Chapter 3-28: Survive Or Perish

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1314 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 870 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Everything fell silent again.

Only golden flames continued burning on the scene.

The tongues of flames flickered, yet didn’t engulf everything in its surrounding. It was a sacred flame that the Radiant Goddess had cast down to cleanse all the filth and sin away from this world.

Lilith stood in the middle of the burning flame. Instead of being burnt into a crisp as she would in a normal fire, she turned into a bloody corpse.

Blood gradually seeped into her clothes that weren’t affected by the flame in the slightest and drenched it.

Her skin could be seen constantly regenerating itself, but it would tear immediately and bleed even more.

Lilith looked like she was in agonizing pain as the golden flames burned on, yet she couldn’t budge even an inch. It was as though she was crucified to the stake and could only watch herself be burnt to death.

To be exact, the flame wasn’t burning her. It was cutting her like knives.

It felt no different than being subjected to the capital punishment of death by a thousand cuts.

Lilith’s self-healing ability was gradually slowing down. If this carried on, she would shed her very last drop of blood and draw her last breath.

Even for a dragon, it was impossible to live as a corpse.
This sacred flame was the most appropriate way to end a sinner’s life.

Thea lifted the staff in her hand, looking as though she wanted to end Lilith’s agony as soon as possible. Yet her staff didn’t come down for a long time.

Lilith stared at her, unable to speak.
Thea also stared at her, with her expression concealed.

For the longest time, Thea felt as though she had won something but also lost something in the process. In the end, she finally brought the staff down mercilessly and stabbed it into her heart.

It was at that moment, water droplets came down from the sky like rain.

Lilith took one last deep look at Thea and slowly closed her eyes as her heart stopped beating.

(The End.)

Of course not…

(It was just a joke… please put down the kitchen knives, everyone…)

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The boundless darkness was like an abyss.
Lilith was floating in the void.

“Am I dead?”

She tried moving, but realized that her physical body was gone and she was only left with her consciousness.

“So I’m really dead.”

Lilith sighed inwardly. She died countless times but never by the hands of any big villain. What a disgrace to literally be beaten to death by just a brat.

But man, how could Thea really bring herself to do that? We were friends! I don’t think I deserved death for just ruining the statue of her goddess.

Then there’s Sae too. Why didn’t you come to save me? I’m your master! How could you watch your master get beaten to death and don’t even bat an eyelid? Seems like she’s really eager to get rid of me so that she can find herself a new master!

Fine. I’m dead, just as you all wished. You can continue praying to your goddess or find your new master. There’s nothing else for me to do here.

I should just go get myself reincarnated. I deserve to be reincarnated into at least a crown prince of a royal family for all the contributions I’ve made to all mankind in the world.

Hmm… That will surely be way better than now, right?

No more fighting and killing.
No more learning spells or martial skills.
No more thinking about revenge to get your body back.
No more shouldering the heavy burden of saving the world and all mankind. (This never existed.)
And no more being pestered by some mentally-ill people.

The thought of that just…

“Leaves you feeling dissatisfied?”

The sudden voice startled Lilith. She looked around but found no one else around her.

“Who are you? Are you here to guide me to reincarnation?”
“Do you really wish to reincarnate?”
“Of… Of course.”
“Well then, if that’s the case, then just proceed upward.”

Lilith looked up and saw a small and pale golden sun above her head. Although it didn’t shine very brightly, its warmth still made people yearn for it.

“If you don’t wish to reincarnate, then just proceed downward. You may have a slim chance of being resurrected.”

Lilith looked down and was greeted by total darkness.

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“What are the odds?”
“One percent. If you fail, you will be turned into dust, your soul will disperse and you will die without leaving a corpse.”
“…What about reincarnation?”
“One hundred percent without any risks. Not only that, you can naturally be reincarnated into the family of your choice, given your past relationship with the gods.”
“That’s really an easy choice.”
“Of course.”

Lilith looked at the golden sun above her, then at the deep abyss below her.

“Naturally, I want to be reincarnated and live the life I want. But I have a shortcoming and that is the more dangerous something is, the more I want to do it.”

Having said that, Lilith rushed downward into the endless darkness without any hesitation.



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