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Chapter 3-3: Intervention

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1920 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1312 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Ah~so boring…”

All around me was the wild beauty of the ever changing scenery that I had never seen in my previous life. Any tree out there towered close to a 100 meters high, unlike the sparse and pitiful trees that were maltreated on Dragon Island. Every single tree out there grew pointed straight towards the skies, all of them competing for the pitiful amount of sunlight present.

However, regardless of how beautiful it looked, after seeing it once, I felt like I’d seen it all. Furthermore, we have already been traveling for a few days, and during that time, we’ve only ever seen the same thing.

For the sake of arriving at our destination at the fastest time possible, the capital of the Luminous Theocracy—Aeria City, Sae and I had decided to use the Dragon Horse1 that excelled in long-distance running. However, even with the Dragon Horses, who were well known for their speed and endurance, it would still take us close to 10 days to reach there. During these 10 days, we can only sit in the carriage and wait for time to pass while being bored. With nothing to do, we could only take in the scenery, as well as the occasional enjoyment of playing around by treating their scales as lenses.

Truthfully speaking, it’s extremely hard for me to imagine what kind of dunces made up the Dragon Race, to procreate with any type of living creature. Dragon subspecies were considered to be one of the most numerically superior lifeforms in this world. From a certain perspective, the horse they were using as transport could be considered as a close relative. In fact, we might even share the same ancestor! Just the thought of that caused shivers to tingle down my spine.

“Ah~I’m truly bored…why haven’t any blind mountain bandits come to rob us?”

Tilting her head, Sae replied in helplessness, “That’s just stereotypical logical, oh great Lilith. The chances of bumping into mountain bandits are lower than having a meteorite fall right down onto one’s head.”

“Is that right…” although I really didn’t want to admit it, Sae was right. There’s a better chance of praying for the heavens to send a meteorite our way than that succeeding, “I’ll take a meteorite then. It’s still better than being bored here.”

“Haha. You really are funny, oh great Lilith. As if it’s that easy for meteorites to fall from the sky.” replied Sae with a laugh. “Furthermore, even if they were to drop down, what if they smash our Dragon Horses? There’s a possibility that we’d have to walk… huh?”

The smile on Sae’s face suddenly froze, before a purple crystal encased her in the next instant. As the purple crystal shattered, Sae had already disappeared. As this happened, a feeling of danger suddenly appeared in my heart. Before my brain was able to comprehend anything, my body had instinctively jumped down from the carriage.


However, the Dragon Horse, who only had a pitiful sliver of the Dragon race bloodline, wasn’t that lucky, as it was immediately smashed into a pulp alongside the carriage by the descending meteor.

“What…the hell?” God knows when Sae had reappeared by my side. Drawing the elegant sword and pointing towards the giant stone obstructing our path, “Is that really a meteorite?”

“Are you really asking me? You’re now using the body of a Saint Realm Magician. Why the hell did you not see such a large rock flying through the sky!”

Sae scratched her head awkwardly while replying, “You…can’t blame me for this. Didn’t I tell you that I’ve yet to get adapted to his body…”

“Eh? Didn’t you flee pretty quickly~”

“Haha. Subconscious reflex, subconscious reflex…”


Yet another loud bang rang out in the distance, before a giant stone larger than the one on the ground appeared within our sights, hurtling towards us in a parabolic arc from the other side of the dense jungle.

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Sae and I glanced at each other with apparent eagerness exuding from our body.

“There seem to be people fighting ahead, oh great Lilith.”
“Oh really? Looks like this is the time for us envoys of justice to offer our aid… hehehe…”

At this moment, my blood, which had already frozen, started to heat up once again.


Within some part of the dense forces, two groups of people were currently engaged in an all-out battle. At this moment, a male with bulging muscles rippling across his body was sending boulders flying towards a young lady in a white dress not far away from him.

The young girl maintained a semi-spherical magic barrier before her. Despite breaking the sound barrier, the incoming boulders were all deflected away, sending them flying far into the distance. However, the beautiful face of the young girl grew increasingly pale, as shivers racked her arms. Clearly, it was extremely taxing for her to defend herself against the rocks.

“Give up, oh beautiful Saintess. As long as you come with us, we promise not to make things difficult for you, hehe…” a malevolent smile hung on the face of the muscular male as he continued to increase the power behind his attacks.

“In your dreams! I don’t know who you are, but since you guys actually dare to obstruct the Theocracy’s convoy when the Goddess’s radiance is at its greatest, aren’t you guys not afraid of being cursed by the Goddess?” the chest of the white-dressed young girl heaved up and down as she glared furiously at the muscular male standing before her.

“Haha! I don’t believe in any gods! Work harder, you brats! As long as this girl is captured, you will get generously rewarded!!”

“Yes!!!” with their morale boosted, the subordinates of the muscular male shouted out in succession as they rushed towards the Theocracy knights that were attempting to rescue their saintess. Giving up on his rock tossing game, the muscular male proceeded to rush straight at the young woman like a brutish bear.

“Oh great Luminous Goddess! Please bestow light upon your most devout worshipperth…” as the young girl continued her prayer, a look of pain suddenly appeared on her face. Sweat flowed down from her forehead, while the power of faith she had just gathered immediately dissipated.

She…bit her tongue…

Seeing the muscular male closing in on her, despair proceeded to overwhelm the young girl’s heart, while her mind was filled with the suffocating image of her being turned into pulp.

“Haha! Indeed the reports are right! The esteemed Saintess of the Luminous Theocracy is actually just a…who’s there?!”

The muscular male’s advance came to an abrupt halt as he forcefully twisted his body in evasion. Nevertheless, he was still too late, as his abdomen was struck by what seemed like an invisible pebble.

“What…is…this…” the muscular male curled up while clutching his abdomen. He had clearly been struck by a pebble, yet the power contained in it was frighteningly massive! The power contained within was not one bit inferior to the boulders he had tossed earlier! However, when all of that massive power present in a boulder the size of a house was condensed into the form of an egg-sized pebble, the killing power would become exceedingly terrifying.

Wiping away the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, the muscular male raised his head to look towards the tall and short mask-wearing girls that were walking out from the depths of the dense forest, before speaking out hoarsely: “Who are…you?”

Wearing malevolent devil masks, the slightly shorter young girl took a step forward, before an exquisite and lovable voice rang out from her: “Don’t be afraid, we’re here…only for mediation…”

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  1. Dragon Horse

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