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Chapter 3-32: Unknown Outcome Of The Battle

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1497 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 957 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

While Lilith was undergoing changes and fusing herself with the black crystal liquid, Thea sensed some great danger and quickly backed away from Lilith.

Fear was naturally still present in her emotions that were suppressed by the Goddess Descent Skill, but being unaffected by emotions also meant that she retained absolute rationality and was even more aware of how she should avoid danger.

Sure enough, as soon as Thea teleported a certain distance away, Lilith appeared at the spot where Thea just teleported to. Her right claw tore through space, leaving a few pitch-black voids.

The space was directly torn apart by her claw!

Lilith was floating in midair. Her bone wings flapped slightly, conjuring a hurricane that pushed the hot turbid current out of this space.

The large bone wings looked somewhat unnatural on Lilith’s petite body, but it didn’t affect her agility at all. The black scales opened and closed. Every time she moved, space was torn up violently.

Lilith was amazed by the black flames before, but that wasn’t the case anymore when it fused with her like a liquid. On the contrary, she was already expecting it to be this powerful.

Her body was extremely familiar with this ability, to the point that more than a dozen methods of tearing Thea into pieces with this ability just automatically popped into her mind.

Even Lilith herself was a little scared. Yet she didn’t know if she was afraid of this ability or the fact that she was able to use this skill proficiently.

Perhaps it was both.

Thea quickly pulled herself away from Lilith by teleporting. The space that was torn apart by Lilith’s claw still hadn’t returned to normal. Her heart was palpitating under the pressure.

However, this world had been isolated by Sae. Even if Thea could maintain a distance from Lilith, where could she run?

Thea was well aware of this problem too, so she kept spamming countless spells while she was teleporting away. They were all the Luminous Church’s most powerful magic spells.

Every magic spell was powerful enough to destroy the entire city if it was cast by a high-level magician. Although Thea wasn’t that high level, the power of those spells wasn’t reduced that much thanks to the enhancements she received from perfectly synchronizing with the Goddess Descent Skill.

Even so, they were only enough to slow Lilith down at this moment. Thea stood no chance in relying on those magic spells to kill Lilith in her current form.

She needed time to prepare her killing move.

What Thea didn’t expect was that Lilith would arrogantly charge head-on against those high-level magic spells that could have easily taken her life prior to the transformation.

This was tantamount to charging head-on at a cannon.

Thea was initially planning to use this method to force Lilith into evading her attacks so that she could buy some time for herself. At the same time, also so that Lilith wouldn’t be able to use that skill that could tear space apart or try to approach her through the turbulence of space that had been disrupted by magic. She didn’t expect Lilith didn’t even have any intention to run from her attacks.

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She instantly changed her strategy and unleashed her strongest attack.

A huge and gorgeous longbow that was nearly as tall as her own body appeared in her left hand.

The staff in her right hand began burning and melted until it started taking the shape of a long arrow.

However, it never completely took the shape of an arrow. This thing that could barely be considered an arrow then started burning intensely with none other than the golden flame that caused Lilith to suffer a lot earlier.

Thea nocked the arrow on the bowstring painstakingly. The arrow fizzled in her hand. It was as though the golden flame would burn her too.

Thea fully drew the bow and was ready to shoot when Lilith broke through the barrage of magic spells.

She was in a better state than Thea had imagined. Not even a single piece of scale on her armor fell out.

But it didn’t matter. Everything was finally ending.

“I shall punish you in the name of the goddess!”

Thea spoke for the very first time after using the Goddess Descent Skill.

She loosened her grip. The long arrow burning with golden flame cut through the air and flew toward Lilith.

A trail followed behind it as it blazed through the air, just like a meteor.

The arrow transformed from the staff that Thea was using and had actually received blessings by a number of cardinals and also the Pope himself. Hence, it was not inferior to a sacred artifact in every aspect. It was only considered a counterfeit artifact due to the absence of an artifact spirit.

Even if it was a counterfeit artifact, its power was no less terrifying than a saint-level expert self-destructing when used as a disposable weapon.

Lilith was probably the only person who would encounter attacks equivalent to a saint-level expert self-destructing twice in a day.

Of course she knew how frightening the upcoming attack would be, but her body which had always been extremely sensitive to danger told her to…

Take it on bravely!

Therefore, Lilith clenched her right hand and planned to settle this whole thing with her most trusty fist.

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The red liquid outside her black armor flowed faster and faster on her right hand. The scales opened and closed along the red line, like stainless steel swords clashing against each other.

And finally, her fist and the arrow collided with each other, like crushing two eggs into each other!


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