Chapter 2-90: See you again

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1886 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1287 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“These are all of my assets…” tears rolled down the city lord’s face as he handed over a Storage Ring and a large pile of real estate deeds. In the beginning, he was planning to keep a portion for himself. However, faced with the helplessness formed by Callanster’s relentless surveillance, he wasn’t able to manipulate the number of figures and assets at all.

Taking over the Storage ring and real estate deeds with satisfaction, I ignored the deep seated hatred present in the city lord’s eyes as I asked: “So is that residence mine?”

“That…that’s right.” the city lord nodded his head stiffly.

Surveying the city lord’s mansion, which occupied roughly a tenth of the entire Harbour City, I finally felt that I’d turned into an evil capitalist who only cared about money. After entering the human world for three days, I’ve actually managed to obtain such extravagant wealth. I have no regret left in this draconic life of mine.

The residence was brightly lit, filled with a cacophony of voices. At this moment, the guard and patrol squadrons under the direct command of the city lord have all been mobilized to deal with the troubles created by the eruption of the auction house. The resulting fires and smoke weren’t a huge problem to deal with, those were easily settled with magic. At this moment, the most troublesome problem was that a portion of the auction house had landed precisely within the residence of a large aristocratic family. This matter definitely needed the personal appearance of the city lord to settle.

However, as the cleanup of the auction house ruins continued, the discovery of 1 quarter of the total Luminous Theocracy aristocrats that have died there would definitely shock the entire country…No, this might shock the entire continent if it was publicly revealed. When that happens, the repercussions surely could not be dealt with by any singular power or influence.

However, that was no longer of my concern. At this moment, the only thing I wanted to do was to study in peace.

As for all of the rescued slaves, including Durango, they were whisked away to the residence with a swipe of Callanster’s hand, appearing as though they were gathered together to be assigned.

“I never expected for there to be so many ladies of former aristocratic families. However, the majority of those families have faded away, so it will be a problem to send them back.” said Callanster as he held onto the checklist that had just been made. Rubbing his chin, he asked, “May I know how you intend to handle this, city lord?”

A shiver racked through the city lord’s body before he managed to squeeze out a respectful response: “I’ll arrange for those who want to reunite with their families to do so. As for those who don’t, I’ll arrange suitable jobs for them to do. Please don’t worry about this, Duke Callanster.”

“Okay. If that’s the case…” Callanster nodded his head, “ Since you’re very enthusiastic about this, I’ll…introduce a helper to you.”


“The old servant is here.” an old man dressed in a butler outfit and a head full of white hair stepped out from god knows where, before bowing towards Callanster as he gave his reply.

“Go and help the city lord manage these matters.”

Seeing this exchange, the city lord’s expression grew increasingly ugly, as this was as blatant as surveillance could get. Nevertheless, he had utterly no way out of this. After all, he could not beat Callanster.

“Then I’ll trouble you to send those Fairy Elves born in the south back to where they belong. I’ll bring beastmen of the north back to our Holy Dragon Empire before arranging people to send them back. As for those little misses of the Demonic Race…” A sinister smile suddenly appeared on Callanster’s face: “I want to give them a thorough check to see if any of them are the offspring of some big figure…”

This person…seems to have the tendency to resort to threats…

“Now then, go say your goodbyes to your friends, Carol. The situation of your bloodline can’t be dragged out any longer. You have to hurry up and undergo the coming-of-age ceremony as soon as possible.”


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“Wait a minute.” A familiar voice of a middle-aged uncle filled with the visage of time rang out as he walked staggeringly towards Carol with his injured body. Taking out a lotus flower pendant, he asked, “Where did you…get this from?”

“Eeeeeeeh? Isn’t that my, my Lotus Flower Pendant? Why do you have it?”
“That isn’t important. What’s important is where did you get this pendant from…”
“I-It was given to me by Alex.”

“Alex?” Hearing her reply, emotions gushed out from the uncle as he grabbed ahold of Carol’s arms, “Is it really Alex? Where is she! How is she doing now? Did she get bullied? Is she living happily?”

“Ahhh…you’re hurting me!” Carol extricated herself from the uncle’s grasp before asking: “You know Alex?”

“Of course I know her! Alex is…my younger sister.”

“Younger sister?!” Carol’s eyes snapped wide open, “So you are the stupid older brother that Alex always mentioned?”

“That’s right!” the uncle overlooked the stupid moniker attached to him as he grew increasingly emotional, “Where’s Alex now! How is she?”

“She…Alex’s…” a gloomy expression appeared on Carol’s face as she stuttered in her reply.

Seeing this, the uncle immediately knew that something was amiss. However, before he could lunge and take a bite at Carol, a grip akin to a steel vice clamped down on his shoulder: “Since you miss your younger sister that much, why not follow us back to the Holy Dragon Empire to take a look.”

“Huh? Wait a second, dad. Isn’t Alex…” Carol attempted to say something, but she was interrupted by Callanster’s raised hand, “If you have the patience, you should know that there are some matters that cannot be undone. So, please rein in your heart. Okay, hurry up and say your goodbyes to your friends. We have to leave.”

After remaining silent for a few seconds, Carol turned around and gave me a sudden hug, “We will meet again, so there’s no need to be upset, okay, Lilith…”

Who the hell’s upset. Hurry up and scram, will ya?

“I’m going now, my best friend~ make sure to report my name when you come to the Holy Dragon Empire. I’ll make sure no one dares to bully you…”

An instant after hugging me, Carol turned her head around and grabbed a hold of Durango, who was attempting to slink away: “Okay, classmate Durango. Let’s go together. Since we’re headed to the same location, why not head there together?”

“NOOO! I’ve snuck out from there. If I go back with you guys, my dad’s absolutely going to beat me to death!”

“What the hell are you talking about Durango? With this big lady here, you’re dad’s definitely going to be softer on you.”

“I’m still going to get beaten, right! Hurry up and let go of me!!”

“Okay then. Since everyone’s here. Let’s set off.” obviously ignoring the struggling Durango, Callanster gave a gentle wave of his arm. In an instant, a bubble of blood that didn’t have any bloody smell encased everyone in it. Under his control, the spherical bubble of blood shot off at a speed akin to instantaneous teleportation, taking only a few breaths to disappear out of the fire-lit sky.

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Looking quietly at the direction they had disappeared to, I noticed a faint glow appearing across the horizon, slowly but surely dispelling the distant darkness.



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