Chapter 3-30: Reignite

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1681 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 996 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The golden flame continued burning, just like a dancing elf.

However, Lilith didn’t look as good. She was lying in a pool of blood. Her skin cracked like shattered porcelain. Blood seeped through the cracks endlessly, dying the ground crimson. She looked as though she was losing every drop of blood in her body.

Time passed as blood streamed out of Lilith’s body. Thea stood beside her, staring down at her opponent’s soulless body.

Her shimmering white wings flapped by themselves, and feathers fluttered in the wind like fallen leaves.

Although her entire face was concealed by a mysterious power and her emotions were suppressed by divine power, the bottomless sorrow that Thea was exuding could still be clearly felt.

After all, she had just personally destroyed the thing she cherished the most.

Just like countless times before.

The more she cherished, the faster she would lose them.

Perhaps, yearning for ‘ordinary things’ that were within the reach of ordinary people as the saintess of the Luminous Theocracy, was another form of blasphemy against the goddess.

Since it was a blasphemy, she must wipe away the sin with her own hands.

Thea raised the staff, condensing a mysterious magic circle at its tip. Light elements started gathering there, even distorting the space.

Let her at least be the one to end things.

However, even this humble wish of hers wasn’t granted.


“Don’t cry when you’re sending someone away. You shouldn’t let your sorrow be the last thing people see when they leave the world.”

Lilith snapped her eyes open, wearing a bloody and sinister smile on her face as she stared right back at Thea, looking like a ghost who had returned from hell.

“But never mind about that, I’m not kicking the bucket just yet.”

Thea was taken aback, not knowing if she should unleash the little sun that she had condensed in her hand to cremate Lilith.

However, the corners of her lips lifted slightly into a small smile on her face that was concealed by some divine power.

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Lilith moved her neck and all the bones in her body cracked noisily like popping beans.

“Oh well, let’s commence round two.”

Lilith slowly stood up and black flames began gushing out of her body.

The flames emitted neither heat nor even a trace of fluctuating power. However, the pure black flame easily devoured the divine golden flame as soon as they clashed together, like melting snow in spring.

Once black flame swallowed the golden flame, it started spreading out with Lilith as the center. Every inch of land it swept over, the conspicuous red would disappear and every crack on Lilith’s body would dissolve.

It was as though the blood was flowing back into her body.

Just a few seconds later, Lilith was fully resurrected. Even the clothes she was wearing were restored to its original condition.

As soon as she recovered, a blinding golden sun came flying toward her.

“Sheesh, why are you youngsters so impatient? Can’t you cut an old woman like me some slack?”

The black flame covered her palm and she easily held the little sun, that she didn’t even dare to touch before, in one hand. Whether it was the power condensed by the staff that was by no means inferior to Lilith’s strength or the heat that could melt everything in its way, they were engulfed by the black flame like a setting sun.

Thea’s figure flashed as she instantly distanced herself from Lilith.

Lilith didn’t give chase but was staring at her hand blankly.

“Wow, this flame is so impressive. Isn’t it invincible in a sense since it could engulf anything?” Lilith exclaimed in amazement at the black flame that was strong beyond her imagination.

And more importantly, Lilith felt a warm current coursing through her entire body when the black flame completely swallowed the little sun. All her weariness from the battle earlier was instantly lifted.

She even felt better than before.

So the black flame wasn’t only able to devour everything, but could also convert the energy that it absorbed for her own use. Lilith no longer suspected that her other self was really the dragon princess, because not even a dragon princess would possess such god-like powers.

She clenched her fist. Her condition was perfectly restored.

Well then…

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“Ding! Your hack has been activated. Please enjoy your game.”

Lilith had launched herself at Thea like a cannonball with an unprecedented speed while making a joke from her previous world.

In just the blink of an eye, she closed in on Thea and then whipped a leg right at her opponent’s abdomen without wasting any movement.

Not knowing any martial skills and only possessing the lowest first or second level magic spells, Lilith could only fight with the most basic movements.

However, even these simple attacks could have miraculous effects under some special circumstances.

And she was in one of those special circumstances right now.

Before this, Lilith’s attack would be intercepted by Thea’s magic in midair then forcing her into a defensive role.

But now, the black flame instantly swallowed Thea’s magic and amplified Lilith’s attack power.

Her leg swept across Thea, but the kick didn’t connect quite like how Lilith had expected it to. Thea dispersed like a wisp of smoke instead.

It turned out to be an illusion!

Thea then reappeared somewhere further away.

This time, she didn’t even give Lilith a chance to get near to her.

She slowly spread her sacred wings, scattering countless white feathers in their empty little world. The feathers glowed with soft golden light, looking like a rain of light that was ascending to heaven.

To Lilith, she just looked like some bird-woman that was shedding feathers due to some illness. But it was at that moment, those scattered feathers turned into little suns.

They grew brighter and brighter, until Lilith saw only gold in her field of vision.


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