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Chapter 3-27: Thea’s Judgement (3)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1401 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 844 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The staff broke through the air noisily and came right down.

However, Lilith used her physical advantage to the max, too. The moment Thea appeared, she instinctively retreated and was able to escape the blow in time.

She could feel the burning sensation and piercing pain on her skin even though the little sun didn’t graze her. God knew what would happen if that had hit her directly.

The staff missed its target, but Thea showed no intention of stopping. The staff went all the way down until it smashed hard into the ground.

A suicide attack?

Lilith’s eyes widened slightly. Her heart suddenly palpitated as she instinctively protected her vitals.

As expected, the sun… exploded.

A terrifying shockwave rippled out from the explosion center and swept across the buildings in the surroundings. Lilith’s petite body was sent flying.

“Cough, cough…”

Lilith struggled to stand up, using a broken wall as support. The heat left her clothes in tatters, exposing her charred flesh that was quickly regenerating.

It took just one blow to reduce Lilith to this pathetic state.

She paid no mind to her tattered clothes and instead shifted her entire focus to the smoke of dust. By right, Thea should have sustained the same amount of damage as she did from being that close to the explosion. But for some reason, Lilith’s sense of danger hadn’t diminished in the slightest.

It was then that a dozen of golden chains came piercing through the smoke of dust out of nowhere.

Lilith dodged swiftly but the chains seemed to have a mind of their own. Their relentless attack from Lilith’s blind spots left her struggling to fend them off.


The chains still grazed her, no matter how hard she tried to evade them. The skin on her body broke as soon as it was regenerated.

“No bad, Thea!”

Lilith grabbed a chain that was flying toward her when the sharp spearhead attached to its end was just less than an inch away from her forehead.

For some reason, she was excited instead of terrified.

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If she couldn’t evade the attacks, then she might as well take the initiative to strike!

Lilith grabbed the chain and yanked at it hard. Something on the other end of it was directly pulled out of the smoke of dust by her brute force.

Since she pulled too hard, the chain carried a gust of wind that dispersed the smoke of dust.

The object on the other end of the chain turned out to be… a rock?

The chain was actually tied around a rock?

Before Lilith could even react, the other end of the chain flew past her and suddenly changed its trajectory. Instead of directly hitting Lilith, it circled around her like a cage.

At the same time, a figure suddenly appeared in her field of vision. It was Thea who was in hiding.

Thea was unscathed and her white dress was as clean as new. It was as though the explosion earlier never happened.

She teleported again?

Before Lilith even had the time to think, Thea had swung her staff hard at her abdomen.

This time, Lilith couldn’t evade in time and had no room to evade it either.

Intense pain immediately filled Lilith’s brain, nearly causing her to lose her consciousness.


She was sent flying by the huge impact and broke through countless building walls until she hit the barrier that isolated them.


Lilith clasped her abdomen, only to find a warm and wet patch.

The blunt force trauma created a wound that resembled a cut from a sharp weapon. And most importantly, there was some kind of power left on the wound that prevented Lilith from regenerating.

Fresh blood soaked through her clothes and dyed her hands crimson.

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For Lilith’s body, bleeding was an extremely abnormal phenomenon.

The dragons in tales only bled after their deaths too. Therefore, the heroes that bathed in dragon’s blood were usually depicted with a dragon’s corpse under their feet.

Even during that one fight with another saint-level expert, Lilith didn’t shed a drop of blood when an explosion blew off her flesh and left her bones exposed.

Looking at the red blood on her hand that was mixed with a trace of golden blood, Lilith laughed deprecatingly at herself, “Seems like I’ve been relying too much on the physical body. Have I lost all my ability to fight back as soon as my regeneration ability is sealed?”

“Maybe I should put more effort into learning spells and martial skills if I still have an opportunity next time. After all, talent isn’t going to last a lifetime.”

Thea teleported in front of Lilith again and raised the staff in her hands. A string of strange words came spilling out of her mouth.

Lilith had never heard that kind of language, but she understood the last word.


Lilith’s body was instantly set on golden flames.

The flames were filled with pure light elements that could cleanse all filth.


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