Chapter 3-31: Usage

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1642 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1052 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Divine brilliance flooded the world, as though the goddess herself had descended.

However, not even the most devout believer of the goddess would want to stay here longer than a second.

Just the residual heat from those burning feathers was enough to set the wooden buildings in the surrounding area on fire. Even the stone slabs on the ground were showing signs of melting.

The flame and lava tinted their little world red. Rather than heaven filled with angels, this place looked way more like hell where the demons run rampant.

Lilith looked dumbfounded at the sky full of suns. They were dazzling enough to blind ordinary people and even low-level warriors. Thankfully, her powerful adjustable vision acted like invisible sunglasses and could automatically filter out the light.

Even so, this could only allow Lilith to see how dazzling Thea looked, floating and basking in the intense light, as her divinely white dress fluttered in the air while gently flapping her wings. This wasn’t going to help her stop this attack.

Lilith was surrounded by a thin layer of black flames. They were constantly swallowing up the high temperature in her surroundings, so she couldn’t feel the obvious temperature change. Even so, the black flames couldn’t resist this intense attack. The reason was simple. The devouring was a process itself. That meant the larger the target, the longer it would take for the black flame to devour it. An intangible thing like the black flame would not be able to do much when it comes to powerful AoE spells with high speed and accuracy.

This totally dampened Lilith’s mood. After all, she just bought a hack and wasn’t even given a chance to show it off before Thea pulled out something more awesome.

Not only that, it was as annoying as a blinking full-screen ad that was asking ‘Hey wanna buy a hack?’

She was crushed.

Lilith wound the thin veil of black flames tighter around her as she felt the world getting colder. Not even the sky full of fireballs could warm her heart of glass.

She could only pray that she wouldn’t be blown into smithereens. At least that way, she still had a chance to repair her body.

Or maybe she should pray that Thea would be too soft-hearted to unleash the attack, then they could shake hands and be friends again?

At this moment in time, the chance of that happening was as low as accidentally stepping on a pile of dog crap in the Pope’s bedroom.

However, Thea really hesitated. Although her facial expression couldn’t be seen, her emotions could be felt. Thea found herself unable to swing her hand down and unleash the attack. Her raised hand dropped a few times and each time, she would raise it back up again.

Countless suns hovered in the sky, like thousands of spotlights.

Was she really going to change her mind?

For one moment, Lilith was still praying for Thea to stop. After seeing that scene, she raised her right hand to Thea who was surrounded by the flying suns in the sky…

Then stuck that one finger up like a cute little green onion — her frigging middle finger.

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She roared at her, “COME AT ME, YOU COWARD!”

Thea immediately stiffened her uncertain hand, then swung it down.

The suns in the sky grew larger in Lilith’s eyes as they flew at her.

“Why do I… just like asking for trouble?”

Lilith muttered in her heart as she resigned herself to stand firmly on the spot. She didn’t evade because there was no place to evade, so she could just wait for her death.

It was at this moment, that the black flame started changing as though it had a mind of its own.

It formed a sphere that entrapped Lilith, then froze like ice. The entire black spherical flame instantly solidified and turned into a black crystal-like solid object.

The surface of the black crystal was as smooth as a mirror. It was as though the burning flame from earlier was just Lilith’s imagination.

“This thing is considered yours anyway. Just think about how to use it with your own body.”

The voice of the Lilith in the mirror suddenly rang in her ears. Lilith recalled the conversation they had earlier, but she didn’t remember having heard anything of the sort.

At the same time, the countless small suns were falling together.

They fused into something akin to a hot turbidity current in the ocean that would burn everything it touched. Fragile materials were instantly vaporized without leaving a trace behind. The place, that had pretty much turned into a garbage dump by the battle between Lilith and Thea earlier, was instantly cleaned up. At the same time, a large semicircular area was cleared out too.

However, the black crystal remained as intact as the coral reefs in the ocean. Not even a scratch was left on its crystal clear surface that was as smooth as a mirror.

“With my own body…”

Lilith, who hadn’t returned to her senses, touched the black crystal in a daze. The black crystal responded to her touch like it was alive. It softened into a liquid state, then slowly flowed upward along her finger.

Every inch of her skin that was covered felt extremely hot. It was as though the black liquid was slowly merging with her skin.

The black liquid gradually solidified. Red lines like blood vessels appeared on it, and seemed to be constantly flowing with blood.

The liquid gradually settled and turned into a badass-looking armor that covered one of Lilith’s arms. It appeared to be an armored claw, but looked a lot more terrifying than all the dragon claws that Lilith had seen.

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The armor spread upward along her right arm, then covered her spine and shoulder blades. It continued spreading outward and formed a pair of black bone wings in the end.

The scales on the bone wings opened and closed like it was breathing, making terrible noises of metal rubbing together.

Lilith stared at the sudden changes blankly, looking like she couldn’t accept everything.

A moment later, her eyes lit up again with excitement.

Is… Isn’t this the romance that I’ve been chasing after in the first place?


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