesiah smiled miserably. Under Lilith’s forceful gaze, she couldn’t even tell a lie in her face.

“Just leave me here. Otherwise none of us can escape.”
“I knew it…”

Lilith shot a glare at Lesiah. “Do you really think that with my current strength, giving up a girl who weighs only a hundred pounds would allow me to escape the enemy’s pursuit?”

“I’m referring to you accepting Cornelia’s condition. Choose yourself and give up on me.”
“It’s not too late. She will still accept it.”

Lesiah took out a pebble about the size of a grain of rice from under Lilith’s collar. “I heard everything.”

Looking at the stone that she never discovered made Lilith even madder.

If they weren’t running for their lives, she would’ve stopped and given Lesiah a good spanking!

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“Anyway, I would never do that.”
“But we risk not being able to escape.”

Even with Lesiah’s eyesight, she could clearly see Cornelia catching up to them from behind.

“That’s none of your concern. Besides, didn’t you say that as long as we can hang on for a certain amount of time, we’ll eventually be able to leave this place.”
“But only on the premise that we don’t get caught. My hunch is if we get caught, we won’t be able to leave even if the time comes.”

Lesiah reached out to touch a wall on the side that was distorted like an abstract painting.

When her fingertip came into contact with the supposedly solid wall, ripples immediately spread out.

“When the world gets distorted, so will the law.”

Lilith sped up with the last of her strength. Even so, Cornelia was still catching up with them.

Perhaps it was just as Cornelia said, her ancestor was just a phantom. How much power would a phantom possess?

“Lesiah…” Lilith said suddenly, “Why… is your will to live so weak now? Not long ago, you were someone who would rather retain your pride than ask for help.”

“Because… I’ve made peace with it.”

Lesiah lowered her gaze. Bleakness filled her eyes.

“I used to think that as the eldest princess of the Macedonian Empire, I am the empire’s pillar of support. Burdened by the hopes of hundreds of millions of people , I… cannot die. But… Shiloah is right. My existence isn’t necessary. Even without me, nothing will change in Macedonian Empire. Life will still go on.”

“Even the passing of my father didn’t affect the empire. What difference could my death possibly make? At most, the current royal family will be replaced. This won’t really matter since everyone only needs a crown princess and not Lesiah. So what if Lesiah dies?”

“The death of Princess Lesiah will just lead to a new crown princess or perhaps a new emperor. One who can govern the empire well. As for me… Who can possibly blame me? No one would put the blame on someone who died in an accident. No one will blame me, just like no one did to my late father.”

“My mother, my sister, Miss Sheila, the people… None of them feels let down by the unexpected death of the emperor. Naturally, they won’t feel the same for me. So it doesn’t matter if I die.”


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