Chapter 4-124: First Analysis

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2130 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1239 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

In the bedchamber, Lesiah and Titan 12138 sat on the floor.

“Is that so?”

A long sigh escaped the old titan’s lips as she hunched up even more.

“The enemy has the king in captivity right now, yes?”
“My apologies, it’s all my fault…”

Warm tears cascaded down the princess’ cheeks. She dug her nails into her palms, hoping that the pain could quell the guilt in her heart.

Unfortunately, the heartache got worse.It was nothing compared to physical pain. If she hadn’t been holding her back, Lilith wouldn’t be in such a situation. In the end, her own incompetence was to be blamed.

“This has nothing to do with you, queen.”

“This is the king’s choice,” Titan 12138 looked straight into Lesiah’s eyes. Though she looked like she had visibly aged a few years, the light in her eyes never faded.

“The king must have a reason for her decision to save you, queen. No one would risk their own life to save someone useless. So, there’s no need to blame yourself, queen. Besides…”

A smile appeared upon Titan 12138’s face. “I believe the king will be safe. After all, she’s our king.”

Lesiah was slightly taken aback.

But the old titan had already stood up and was dusting her bottom. “Think about the reason behind the king’s decision, queen. For now, I’ll keep this information from the rest. If you need anything, you can let me know. Ah, and you are truly inappropriately dressed, my queen. Better get changed.”

The old titan exited the bedchamber, leaving Lesiah alone in the room.

The princess looked at her palms blankly. She clearly felt the warmth of blood being drawn by her nails earlier. Yet there wasn’t any cut on her palms now, save for a smear of blood.

Not only that, all the wounds on her body had healed perfectly, including the nasty gash on her side. There wasn’t even any trace left on her creamy fair skin.

Guess that was why Titan 12138 commented on her inappropriately dressed state.

But why? How did a mere mortal like her gain a recovery rate that far exceeded that of a human being?

Although it was nothing compared to Lilith’s, it was still pretty absurd.


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Lesiah’s cheeks reddened slightly when she remembered their kiss. That rascal, how disgusting of her to take advantage of her in that kind of situation!

The princess licked her lips absent-mindedly.

Now that she thought about it, maybe it wasn’t that disgusting… But she’d better ask for her permission next time…

It was then Lesiah recalled the surge of warmth she felt during their kiss.

The situation at the time didn’t allow her to savor it. Thinking about it now… the warmth had a strong rusty taste, yet it was also sweet.

It was blood. A dragon’s blood. Recalling the content she read in an ancient book, pure dragon blood seemed to be one of the most invaluable treasures in the world. Among all the various benefits of dragon blood, instant self-recovery was definitely one of them.

People were always prepared to fight over a bottle of dragon blood, regardless of its authenticity. Due to its scarcity, only the devil knew just how diluted these substandard bottles were. Some might even be sourced from a dragon subspecies instead. And these could never be compared with real dragon blood.

And Lilith gave her a large amount of pure dragon blood. Why did she do that?

“My blood is the mark.”

The princess’ eyes lit up as she stood up abruptly.

It’s not over yet!

After changing into a fresh set of dress that she brought here, Lesiah walked out of the bedchamber.

Judging by how the titans were working hard as usual outside, she was sure that Titan 12138 didn’t tell them the truth yet. Those titans even smiled and waved when they saw her.

“Greetings, your majesty!”

Lesiah returned the greetings with a smile.

Not far from here, there was a group of little titans playing a game of tag with each other. They were laughing, like they had completely forgotten about the depressing atmosphere that filled their village not long ago.

Children were always so pure. Their ability to quickly forget about the bad things was certainly enviable.

However, forgetting troubles like a child wouldn’t solve anything.

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Titan 12138 sat on a garden stool and watched the children playing. She nodded at Lesiah’s arrival.

The princess nodded back to her as well, and they walked toward the forest surrounding the village.

They didn’t venture too deep. At the edge of the forest, they found a stump and sat down.

There were signs of deforestation in the area, probably for building the coffin.

All the titans heeded Lesiah’s warning. During this period of time, none of them entered the depths of the jungle to hunt or gather wood. Due to this, a huge open space around the village was created after the trees were cut down.

Lesiah took her seat and picked up a branch.

First, she drew a huge circle.

“This is Cornelia’s world.”

She then drew another small circle that intersected with it.

“This is the titans’ world, a world derived from Cornelia’s world. And the titans are like…”

Lesiah remembered a term she had read in a book before.

“A tumor. And those black devils, they are like the immune system of this world.”

Lesiah picked up another branch that was as thick as a chopstick, and stuck it right in the middle of the huge circle.

Then after searching for a long time, she finally found a twig that was the size of a toothpick on the ground and stuck it in the small circle.

“At certain intervals, that world seems to be able to pull the outsiders from this world. But there’s a time limit. Based on the previous two experiences, the more time passes when we get pulled over, the shorter the stay there.”

The princess drew two arrows in opposite directions on the two circles.

“But… based on the second time we got pulled over, the other side probably has absolute control, and…”

Lesiah frowned. That would be a problem…

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“We don’t have any information on Cornelia and her relation to this world, but…”

Lesiah picked up the thickest branch she could find, then placed it across the huge circle.

“She has absolute power, and may be able to compete with Lilith’s so-called ancestor. But based on the information we have now, she is not a match. However, due to the limitations of her world, she has to restrain herself… This is in Lilith’s favor.”

“If there is an option that doesn’t require her to use that crazy ability of hers, she’ll definitely compromise. More importantly, she probably won’t use those crazy abilities of hers on outsiders again. So we can safely forget about her power being ‘absolute’. Even so, she is still very powerful.”

Recalling the battle between Lilith and her, Lesiah shook her head.

Picking a few more finger-sized branches, she stuck them in the huge circle one by one.

“Shiloah, Gaz, and Little Hand each have their own strange abilities. They should all have their own weaknesses… but…”

Lesiah sat up straight. She analyzed the difference in the number and thickness of those branches in the two circles, then smiled wryly.

“What a hopeless situation…”


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