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Chapter 3-26: Thea’s Judgement (2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1890 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1145 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

In the isolated space, the dimly glowing white feathers scattered in the breeze that came from nowhere and drifted into the distance.

Thea was floating at the center of the columns. Her unfolded wings looked more like a phantom image than real, causing her to appear even more sacred.

Thea’s face gradually blurred as her expression seemed to be hidden behind a thin veil.

“Be careful, Lady Lilith. Thea is probably using the Goddess Descent skill,” Sae’s voice suddenly rang in Lilith’s ear.

“Goddess Descent skill?”

“It’s a skill in which the goddess will directly channel a part of her power to the user. For the believers of the goddess, this is a divine skill that can be perceived as a gift that the goddess bestows upon her believers. This is also one of the reasons that allow religion to very easily expand.” Speaking up to this point, Sae’s voice turned unusually grave. “Although I’ve known that this child is a vessel of the Goddess, I didn’t expect such… outrageous synchronization.”

Even without Sae’s reminder, Lilith was well aware of how dangerous Thea was right now. After all, her heart had been sending warning signals to her. Her heartbeat rate had long exceeded the limit of biology.

Her body wasn’t preparing itself to stay and fight, but to flee.

After all, the girl in front of her had gained a trace of the goddess’ power.

Before, she only looked like a lonely kitten to Lilith, but now she was like a tiger lurking in the jungle.

“Sae, will you be able to conceal this?”
“Eh? Art thou challenging her for real?” Sae’s tone was filled with disbelief.

Lilith knew that her action was completely foolish.
She knew that it was very easy for her to leave, too.
However, she just couldn’t shake off the feeling that she would regret it if she chose to escape.

It wasn’t the shame of running away. After all, she had cast her shame away along with her morals when she was three years old. The thing that bound her now was something much more elusive.

“If I may ask, Thea, why are you so persistent about me? If you’re really upset because I destroyed the Radiant Goddess’ statue, wouldn’t it be easier to just bring someone to catch me? Why do you have to come alone? You should be aware that you won’t be able to stop me from easily escaping this situation.”

Thea didn’t reply, but Lilith could feel the cold and merciless gaze fixated on her.

“Seems like using the Goddess Descent skill will temporarily seal emotions too.”
“I guess… you leave me with no choice but to question you after I beat you up!”

Lilith immersed her consciousness into her body. In the darkness, there was a drop of bright golden blood floating in silence.

It was a drop of the blood that the ancestor had bestowed upon her.

Ever since she started getting familiar with this body and gradually learned how to look inside it, Lilith had been trying to fuse with this drop of blood. But no matter how hard she tried, she was making no progress.

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It wasn’t because it was too powerful to fuse with, but because Lilith wasn’t compatible with it.

The drop of blood was like a passerby who had nothing to do with Lilith and was just living in her body temporarily.

She didn’t know why the blood from the ancestor was incompatible with her, but she could still draw some power from it. All she needed to do was to just burn it like last time!

Her body temperature rose, her blood boiled and her heartbeat sped up. All the joints in her body cracked noisily as they moved slightly under the pressure from the muscles before returning to their original position, instead of getting crushed under the immense pressure due to their resilience.

This would normally cause severe pain, but Lilith’s body had long learned how to block out insignificant pain like this.

As though affected, a wisp of golden blood was finally drawn from the drop of blood and melded into the darkness.

Lilith’s molten golden pupils lit up as the world reappeared once again in her sight!

“Ah… I have to admit that I’m indeed unlucky to have a master like this,” Sae sighed, but moved quickly.

Her enchanting body seemed to be wrapped in raging transparent flames. As the flames burned, Sae’s body gradually turned into ashes like a piece of charcoal in a raging fire.

Sae’s explosive aura surpassed even the previous Pope’s.

“What a pity, I haven’t even gotten used to this body yet.”

The boundary between reality and illusion blurred. People who left this isolated small world would feel as though they had forgotten about something, but ultimately just shook the feeling off and joined the crowd again.

And the people who were planning to pass through this space would also subconsciously choose to make a detour without even realizing it.

Two different auras rose to the sky.

One was sacred and inviolable, while the other was brutal and forceful. Yet no one in the entire city of Aeria noticed anything.

The Pope only frowned in the direction, before turning his head and reprimanded Alucard for losing the saintess.

“Sorry, Sae. I’ll make it up to you next time.”
“Oh my, I’m glad you offered, Lady Lilith.”

Sae’s physical body burned even more intensely in preparation to withstand an impending collision.

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Thea watched everything in silence, but seemed to have no intention to attack first. By the time the space they were in was completely isolated, a staff that was slightly taller than her appeared in her hand.

Light elements began to gather at the top of the staff. In just a flash, they condensed into something akin to a miniature sun.

“Hey, getting hit by this won’t be fun.”

Lilith’s body tensed up as she guarded against the little sun that was going to fly at her at any moment.

Even so, Lilith wasn’t too nervous because she had a lot of confidence in her speed. After all, it would be very difficult to hit her with such a powerful but non-directional spell over this distance.

“Come on, show me how great is your so-called Goddess Channeling tech…”

Before she even finished speaking, her pupils constricted and her hair suddenly stood up on its end.

Thea… had vanished from her sight.

She then reappeared just less than a meter away from Lilith before the latter could even react.

The staff in her hand with that little sun hanging from it came flying down toward Lilith’s head like a meteor hammer!

Lilith quickly backed away and evaded it while cursing in her heart.

That damn Thea… turned out to be a melee master!!


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