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Chapter 3-19: Exposed Nature

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2012 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1260 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

It was a spacious, ancient-looking room that seemed to be able to accommodate more than a hundred people. However, all the doors and windows in the room were covered by a black cloth. The only source of light in there was a crystal lamp hanging above their heads. There were also many strange decorations around the room that made it look like some dark magic room in certain anime.

Lilith just managed to shake off the dizziness brought about by getting teleported through space. She struggled to sit up from the cold wooden floor and was greeted by this scene.

“Hello, Lady Lilith.”

As soon as she raised her head, she found Sae standing in front of her and watching her with kind eyes.

“Thou did not do anything that would cause the entire Luminous Theocracy to hunt us down after thou kicked me away, yes?”

“I didn’t.”

Of course she hadn’t done anything like that since the beginning.

“Lady Lilith, why turn thy head away?”

“My neck is a little sore, so I’m doing a bit of an exercise.”

“Then Lady Lilith, why art thou avoiding my eyes?”

“I got sand in my eyes.”

“Liar! Thou should at least close thy dead fish eyes and put some effort into pretending! Who can still keep their eyes open wider than saucers when they have sand in there?!” Sae grabbed Lilith by her shoulders and started shaking her. “Lady Lilith, do thou understand how dangerous it is to be hunted down by a nation at our current strength?!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely have the demigod-ranked scroll in my hand in advance next time!”

“Thou do not understand at all! Please don’t keep that dangerous toy in thy hands. I do not wish to be killed out of the blue!”

Just when Sae was grieving about her bleak future and wished so badly to change masters right away, the room’s door was suddenly swung open. A group of people in black robes flocked in.

“Umm… I didn’t get the chance to ask just now, but where are we?” Lilith asked while putting up her guard against the black-robed people who had suddenly shown up.

“Don’t ask me! I have no idea either!” Sae huffed angrily.

“What? You’re still angry? What a petty girl you are.” Lilith pouted, then took two steps forward to approach the black-robed person who was closest to them. She stuck her flat chest out and asked, “Hey, black guy! Where is this place?”

The black-robed person was silent, but Lilith could feel his gaze from under his wide hood. He seemed to be sizing up both Sae and her.

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“Hey, I’m talking to you! Why aren’t you speaking? Didn’t your mother teach you that it’s very rude to ignore people?”

“You are the rude one, intruder.” A melodious and young female voice came from under the hood, but her tone was rather old-fashioned.

The black-robed person ripped open her black robe. No one knew why she had one of her feet on a small stool. She lifted her head and revealed a delicate-looking face that looked to be only about fifteen or sixteen years old. Yet her youthful girly face was filled with a mismatched arrogance.

“How arrogant and rude you two are for not announcing your names in my presence!”

“Huh? What art thou even?” Sae rolled her eyes impatiently before Lilith could even speak.

Speaking to commoners could easily wear out the Artifact Spirit’s patience, especially when she was in a bad mood.

“That is a good question!!” The girl in the black robe didn’t seem to notice the impatience in Sae’s voice. She covered one of her eyes with the back of her hand and lifted her robe again, revealing the highly embarrassing strange outfit underneath it. Instead of feeling ashamed, the young girl proudly proclaimed, “I am the leader of the dark kingdom! The guide of eternal silence! The ferryman of the boundless River Styx! The one who can see the past with one eye and the future with the other eye! The Shadow Mistress who remains unchanged by the passage of time regardless of the past and present — the Supreme Lady Jasmine!”

Sae was confused. “What the hell is this?”

“Hold on.” Lilith suddenly stopped Sae who was about to come forward and suppress the girl by force. “This girl… she’s rather unusual,” she said solemnly.

Unusual? Sae took another careful look at the young girl whose magic power was only at rank seven at most. Could it be that Lady Lilith had noticed something that I didn’t notice?

Lilith cast away her casualness and spoke earnestly, “I didn’t expect to meet you here, oh leader of the dark kingdom, the guide of eternal silence, the ferryman of the boundless River Styx, the one who can see the past with one eye and the future with the other eye, and the Shadow Mistress that remains unchanged by the passage of time regardless of the past and present — Lady Jasmine!”

“I am Artemis Niger Lilith, a wanderer from a distant empire. I once ruled over countless nations. I am on a journey to return to my homeland and regain everything that belongs to me. My goal is to throw the two b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ who took everything away from me into lizard eggs and have them reincarnate. It’s truly an honor to meet the Shadow Mistress here.”

Sae was even more confused. “Huh?? What the hell??”

Jasmine’s eyes were suddenly glowing with excitement. “Is… Is that so? I didn’t expect to meet the ruler of a kingdom here. Please excuse my poor manners from earlier.”

“Oh no, I was the one with poor manners. As a ruler, I have committed a grave mistake in failing to announce my name to the legendary Shadow Mistress in a timely manner.”

“Oh no, it was my fault.”

“No, it’s mine.”


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Looking at these two who were dying to show off earlier now acting all humble toward each other now, Sae couldn’t help but feel disgusted.

Are these two… mentally ill?

“Sae, bring me my throne.” Lilith suddenly ordered her.

“Ehhh? What throne?”

I don’t remember there was such a thing.

Lilith turned her head around with an expression that was telling her that ‘you’re dead meat if you don’t get what I mean,’ while playing with the demigod ranked scroll in her hand. “You know, the one I usually sit on.”

Sae’s cheek twitched as she irritatedly made an amethyst throne for Lilith with magic.

Lilith sat on the throne, then mimicked how her mom, the Queen of Dragons, would usually rest her chin in her hand. “I just killed another five thousand assassins from hostile nations today. I’m really exhausted.”

When Jasmine saw this, she also gave an order to the other black-robed men behind her. “You people, fetch me my magical seat.”

“But.. Jasmine… oh, oops… Shadow Mistress, you’ve never had any… magical seat.” Black-Robed Man A replied while trembling.

Jasmine stared at Black-Robed Man A for two seconds then said, “What do you mean by that? It’s the one that can transform into a human form when I’m not using it.”

The black-robed man was rendered speechless.

“Ah~!” Jasmine suddenly plopped down on her magical seat named Black-Robed Man A then exclaimed, “I just crushed fifty thousand rebels from the old world into pieces today. I’m really exhausted.”


“Um… Lady Lilith, may I ask a question?”

“What is it, my servant?”

“Is this…your true nature?”


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