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Chapter 3-21: Self-Destruct

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2230 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1383 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen out.

Jasmine stared silently at the statue that was broken into two on the ground, as though it was an entirely different statue.

Sae stood unmoving behind Lilith, but was ready to strike at any time.

The men in the black robes were tense too, ready to tear these two heretics to pieces for their blasphemy against the Goddess as soon as the Saintess gave her orders.

No one knew how much time had passed when Jasmine finally raised her head.

She glared at Lilith with her bloodshot eyes.

“You… why did you do that?!”

There wasn’t even a trace of emotions on Lilith’s face. “All for the sake of revenge.”

“Isn’t your enemy the Radiant Goddess?”

“I don’t care if you believe it or not, but the Goddess of Darkness is the Radiant Goddess’ younger sister. It was one of them who caused me to end up in this state.”

“How dare you insult the Goddess even after destroying her statue!!” Jasmine rushed angrily toward Lilith and tried to strangle her, but Lilith nimbly evaded her. “Everyone knew that the Goddess of Dark and Light are archenemies, just as how light and dark could never coexist with each other! How dare you claim that the Goddess of Darkness is that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲’s younger sister! That is the biggest insult to the Goddess!

Lilith sighed softly. “As expected, the people in the world are stupid. They blindly believe in the goddesses and refuse to see that they are nothing more than tools for them to gather faith. Maybe your hostility is deliberately fostered by the goddesses.”

“You’re the stupid one for spouting nonsense here! Kill her!”

The other men brandished various weapons hidden under their black robes. Without a word, they all came pouncing on Lilith and Sae with their swords, spears, and halberds.


The vindictive attacks coming at Lilith were perfectly blocked by a purple crystal wall.

Although Sae was completely useless against powerful experts, she was still pretty useful in fending off the small fries.

“Get ‘em boys! Charge!”

Jasmine paid no attention to the shield and continued giving out the order to attack.

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Lilith gave her a look of hurt. “I thought we are friends?”

“Friends? Hehe…” Jasmine let out a weird chuckle. “The moment you broke the present from my sixteenth birthday into two, our friendship that lasted only five seconds was already over.”

“Are you still a seven or eight-year-old girl who takes a doll for a birthday present?”

“That’s not a doll!!! That’s a limited edition goddess statue! There’s only three of them in the entire Shadow Theocracy!!!”

Jasmine shrieked like a lunatic who had finally realized that she was a lunatic. “Aarons, it’s your turn to shine.”


He took a step forward. The person whom Lilith initially thought was only an ordinary man underneath the black robes was now exuding an extremely terrifying aura.

Sae raised her eyebrows slightly. “Oh? A warrior that had attained the Realm of Saints? I didn’t expect that I’d overlook him.”

“You’ve overlooked plenty of things.”

Aarons didn’t even pay any attention to the culprit of this incident. Instead, he had all his focus on this enigmatic purple-haired woman. In his opinion, Lilith would never be able to escape the palm of his hand as long as he could finish Sae off.

However, Sae wasn’t taking Aarons seriously. After all, this body of hers had attained the middle-rank Saint Realm. Coupled with her experience and knowledge in magic, she was capable of fighting even a high-rank warrior of the Saint Realm. Her only issue was not being able to use her body to its full potential due to the unstable state of her soul.

Even so, she had no problem finishing off a low-rank warrior of the Saint Realm.

A gigantic beast-shaped phantom slowly rose from Aarons, dripping with a terrifyingly vengeful aura from its very core.

The intensity of Aarons’ aura rose steadily but quickly to the point that he was unapproachable.

“The Hundred Beasts Scripture?” Sae showed an expression of interest. “Little did I expect to encounter this technique in this world. What kind of beast is this?”

Aarons fell silent for a moment, as though he didn’t expect his technique to be exposed within an instant. “Hell Hound.”

“Hell Hound? Such child’s play is an insult to this technique. Too bad this body belongs to a magician. Otherwise, I would be able to show thou the true potential of a beast phantom at its peak.”

“For now, thou can only admit that thou art unfortunate to meet someone who possesses a deeper understanding of this technique than its own creator…”

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Purple lights danced in Sae’s eyes as dozens of diamond-shaped crystals appeared around the beast-shaped phantom behind Aarons. The crystals looked like they were arranged haphazardly, but the arrangement was more than it seemed — they were secretly pointing to a certain vessel in his body.

As long as Aarons made the slightest move, the crystals would directly destroy the vessel, which was also known as the Gate of Life, that was needed to unleash the technique. The backlash of the technique would leave its user either dead or crippled!

Aarons’ countenance contorted drastically when the technique that he was so proud of was suppressed in an instant, forcing him into a position where he couldn’t do anything.

Just where did this woman… hail from?

“In that case…”

The muscles and veins in Aarons’ entire body bulged, as he released a violent aura that gradually turned the atmosphere around him oppressive.

“Thou art… planning to self destruct?”

Sae finally got serious. After all, half of the city could be destroyed if a low-rank warrior of Saint Realm self-destructed.

“Do you have to? We’ve only destroyed a statue.”

“For the Saintess, everything is worth it!!” Aarons’ face was grim and his eyes were filled with twisted fanaticism.

Goddammit, that’s another perverted lolicon right there!

Sae was forced to gather all her strength to defend against the next big blow. There was nothing she hated more than fighting with brute force.

The reason was due to the incomplete integration of her body and soul.

“Umm… sorry to interrupt you.”

Lilith suddenly spoke up after watching the entire drama. “I won’t stop you from self-destructing and have no objection with your desire to exhibit your perversion, but can we change location?”

“Why? Scared?” Jasmine mocked her.

“No, not because of that…”

Before Lilith finished speaking, Aarons blew himself up without any hesitation under the command of his Saintess.

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The huge explosion created a powerful blast wave that swept across the surrounding area. The fragile ancient building was instantly blown into smithereens. The sky full of stars above their heads was soon covered by the flying house debris.

However, the explosion seemed to be caused by a targeted attack rather than indiscriminate self-destruction because Jasmine and the others were unharmed.

“Aarons, are they dead?”

There were no wounds on his body, but the tattoo on his face had dimmed quite a bit. “I’m not sure, but an attack of this level will probably leave them unable to fight if they’re not dead yet.”

“Good job. You’ll be rewarded with a handkerchief that I have used once when we go back.” 
“Thank you for your generosity, Saintess!”

After a long time, everything finally settled down as the dust slowly dispersed.

Sae and Lilith, who should have at least lost their combat power, stood unscathed in the middle of the huge crater that was created by the explosion.

Golden light gradually faded around Lilith. She had actually used a precious Saint-Level scroll without any hesitation.

“Geez, can’t you wait until someone has finished talking?”

Before Jasmine and the rest could even recover from the shock of discovering that Lilith and Sae were unscathed by the explosion, they felt something was off in their surroundings.

It was strangely quiet.

Lilith looked around and sighed. “I’m actually being chased down by the entire Luminous Theocracy. You guys are just asking for trouble by creating such a huge commotion.”


It was only then Jasmine realized that they were surrounded by a large crowd among the darkness.

The enemies… from the Luminous Theocracy!


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