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Chapter 2-84: Luck’s a part of strength

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2017 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1351 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Are you sure you want to do this, oh great Lilith?” Sae asked in a serious expression, “It’s extremely dangerous.”

“Naturally. Although it’s wasteful to kill a chicken with a sledgehammer, I really don’t wish to die here. That would be more embarrassing.” I replied while extending my hands out, signaling Sae to stop trying to dissuade me.

However, Sae was persistent. Durango and his disgustingly swollen pig face jumped out of nowhere only to be swiftly knocked away by Sae, all while holding my hands. Using a sincere gaze, she stared at me and said: “Instead of killing a chicken with a sledgehammer, this is more like using lighting from heaven to roast it! It was not easy for me to free myself from the curse of being a wandering spirit and I have no intention of dying a tragic death so soon.”

“Aren’t you the cause? If you were able to destroy her, would I have to do this? I’m also scared, you know!”

“Then there’s no other way. Speaking of which, oh great Lilith, if you can find me a living container, destroying her would be as easy as waving my hand.”

“God knows where I can find a so-called ‘living container’ for you. I thought that you could just grab one of those idiots along the road.”

Sending a kick to stomp one of the young slave girl’s beautiful faces, Sae snorted and said in frustration: “Isn’t that your duty as my master, oh great Lilith?”

“Duty my a̲s̲s̲! You should have dealt with that b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲ before handing it to me! Furthermore, you’re getting more and more arrogant, you rascal.”

Shoving Sae away, I said in an unquestionable tone: “I’ve already made up my mind. There’s no need for you to try and persuade me anymore.”

Sae shattered 4 enemy foot soldiers into bits with extreme displeasure, before retreating far away: “You have to be careful, oh great Lilith. You better not hurt your friends by accident.”

I replied in a reassuring tone: “Don’t worry. Though… up until now, I’ve yet to shoot anyone in the knee. But it’ll be better than exhausting yourself to death fighting those illusions.”

Sae mumbled softly: “I’ll rather be exhausted to death…”
“What did you say?”

“Okay, don’t let those illusionary figures come near me, Sae. I’m about to act.”

Sae nodded her head, creating a semi-spherical purple barrier around me before retreating as far as possible.

“Tsk. You coward. And you claim to be an existence that’s seen countless divine beings before. In the end, you can’t even deal with a demigod level magic.”

Although I said that, in my heart, I was incredibly worried. I don’t know the efficacy of the 3 Demigod Scrolls I had. Although they seem like extremely powerful items, I don’t know what kind of effect they’ll have when activated, or how dangerous it would be. When my mother gave them to me, she only told me to “toss them towards your enemy’s head,” no more and no less. In fact, she didn’t even provide me with a user manual. Therefore, I wouldn’t even feel strange if they were capable of leveling half of the Luminous Theocracy.

However, since she felt safe enough to hand them to me, that meant that these Demigod level Scrolls won’t pose any danger to the user, right?

Hmm…that sounds about right. Since that’s the case, I should be courageous and use them.

“Sae, position.”

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Although the area of effect of Demigod level Magic definitely isn’t small, it’s still best to toss it right at the face of that cruelest of all person’s face for the sake of safety.

“On your left.” Sae’s voice rang and seemed to echo out from very far away.

“Okay. Since that’s the case, Go, Pikachu!” I shouted while pulling out a Demigod level Scroll, before tossing it forcefully towards the direction Sae had reported to me.

Generally speaking, Demigod level Magic was undoubtedly the most dangerous thing within the human world, which doesn’t even have a single Demigod level expert present. Therefore, for the sake of not carelessly blowing up half a country, I made special care to add more emotions to my voice.

I’m the only person in the whole world that could think of such a low-profile yet unconventional activation sequence.

I used what seemed like all my strength for this one toss. In an instant, the scroll broke the sound barrier, shooting right towards our enemy like a bolt of lightning, before…

Before smashing against the purple barrier created by Sae and bouncing back…


The scroll spun around on the ground for a few rounds, before rolling back to my feet…

“What…what’s the matter. Is it done?” Sae’s voice rang out from god knows where, sounding a little illusionary, but was unable to dispel the heaviness present in the depths of my heart. Light had already started to burst out from abstruse patterns all across the scrolls surface, feelings of incomparable despair and misery rose in my heart.



As light burst forth from the patterns, an unspeakable feeling surged through my heart. All of the sudden, my brain crashed like a computer, causing me to feel as though I’d been detached from reality for a good few seconds.

“What…what’s going on? Why am I not dead?”

Rapidly composing myself, I discovered that there wasn’t a single scratch present on my entire body.

“Could that Demigod level Scroll be fake? There’s not a single scratch on me.”

“Of course it’s real.” Sae’s voice suddenly rang out, scaring me: “Not only is it real, but you also got sucked into her trap.”

Turning my head around, I discovered Sae wearing a strange expression as she squatted by my side. At this moment, a purple haired girl who was tied up in a bondage-styled knot laid right beneath her feet. That girl was the self proclaimed cruelest of all, Ruth Devia. Furthermore, for god knows what reason, there wasn’t any reserved look on her face. On the contrary, she wore a stupefied expression as she looked around.

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What the hell happened?

“What’s going on here!!! What just happened?!!” Before I had the time to reply, the purple haired girl that was being held beneath Sae’s foot shrieked out in a loud voice, “Why am I here, what did you do to me?”

“Be obedient and stop moving.” Sae gave Devia a light kick, causing the latter to twitch violently, as though she had been struck with intense pain. It was only then that I realized that there were strange iron needles that had pierced various vital areas of her body. Not only did they seal her, they would cause intense pain, akin to being stabbed by tens of thousands of knives with even the slightest twitch.

“Exactly what the hell has happened?”

“What else?” Sae shrugged her shoulder, “Just as you can see, I’ve captured her.”
“I’m asking you how you captured her!”
“Hmm, about that…that’s the effect of your Demigod level Magic~”

Effect…of my magic? However, didn’t I remember seeing…that scroll bounce back? Even if it was effective, it should have targeted me in the end, right?

However, I’m alright, and our enemy has miraculously been captured.

Unable to stifle her laugh, Sae replied: “It’s all due to your good luck, oh great Lilith. What you tossed was actually a time-stopping magic that caused time within a 100 meter radius to stop completely for three whole minutes. If you’d used even the weakest offensive orientated scroll, I’m afraid I’d be digging your grave right now.”

Sae proceeded to give another kick towards Devia, causing the latter to cry out in pain: “As for this person…the area of effect for that magic shouldn’t have been able to reach her. However, she was attracted by your cries of misery, oh great Lilith, causing her to inch closer, luring her close enough to be affected too, leaving herself open to my attack.”



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