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Chapter 3-20: Friendship Breaks Like An Old Twig On The Ground

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2135 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1334 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“So that means you are the saintess of the Shadow Theocracy?”

After a friendly and peaceful conversation, Lilith finally found out Jasmine’s background. She didn’t expect this legendary Shadow Mistress would be the Shadow Saintess, who was also the second in command of a neighboring country, the Shadow Theocracy.

Unlike the Luminous Theocracy where a few cardinals had been secretly coveting the Pope’s throne, the Pope of the Shadow Theocracy had long gotten rid of the men who dared to defy him. Therefore even if the Shadow Theocracy appeared to be weaker than the Luminous Theocracy in overall strength, its internal stability far exceeded the latter.

This phenomenon had a direct connection to their different ideologies. The Pope of the Luminous Theocracy feared that a civil war would break out in his nation and his people would be caught in endless strife and bloodshed. Hence, he couldn’t bring himself to address the situation despite knowing that nurturing tigers would invite calamity. On the contrary, the Pope of the Shadow Theocracy believed that a few sacrifices were necessary for the greater good. Hence, he slew a few of his tenured subordinates that held wild ambitions against him without so much as a frown.

And the petite Shadow Mistress in front of Lilith was none other than the second in power in the Shadow Theocracy. This meant she was also the next in line to the throne.

It would seem like there was nothing wrong with her claiming to be Shadow Mistress.

Thinking of this, Sae turned her gaze to Lilith who was sitting on the amethyst throne while chatting with Jasmine and blowing her own trumpet. A sudden thought that she couldn’t dismiss lingered in her mind

Why not… just leave this thing here and run away by myself?

However, it was an order from her real master… she couldn’t go against his wishes.

Therefore, she could only stay by Lilith’s side until that moment came.

“I didn’t expect I would meet the Shadow Saintess in the capital of the Luminous Theocracy. Your courage to infiltrate deep into an enemy’s territory is simply astounding! So… umm, what business do you have here?”

After meeting the saintesses one after another, Lilith was starting to even wonder if she was some saintess magnet. But since she had bumped into them, she wasn’t going to give up the chance…

The chance to annoy that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲y goddess.

The hostility between the Shadow Theocracy and the Luminous Theocracy was known to the world. Hence, the Shadow Saintess was definitely up to no good for sneaking into the heart of an enemy’s territory. Like the saying that went ‘the enemy of an enemy is a friend’, it was definitely a good thing if she managed to join hands with Jasmine.

“Hehe. You’d be scared to death if I told you my plans.” Jasmine crossed her arms in front of her chest and lifted her head so high that it seemed like her nose was going to point at the sky.

She waited for a long time but Lilith never expressed anything similar to admiration or readiness to listen to her. Hence, she could only continue her story resentfully.

“In order to deal a heavy blow to the Luminous Theocracy, I have decided to secretly disclose to the public a piece of information that can cause the Radiant Goddess to lose a large number of her followers.”

“Oh? What is it about?”

“Well…” Jasmine sneakily looked around, seemingly afraid that someone in this room would overhear her earth-shattering plan even though the room was filled with her own comrades. She got closer to Lilith, then whispered into her ear, “This is a piece of information that has been passed down in our church for generations. The truth is, the Radiant Goddess…”

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Then Jasmine gestured with her hands around her flat chest. “Isn’t that big here.”

“Pfft…” Lilith’s face twitched. She already knew that a long time ago.

“And according to our investigation, most of the Radiant Goddess’ followers are all fans of big *****. This means that her source of faith is actually from her false *****.”

“…So, what are you planning to do?”

“Hehehe…” Jasmine cackled evilly. “To rectify the false *****, of course! By then, all her followers who are fans of big ***** would be so saddened that they will no longer believe in her. That’s when everything will be over for them, ahahahaha…!!!”

Jasmine tilted her head up and laughed at the sky, probably because she felt that her plan was too perfect.

Lilith silently watched Jasmine who was laughing at the sky, suddenly feeling that fate was indeed an inexplicably mysterious thing.

“Umm… I think you don’t need to do that anymore.”

“Huh? Why not?”

“Because…” Lilith took out the two semicircular objects she stored in her Storage Ring. “I’ve already done that.”

“Hahaha! Lilith, you don’t have to lie like this even if you want to beat me this badly. The goddess’ ***** aren’t this easy to cut off.”

Jasmine didn’t believe Lilith at all. That didn’t come as a surprise to her either. After all, no one would believe this kind of nonsense.

“Well, since you are the Shadow Saintess, you probably have a way to verify the authenticity, right?”

“Are you being serious?” Jasmine stopped laughing and narrowed her eyes at Lilith.

“Of course.”


“I’m here.” A black-robed man with an unknown animal tattooed on his face came forward.


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The man named Aarons came up to Lilith, then sniffed the Goddess’ breasts like a canine. After a while, he announced, “They are real, Saintess.”

Jasmine took a deep breath, then sized up Lilith carefully again. “As expected of a former ruler. To think that you were able to carry out this task before I did.”

“Oh no, it’s just luck.”

“Doesn’t matter if it’s luck or not,” Jasmine stretched her hand out, “I, Ayasha Jasmine, have decided that you will be my friend.”

“The enemy of an enemy is naturally a friend. I was planning to be your friend even if you didn’t ask.” Lilith accepted Jasmine’s hand.

Jasmine gave her a satisfied smile, then suddenly recalled something. “Lilith, the b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ mentioned earlier that took everything away from you… could it be…”

“Yes, the Radiant Goddess.”

“That’s wonderful!” Jasmine suddenly squeezed Lilith’s hands with both hands. “Won’t you join the Shadow Theocracy? Our Goddess will take revenge for you!” she exclaimed in excitement.

“Ah… umm… I have no plans of siding with any country yet.” Lilith scratched her cheek.

“It doesn’t matter. As long as you believe in the Goddess of Darkness, she will definitely seek justice for you!” While saying that, Jasmine took out a palm-sized Goddess statue out of nowhere.

“Look, this is our Goddess. Isn’t she a lot prettier than the old Radiant Goddess who can only attract believers through her lies?”

“Wait a minute…” Lilith’s voice suddenly became cold. “Can you let me have a closer look at that Goddess statue?”

“Of course.” She naively handed over the statue to Lilith. “I’ll have you know this is the privilege of a Saintess. After all, the Goddess statue cannot simply be lost in the world.”

Of course Lilith knew that. After all, the Luminous Theocracy had only one standing statue of their Goddess too.

“I’m only showing this to you since you are my friend! After all, this Goddess statue is my most prized possession.”

“Oh, I see.” Lilith nodded. After carefully looking at the statue, she managed to confirm a fact.

Upon confirming this fact, Lilith naturally did what she was supposed to do.

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She broke the statue into two with her hand.

“EH, EH, EH!!”

Under Jasmine’s horrified gaze, Lilith smashed the two broken parts of the statue hard on the ground.

“Why did the goddess of the Luminous Theocracy’s enemy country turn out to be the Radiant Goddess’ younger sister?!!”


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