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Chapter 4-11: Trial

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2197 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1338 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Inhuman Club? What is that?”
“As the name suggests, it’s a group for non-humans. There aren’t many members, but most of them are monsters or demon beasts like yourself, Lilith.”
“That’s why you said I’m the best person for this?”
“That’s right.”

Lilith flipped through the document in her hand and frowned. “I don’t think I can handle this kind of monster club by myself.”

“Of course it’s impossible for you to beat them up alone. In fact, no student in this academy could single-handedly challenge this Inhuman Club alone, let alone you. I’m asking you to negotiate with them.”
“If it’s negotiation, can’t you just send someone else to do it?”

Diana held her forehead and sighed. “I am asking you to go because I’m at my wit’s end.”

“You’re saying that they can’t speak human language?”

“Not really, it’s just… hard for them to listen to people.” Diana took out a thick stack of files and handed it to Lilith. “These are the records of their crimes for this year alone. If we’re talking about the previous years, they were enough to fill several drawers.”

“That’s… pretty impressive.”

For the very first time, Lilith felt ashamed of the troubles that she had caused.

“But if this club has caused so much trouble, why doesn’t anyone care enough to do something about it?”
“It’s not that no one care enough, it’s more like no one could do anything about it.”

Diana picked up a pencil from the table and gently snapped it into two.

“As a non-human club, it was understandable that they would support each other. However, the strength of monsters or demon beasts usually far exceed humans of the same level, hence they started…”

“Getting the false impression of superiority.”

“Correct. They started bullying other clubs and ordinary students unscrupulously. The disciplinary committee has been receiving complaints since a long time ago. We have communicated with them several times and even made decisions of giving them a severe punishment. However, the law enforcement teams that we sent out were thrown out by those in the Inhuman Club looking like this pencil, with a few broken bones. Even Elder Mord’s involvement was only good enough to make them behave for a short period of time.”

Diana continued glumly, “And all this isn’t my problem. There’s nothing I can do about the Student Council’s incompetence.”

“What does this have anything to do with the student council?”

Diana shrugged. “You will know in due time… how the student council in this academy is.”

Lilith raised her eyebrow in surprise.

How the… student council is?

Judging from President Diana’s tone, the student council wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

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However, that has nothing to do with me for now.

Lilith looked at the president and continued asking, “So you’re sending me to them because you feel that there’s a possibility of me convincing them just because we’re half of the same kind?”

“That is correct.” Diana gave her a hopeful smile. “Can you, Vice President Lilith?”

“Can I still refuse at this point?”

Lilith flipped through the document in her hands from the beginning. Most of its content was detailed information on the Inhuman Club, and a small part of it was the action to be taken on them.

However, there was a red ‘pending’ label at the bottom of those action items. It was evident that the Inhuman Club didn’t take the disciplinary committee seriously.

No wonder why it was so easy to convince Mord to sell the vice president title to her. It turned out that he had been waiting for this.

If he managed to settle this matter successfully, then he would be purging the bad influence in this academy. If he failed, then Lilith’s incompetence to secure her vice president seat had nothing to do with him.

What an old sly fox.

Lilith exited the committee’s headquarters and the noises from outside filled her ears once again.

She narrowed her eyes at the dazzling sunlight, and a cold smile crept onto her lips.

The disciplinary committee’s inability to deal with the Inhuman Club wasn’t due to their poor management skills, but…

Because they were too soft.

Communicating, negotiating, being understanding and considerate, showing both kindness and power, using the carrot and stick approach — these were only effective when dealing with humans.

For those vicious beasts who had been fighting under the sky to survive in the cruel and harsh natural environment ever since the day they were born, gentleness was only a joke that they would sneer at.

Only when their noble heads were bashed in would they surrender, show loyalty, and obey the rules that were set by the winners.

“Heh, you guys really found the right person to handle this matter.”

“However, there are also a few extremely troublesome existences in the Inhuman Club. I’m afraid that it would be very difficult for me to deal with them without using my trump card in my current state. I guess I’ll need to find an assistant.”

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Meanwhile, after Lilith’s departure, Diana was still properly seated and a strange smile suddenly crept onto her lips. She then took out a bottle of fine wine from under her desk.

“Today is really a great day! Someone is finally picking up this mess!” She exclaimed happily after taking a swig.



In a forest that covered the sky…

A cute ‘girl’ in a maid outfit hugged her knees and sat under a huge tree.

“Did you sit the whole night away here, Kieran?”

Kieran lifted his head slowly. His eyes seemed slightly puffy.

“You actually cried too? How pathetic.”


Kieran got up unsteadily and pounced on Lilith, but the latter easily avoided his unrhythmic attack.

“Don’t forget, you’re my servant now.”

As soon as Lilith’s voice fell, a certain will suddenly descended from the sky above St. Caroline Academy. It forcibly suppressed Kieran and bound him.

“So this is the… academy’s rules?”

Lilith looked up at the golden magic circle covering the entire academy. The will that suppressed Kieran came pouring out from that magic circle. “Seems like I’ll have to be more careful in the future.”

“Alright, get up. I didn’t come here to torture you.”

Kieran raised his head. Hatred filled his eyes.

“Do you have to hate me this much for just putting a female outfit on you? Who knows, you might end up loving it after getting used to wearing it.”

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Kieran clenched his fists. “I have a girlfriend. How can I meet her looking like this?!”


What a tragic story.

And I mean that girl who is dating Kieran.

“Well… Although I can’t let you take off that dress, I can still let you lead a normal life as a student in this academy.” Lilith then took out a gem that was glowing in purple brilliance.

“This is… an illusion gem?”

“You sure know a lot. With this, you ‘disguise’ yourself as your original self. But of course, you won’t be able to take off your dress still, so don’t even think about doing anything naughty with your girlfriend.”

“What are you scheming again?” Kieran asked in alarm.

“Can’t you put it in a nicer way? As a servant, you don’t have any right to refuse. Take this as a charity from me.”

Lilith came forward and gently brushed the fallen leaves on Kieran’s shoulders. “Of course, you can’t use this illusion gem all the time. Except for going to classes and returning to the dorms, you can only use this for one hour during your free time every day.”

“For the rest of the time, you will have to act as my ‘secretary’.”

Kieran trembled when he heard Lilith. “Are you a devil?”

“Devil? Don’t even describe me like those low-class beings. This is your trial from me. If you pass it…”

Lilith took the lead and walked off in a direction.

“You might just become truly powerful.”


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