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Chapter 3-4: Saintess with a self-acting special effect

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2133 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1444 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Who…exactly are you guys?” the muscular man struggled to stand up from the blood pool that had formed beneath him, a result of the internal injuries created from the massively powerful pebble. However, there was a complete lack of any of the rampant attitude he wore earlier. In fact, one could even see the sliver of fear present in his eyes.

From the looks of it, the earlier attack had left a deep impression in his mind. After all, despite all of the muscles he had packing on his body, he had still lost in power to a slender and petite young girl! Anyone in his shoes would definitely start to have doubts about their life.

Ah ha! This kind of straightforward, head-on battle is more my style! What magic spell, what martial technique! Only weaklings would use such a thing!!

Stretching my body, my joints, which had become stiff due to the last few days of sitting, were finally becoming loose and comfortable once again. In an instant, my mind became clear and my spirit was refreshed, with my entire being itching to make the muscular man my training partner.

“I have to say that we’re just good samaritans here to mediate this conflict.”
“As if I’d believe you. Since you’re here to mediate, what do you have against our side!”

“Ah, sorry about that.” pushing my long golden hair aside, I replied in an exceedingly confident manner, “A gentleman like me…will never hit a woman.”

“You…” a look of defeat appeared on the face of the muscular man. Clenching his teeth, he roared out, “You win! We’ll leave!”

After finishing his rant, the muscular man proceeded to instruct his subordinates, who had been turned near unrecognizable from Sae’s toying, to leave. However, before he could do that, a purple barrier appeared in his path.

Sae stood quietly before the barrier, with a red and white fox mask on her face coupled with the perfect physique of her body, she gave people a strange and bewitching feel of enticement. Nevertheless, the bloodthirstiness present in Devia’s body, whom she was using, had stopped everyone else from making a step forward.

“So we can’t leave? What else are you two trying to do?” the muscular man’s expression grew increasingly severe as he spoke.

“What we’re doing? Of course we’re waiting for your compensation. The rocks you’ve tossed earlier smashed our carriage apart, so you must compensate us.”

I indicated a number with my fingers. However, upon seeing my actions, the muscular man appeared to be unable to control his rage anymore: “100 thousand? Are you joking? How can a measly horse carriage cost that much? Don’t take advantage of us! Do you even know who stands behind us?”

“Huh? A measly horse carriage? Do you know that horse’s my distant relative? I’m already being very kind to you by asking you to compensate us with 100 thousand gold coins, okay? Do you believe that I’ll turn you guys into pulp? Hurry up and compensate me the money! I don’t wish to continue speaking to you.”

Cracking my fingers, I took step after step forward towards the muscular man. Seeing this, he and his subordinates trembled as they retreated backwards. Nevertheless, their attempt to retreat came to a halt from Sae blocking them from behind.

“Don’t come over… Don’t! I…I tell you that there’s a big figure standing behind us! You’ve heard of the Cruelest of All, right? The one who dares to even kill royals and nobles, that Devia, the Cruelest of All. We’re her followers, you know! If you kill us now, Mistress Devia will kill your families in return!”

The Cruelest of all, Devia? Isn’t that name…erm…familiar?

“Haha! What’s the matter? Afraid? You better let us all go, if not…hmph hmph…”

I exchanged looks with Sae. Despite the mask on her face, I could tell that she was on the brink of being unable to restrain the laughter exploding within her.

“Since thou art the subordinate of the Cruelest of all, Devia, I’ll make an exception this time,” a purple semi-spherical barrier started to encase Sae and the gawking muscular man within. Before Sae disappeared within the barrier, she spoke out in a joyful tone: “May thou greet thine master noweth.”

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10 minutes later…

“Ha…ha… y-you see boss, I have captured the Saintess…haha… c-c-can I get down and lick your boots now…hehe…”

That guy’s gone crazy…

From the trembling arms of the muscular guy, to the wacko nonsense that only a pervert would say, a chill ran through my heart: “Exactly what did you do, Sae?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Sae replied in an indifferent tone: “Nothing much. I just transmitted the last few hours Devia had experienced before she’s gone crazy into his brain.”

“…… So what did you do during that few hours to Devia…”

“Cough cough. It’s better for you not to know, oh great Lilith.”

“…Oh…okay.” Although I’m brimming with curiosity, my gut feeling tells me that it’s definitely not something that was worth knowing.

“However, how should I deal with them, oh great Lilith?” Sae pointed towards the half-naked muscular man who was doing some kind of unknown strip dance, as well as his crying subordinates, who had all cowered together into a bunch.

“Them…” Scratching my head, I wasn’t able to make up my mind on how to deal with them. As I did so, my gaze subconsciously moved towards the other side of the area, right onto the body of the white-dressed young lady.

She had a face that wasn’t perfect, yet exceedingly nice to look at, with straight and long black hair. Dressed in a long white dress embroidered with golden flower patterns, her entire being radiated with a holy and saintly aura, giving people a feeling that she should not be tainted.

She appeared just like the envoy sent by the gods to the mortal realm. It was no wonder why she would be targeted by that strange and perverted muscular man.


“This old man will not permit you to harm our great Saintess!”

Just as I was about to start a conversation with the young lady, a white-haired old man suddenly appeared between us. Dressed in grey priest robes, he glared at me with a ferocious appearance on his face.

“Who are you, old fellow…”
“This old man will not allow vile people like you to come near the great Saintess!”

“Are you joking? How can I be a vile person?” I made a spin as an indication of my harmlessness, “Take a look. Can’t you see how cute I am? How the hell can you call me vile…”

“Ha…ha, boss…lick…”
“Mummy…I wanna go home…”

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Next time I’ll make sure to tell Sae to nip all troubles right at the bud.

“Okay, settle down, High Priest Alucard.” the young girl gave the old man standing before her a light shove, before speaking out in a soft voice, “They shouldn’t be bad people. You should move aside.”


“Are you saying that you don’t believe the intuition of this Saintess?” the young girl gave a faint smile. In an instant, anyone could sense the significant increase in the brightness of the surrounding sunlight.

Huh? This is strange? What’s going on? We’re in the depths of the dense forest. Where the hell is this bright sunlight coming from?

Could it be…my imagination?

Stepping past the old man by the name of Alucard, the young girl stood right before me, smiling as she gave a slight bow: “Thank you for saving our lives. I’m the Saintess of the Luminous Theocracy, Awilda Thea. From what I’ve heard earlier, it seems that your carriage can no longer be used, so would it be alright if we offer you two a ride?”

“You can treat it as a small token of our gratitude.”

As Thea raised her head, I felt as though the light of sunrise had gently caressed my face, giving me a warm and bright feeling, while also making me subconsciously feel calm and relaxed.

Just like the sunlight from that afternoon when I met up with my first crush in my previous life…

No no no. This wasn’t love at first sight. From my superhuman senses and feeling, I discovered that those two instances… or should I say at any given moment, that young lady by the name of Thea, had light shining down on her.

This meant that this young girl… brings along her own set of special effects…


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