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Chapter 3-2: She’s still a Child

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1510 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1054 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Dragon Island, near the sea.

The sky was blanketed by what seemed to be an icy cold iron wall, appearing dark and gloomy, not allowing even a sliver of sunlight to pass through. A number of powerful auras disrupted the natural flow of the air, creating berserk winds and powerful waves that smashed against the towering wall.

A clump of jet black clouds that appeared different from the surrounding clouds suddenly floated to a location exceedingly close to the surface of the sea, before hundreds of red beams of light shot out from within, all of them encased in murderous intent and the smell of rust and blood.

One of the 3 Demigods of the present world, the ruler of the Demon Race, Demon King Hughes, floated quietly before the clump of clouds. Present behind him was that jet black cloud, with the most elite division of the Demon Race, the Demon King’s Guard—Nightgaunt.

However, even though he was one of the most powerful existences of this world, alongside the most elite division of the Demon Race, the Demon King still did not dare to carelessly move forward. At the moment, floating before him was a woman completely clad in azure flames. Furthermore, flying right behind her were over a hundred mature Dragons.

“Return…my daughter!” Demon King Hughes roared out in a chilling voice. In an instant, the sea beneath his feet was blown away, creating waves that towered several hundred meters into the air. Anyone present could feel the earth-shattering fury within his voice.

Nevertheless, despite facing such a threat, it wasn’t able to extinguish the Dragon Queen’s happiness at all. With a grin, she replied, “Why would the Demon King come to the Dragon’s Island to find his daughter? Do you really think so lowly of us?”

An ominous glow burst forth from Demon King Hughes’ eyes as he roared out in fury: “Don’t act dumb, Dragon Queen! Do you really think that I’ve blindly run all the way here?”

“My, oh my! Looks like you know. There’s no other choice then. How about this? Why don’t you treat it as if you’ve married your precious daughter to our Dragon Race? Would that still be counted as a loss?” the Queen gave a grin, “Furthermore, when you compare the lifespan of your Demon Race to our Dragon Race, your daughter would be the first to turn into an old lady.”

“Marry into the Dragon Race? Ah…” a crooked smile appeared on the Demon King’s face, “hahaha…”

Jet black Demonic Aura hid the skies and covered the earth while sweeping right towards the Dragon Queen. Nevertheless, it was blocked by the azure blaze that surrounded the latter, continuing the current deadlock.

“Oh? Not happy? Tsk tsk. People with daughter complexes are truly frightening.”

“Shut your mouth!!” with a furious roar, all of the veins across the Demon King’s body swelled and bulged, “All of you will die for infuriating me!”

An obtuse black flower pattern suddenly appeared within the Demon King’s left eye. With a faint flash, the entire world suddenly turned into a stretch of darkness. When light reappeared across the world, a spherical black hole had appeared where the Queen was, while the Dragon Queen was nowhere to be seen.

“Your majesty!!”

The group of dragons grew flustered at the sudden disappearance of their queen. Naturally not willing to let go of this opportunity, the Demon King gave his order: “Attack!”


Worthy of being the personal guards of the Demon King, the Nightgaunts instantly displayed their superior combat strength. In an instant, they created massive chaos within the horde of dragons, slicing through them just like a hot knife through butter.

“Return whence you came, you smelly worms!”

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Before the clash even started, they were forced back by a gigantic dragon claw clad in azure flames.

“Your majesty!”

Crack crack

As the sounds of space shattering continued to ring out, a red-colored dragon ripped the black hole apart amidst the cheers of the surrounding dragons, before reappearing from within.

“Mark of Darkness?” the Queen focused her massive golden dragon eyes at the Demon King, “So that has indeed landed in your hands.”

“Since you know about the Mark of Darkness, you better let my daughter go. If you do so, I can treat it as though this matter didn’t happen at all.”

“Hahaha! Let her go?” the Dragon Queen’s laughter in her original form rang out like bursts of thunder, causing the nearby mountains to shatter apart, “That’s impossible! Not only that, but this Queen’s also about to conduct a wedding.Therefore, just be obedient and play your role as a father-in-law.”

“You wretched beasts! Don’t push me too far!”

For god knows why—one of the three Demigods of this world, the number one genius within the past hundred thousand years of the Demon Race, the wielder of the Mark of Darkness, Demon King Kaiser Hughes—two droplets of tears had flown out from the corners of his eyes. This was the first time he had cried:

“Beasts! My daughter, Illya’s…only 9 years old!”

“I’m not talking about 9 years in context to other short-lived beings, but it has only been 9 years since her birth!!”

“Why the hell are you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ doing such a thing!!!”

The Dragon Queen raised her gigantic head, revealing a sliver of a wicked smile at the corner of her mouth: “Shouldn’t you be happy?”

“At the very least, your daughter wouldn’t become an old woman before Weister?”

“AHHHHH! Go and die!!”

Filled with rage, Demon King Hughes unleashed all of his Demonic Qi, authorities, and the Mark of Darkness in preparation for a life-or-death struggle. However, despite seeing this, the Dragon Queen naturally wasn’t going to back down.

As the 2 opposing forces collided, a deep unfathomably long black line continued to extend out, before the clouds and the shattered space started to flow right into it.

The Sky…was split apart.

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While the Demon Lord swore to enter a life or death struggle against the Dragon Queen, no one was paying attention to the bottom of the sea on the opposite side of Dragon Island, where 3… no, 4 presences took advantage of the colossal fight to slip out rapidly into the distance.


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