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Chapter 3-1: Set Off

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1373 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 991 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


The sound of the door being opened rang out before Devia walked in with a relaxed smile hanging on her face.

“Is something up? How are you adjusting to your new body?”

Devia, no, Sae made a lazy stretch before replying, “It’s still alright. At the very least, it’s better than Eleanor’s original body. Furthermore…” Sae pointed at the sword sparkling with a golden brilliance that hung on her waist, “I don’t need to be in constant contact with my original body. As long as I remain within a certain distance of it, I can use my original power. This feels much more convenient than before.”

“That’s good. After hearing the miserable cries of that lady last night, I thought that I’d failed.”

“There’s no other way, right. It isn’t easy to make a mental-orientated Saint Realm Magician go crazy. I had to spend a great deal of effort to do so.”

“Since I’ve helped you change your physical body, it’s about time we set off.”

“Really? So fast? We haven’t even stayed in this room for a day. Furthermore, you have to understand, oh great Lilith, that I’ve yet to fully get used to this new body.”

“Get used to it as we move. A quarter of all of the aristocrats that make up the Luminous Theocracy died last night. There were also a number of aristocrats from other countries that. Although the higher-ups of the Luminous Theocracy definitely wouldn’t dare to make any public announcements about this, I’m afraid that they would be making their moves in the dark.”

“Eh…” despite the quick response, Sae was still extremely displeased with the decision All of the excitement from having a new body disappearing from her in a flash, before she followed lifelessly behind me.

After taking 2 steps, a thought suddenly appeared in my mind, prompting me to ask: “Do you know about the black market, Sae?”

“Black market?” Doubt washed over Sae in response to my sudden question. Nevertheless, she still managed to pull out a reply: “I don’t know much about it, however, the original owner of this body has a very clear understanding of it as indicated by her memories.”

“Explain it to me along the way.”


Walking out of the city lord’s residence, I closed the city-sized large doors. Looking back, the empty extravagant residence immediately appeared much more gloomy than before.

When he left, the city lord had taken away all of his subordinates and servants from the residence. Therefore, other than the vast and extravagant property, there was not a single soul present. Nevertheless, this would change very soon, as this place would be welcoming its new owner very quickly.


Dragon Island, Main Dragon Cave.

A female sat atop a gigantic throne the size of a hill. Despite not being particularly big or large, the imposing aura radiating from her easily suppressed by the gigantic figures that were presently kneeling down right before her feet.

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Looking down towards the gigantic figures kneeling beneath her feet, she shot them a gaze akin to what one would do towards ants: “If you guys can’t even manage to do such a simple task properly, then what the hell would this queen need you guys for?”

Akarin, Fenice, and the Eclipse Dragon, Silvestre, who had just fled back, felt shivers racking their bodies. Exchanging glances with each other, it was Silvestre, who was covered from head to toe in injuries, who opened his mouth to reply: “Please… please calm down, my queen. The Demon King has stationed himself right outside our Dragon Island, and I…we have no other way…”

“Huh?” the queen shot an amused look at Silvestre, “You have the guts to take his daughter away, yet you don’t have the balls to duel with him? Do you still want this queen to let her marry you?”

Hearing those words, the Demon Race princess curled up at the corner hugged herself even tighter than before.

“How…however, I can’t win against him…is there any other way…?”

“Useless…!” just as the queen was about to go on a craze, a blue pyramid flashed out from space, before floating right before her.

“Huh? That’s my beloved daughter’s transmission. Could my beloved daughter miss her mother after leaving for just a few days?” the queen brimmed with happiness as she accepted the transmission, appearing completely different from the murderous stance she had taken just an instant ago.

However, right as she finished reading the transmission, the temperature of the entire space plummeted, while murderous intent that blotted the skies slowly surfaced from the queen’s body.

“Black market?” the voice of the queen sounded as cold as eternal permafrost, “Akarin, exactly how many dragons have mysteriously died outside over the past thousand years?”

A shiver racked through Akarin’s body before he replied with a trembling voice: “Approx…approximately 35…”

“Thir…ty…five?” the queen repeated the number syllable by syllable, as unknown thoughts flashed within her eyes.

Upon birth, pureblooded members of the Dragon Race will have their real names etched on the Dragon Tablet. Upon death, their names would turn faint and gloomy. That made it sure that the entire Dragon Race would be the first to know whenever a Dragon had fallen. Thirty-five deaths might be an insignificant number for any other race. However, for the Dragon Race….this was exceedingly unordinary.

“Akarin, Fenice, Silvestre! You 3 will head out immediately to investigate the matter of Dragon Blood in the black market. The key to this mission is to find its origin.”

The queen stood up abruptly, while deep azure flames engulfed her body. Despite not sensing any rise in temperature, the entire surrounding space started to warp and distort: “As for the Demon King, this queen will personally meet with him. Let’s see if he still has the guts to block this queen’s door.”



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