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Chapter 2-83: Who should I ask?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2266 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1662 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The candlelights within the hotel shone brilliantly. However, other than me and Sae, there was not a single person present, creating an exceedingly peculiar scene.

“As expected, oh great Lilith, to be able to break through a Saint Realm illusion magic with such speed.” Sae shot a look of praise at me. Nevertheless, a serious expression appeared on her face as she turned her attention towards a place within the hotel that was devoid of any people, looking as though she had seen some kind of extremely frightening enemy that was invisible to my eyes.

“So this is Saint Realm magic?”

Clenching my fists lightly, I discovered that the feeling was completely identical to what I had felt when I was trapped in the illusion magic, causing me to let out an involuntary sigh in light of how frightening it was. If I was unable to find the boundary between reality and illusion, I might have no other choice but to sink into that illusion for eternity. Furthermore, if I was to die in that illusionary world, it might kill me in the real world. However, since I’ve broken out of it, I’ll definitely spare no effort to rub it in that enemy of mine’s face.

“There’s nothing impressive about this garbage magic.”

“Oh really?” A cold voice brimming with contempt rang out from a certain location. Nevertheless, I was unable to identify precisely where the voice rang out from: “Then I’ll give you another taste. Make sure to enjoy it properly.”

“Be careful, oh great Lilith!”

Just as Sae’s voice rang out, a figure suddenly rushed out from the darkness, heading right towards me.

“Huh? Carol?” It was right at this moment that I noticed that Sae was the only person standing beside me.

Seemingly unable to hear me calling out to her, Carol swung her left arm, which had now transformed into a dragon claw, right at me without the slightest trace of hesitation.

“What’s going on? Could it be that she’s being controlled?” blocking Carol’s attack, I discovered a blank expression present in her eyes. Furthermore, her actions also appeared exceedingly stiff, just like those of a puppet whose strings were being pulled by a puppet master behind the stage.

I’d never expect that Carol, who had exited the spatial door at the same time as us, would unknowingly be controlled by our enemy. If not for the fact that I was able to successfully break out of that illusionary world, god knows what would have happened to us.

“There’s no other way. I’m sorry for this.” a knee smashed right into Carol’s abdomen, sending a wave of pain that momentarily halted her movements. Right at the same instant, I swept my right hand out in the form of a hand blade towards the back of her head while saying: “Take a short rest.”

“Ha.” a disdainful cold laugh rang out by the side of my ears. Nevertheless, I was unable to find the origin of the voice, just as though it had rang out of thin air. At the same time, a peculiar sense of danger suddenly surfaced within me.


Having taken my knee and hand chop, Carol, whose body now was as bent as a prawn, was suddenly engulfed by a jet black shadow. Growing in size, the shadow extended towards the places where I was touching Carol, appearing just like some kind of sentient life form as it started to eat away at my skin.

“Is that…the clown?” very quickly, I discovered that the black substance was composed of countless shadows packed densely against each other. I’ve seen this particular kind of magic not long ago, and it was cast by the clown that had forced us to the straits of despair. However, at this moment, despite trying to pull away, I was already too late, as my body had been bound tightly by the shadow, with me utterly incapable of moving an inch.

However, shouldn’t the clown be dead already? How is he able to appear here?

I had to put that issue aside for the moment though as the shadows had already bound me, causing me to be unable to move even a single pinky.

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“Hehe~” The shadows retreated, revealing the clown’s ordinary and mediocre-looking face. At this moment, that iconic, ever-present, disgusting smile was on his face. However, unlike before, his eyes appeared completely lifeless, which was identical to those of Carol.

It wasn’t strange for Carol to be controlled by enemies. However, why did the clown, who should have already been turned into mush by Sae, appear here? Could our enemy have the ability to turn back time?

There was no time for me to ponder deeper about this, as danger came knocking once again.

Just like a melting pillar of ice, black liquid continued to drip from the clown’s hand. Its shape gradually changed, before it finally formed a long black blade.

“Hey hey. That thing isn’t really nice you know. Can you put down that weapon and have a nice chat with us, big brother?”

“Hehe~” The long blade lunged towards me without an ounce of hesitation.

“AHHH! How about I give you Sae’s signatureeeeee!!” I shouted in futile desperation. As I saw the long black blade continuing to draw closer to me, my heart had already been filled with despair.

I’ve only just celebrated my 3rd birthday. Could it be that I’ll die just like that?

“Crack.” A purple crystalline glow flashed by, before the clown was shattered into pieces by an invisible force.

“If you hand my signature to these creatures that are lower than bugs, I’ll be angry for a couple of million years, oh great Lilith~”

Sae had unknowingly appeared right beside me, with purple light dancing around her delicate fingers. At this moment, a sliver of dissatisfaction appeared on her face as she stared at me cutely.

“Ah. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Oh really. I clearly just saved you, and yet there’s not a single ounce of sincerity in your voice.” Sae pursed her lips in helplessness, before turning her gaze towards another direction. Her gaze grew sharp and full of killing intent, “So you’re still not going to reveal yourself? You really are an inferior lifeform that only knows how to hide.”

Just like a quiet lake which had been disturbed by a stone being thrown into it, ripples gradually surfaced in an empty space. The next moment, an exquisitely beautiful face gradually appeared in its centre.

The beautiful face was as cold as ice, while her purple hair increased the devilishness of her appearance. After giving me a cold stare, she rested her gaze on Sae’s body.

“Your temper’s quite big, little miss. I wonder if you would be as arrogant after I peel off your skin.”

“Little miss? You really dare to call me like that. You better not secrete that vile fluid of yours after I turn that disgusting skin of yours into a rag.”

“Oh really?” The mysterious lady narrowed her eyes. Not caring one single bit to mask the nose-piercing bloody smell radiating from her body, she replied: “It’s been a very long time since anyone dared to speak to me in such a tone. What a nostalgic feeling. Since that’s the case, I, Ruth Devia, the cruelest of all, will let you ignorant fools know what genuine brutality is.”
Once again ripples started to appear around her, before Ruth Devia’s face gradually disappeared.

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“This fellow…showed up just to say those 2 lines?”

Sae shrugged her shoulders and said, “Who knows? Maybe she’s an idiot? Her self-proclaimed title of cruelest of all really sounds very idiotic.”

“I thought it sounded quite cool…”
“…Did you say anything?”

The atmosphere turned peculiarly silent for a few seconds…

“Cough cough… so what should we do now?”
“What else can we do but to break this illusionary realm~”
“We’re in an illusionary realm?“

“That’s right. You can say that this is the only redeeming quality of trivial Saint Realm illusion magic. To transform one’s surrounding environment to the look one desires, and the ability to create fake enemies to sap your target’s strength, picking them off with ease. Although it’s full of loopholes for someone of my level, it’s still quite effective to deal against some weaklings.

“Do you mean to say that you’ve found a way to get us out?”

“Nope.” Sae replied in a resolute tone, “This body’s too weak, so although I can unleash the power on par with a Saint Realm low rank expert, I’m unable to break out of this magic.”

“Then what are you useful for! Furthermore, what trivial Saint Realm! Aren’t you also in the Saint Realm!”

“To me, who has had many encounters with godly beings, why can’t I classify Saint Realm magic as something trivial?”

“……Didn’t you just say that you want to use her skin as a rag? Where did that confidence of yours come from?”

“So what if I can’t beat her? Ample confidence and awe are a must!” Sae shot a peculiar look at me, “That’s the ancient teachings of the Dragon Race, personally taught by the great Gerald.”


This kind of ancient teaching…thinking about the characters of that bunch, I’m afraid that it might have long been tossed into some godforsaken corner.

Dammit, this is hell. I originally planned to hug Sae’s thighs and ride it out with her power. In the end, that was just a far fetched dream. You just had to sprout off those fierce words before pulling us into the pits of hell, didn’t you…although, it seems that I also said a few arrogant lines…

“So what should we do now?”

Spreading out her hands, a look of helplessness appeared on Sae’s face as she looked at me and asked: “If you ask me then who should I ask?”


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