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Chapter 2-85: Judgement

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2193 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1535 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Deep into the night, everything in the surroundings had sunken into endless darkness. The hotel was lit in candlelight, with the hall now filled with signs of life, the feeling of complete stillness from earlier was no more.

As for the self-proclaimed cruelest of all, Ruth Devia, after being captured by Sae, the Saint Realm Magic that the former had cast lost all efficacy, revealing the hotel, which looked as it always had. The only difference were Durango, Carol and the young slave girls, who were slumped in an unconscious heap at the corner of the hotel.

After a simple check, I discovered that all of them were just unconscious, finally allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief.

“Speak. Who sent you.” I asked while patting the beautiful oval face of Devia.

Being blindsided by Saint Realm Magic after leaving the auction, anyone would be unhappy. I’ve already been extremely considerate by not tearing her to pieces. However, I didn’t have the slightest clue who Ruth Devia was, and more so of any grudges between us. Therefore, I knew that there was definitely someone pulling strings in the dark. Yet, it has only been 3 days since I’ve arrived in the human world. Who would go out of his way to send a Saint Realm Magician to kill me?

That’s strange, right? I clearly haven’t done a single bad thing yet.

“I don’t know.” Devia maintained an extremely resolute attitude. Regardless of how many threats and promises I’ve made, she only used 3 words, “I don’t know” to reply to me. Not only that, she continued to use an extremely fierce look to glare at me while wearing a look of extreme unwillingness on her face. At this point, the only thing missing was an expression akin to shouting “You *****” on her face.

Hmm…from the looks of it, she still doesn’t believe that I’ve used a Demigod Realm Magic to defeat her. She still believed that I’ve used some kind of nefarious method to capture her.

“You really are stubborn, huh. Teach her a little lesson, Sae.” The so-called little lesson I’m talking about definitely meant immeasurable pain. After all, I’ve already acted as tough as I possibly can. Furthermore, this woman disgusts me quite a bit already. I was also able to smell some bloody scent that was strong enough to make me gag, and so dense it was able to suffocate someone.

“Yes, oh great Lilith.”

Sae replied, before snapping her finger in excitement. In the next instant, all of the metal spikes that have pierced through Devia’s vital spots started to vibrate at a frequency of 300 times per second, creating a bone-chilling sound akin to a 100 people grinding their teeth in a symphony.

“AHH!!” Intense convulsions racked Devia’s body, while her exquisite face distorted like that of a blossoming old “chrysanthemum”.

“What’s the matter? Having trouble speaking?” With ample torture inflicted on Devia, I signaled to Sae to stop temporarily before continuing to question her.

“I…I did not…” Devia struggled to give her a reply. Even though the torture had stopped, uncontrollable convulsions continued to rack her body. Nevertheless, she still refused to speak.

“There’s no other way then. Let’s continue.”
“Aye, captain!”

The bone-piercing spikes started to vibrate crazily once again. The resulting pain would not only ravage the body, but would also produce cracking sounds that would haunt the nightmares of whoever they were used on.

If the target was an ordinary person, they wouldn’t even last a minute under such torture. However, this woman had endured 10 full minutes of it and was actually able to keep staring at me with such a venomous look. If she keeps this up, I might just respect her a little.

“Still don’t want to talk? If you tell me who it was that sent you and why, I give you my word that you can leave.”
“I…I…I…….I…..I will not…”
“…Sae, increase the power!”

After hearing Devia’s long stuttering, I had hoped that she would finally talk. However, never did I expect she’d still be able to hold out. Seeing this, the flames of anger in the depth of my heart had been completely ignited.

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**** it! I don’t believe that I can’t make you beg for mercy!

The metal spikes vibrated with an even more terrifying frequency and amplitude. Even with my kinetic vision, I could only see blur spots all over her body. Furthermore, those spikes seem to possess an auxiliary capability, as not even a sliver of blood has come from the wounds made by those spikes, regardless of how violent those vibrations were. Nevertheless, the pain they inflicted was incomparable.

This additional capability prevented the target’s death no matter how intense the torture was. In fact, those metal spikes were the “household essential” items for torture that prevents the death of one’s target. God knows where Sae had managed to obtain them.

Seemingly guessing the thoughts swimming in my head, Sae suddenly moved over and handed a metal spike over to me while saying: “I took it from this fellow. 3 minutes is really too long of a time, so I stripped her clean, and measured her 3 sizes at the same time. Shall I give you a report on them, captain?”

“No…there’s no need.” I’ll just get more unhappy after knowing it anyway.

However, since this person carried such an item on her, that Devia’s definitely not any good of a person.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”

“I…” Devia’s originally beautiful hair had turned messy beyond belief, while her bangs were drenched in sweat as they stuck to her forehead in a complete mess. At this moment, her hatred filled gaze had finally turned into one of begging, while 2 drops of tears slowly rolled down the corners of her eyes.

“I…I really don’t…”

What? She’s still not giving in? Since this fellow’s so tight-lipped, should I just kill her?

“Sae, strongest frequency!”

Upon hearing that, blood drained from Devia’s face, turning into an even whiter shade than Sae’s face. Strength surged out from an unknown part of her body as she wriggled all the way to my feet like a crazed worm. Pressing her head against the back of my foot, she yelled out hysterically: “I really don’t know! I’m just an underground killer that’ll do anything for money! In most cases, the clients will never reveal any details about themselves because they are all publicly known figures! Only when they need to make sure something doesn’t see the light of day do they seek me out!!!”

Devia proceeded to cry furiously, completely unlike the cold and callous appearance she had maintained at the beginning of this situation. I could feel my shoe being soaked by her tears.

“I… I really don’t know anything…if not for the recent lack of money, why the hell would I accept such a mysterious job! My employer’s clearly stronger than me, so I didn’t dare to say anything and was even forced to accept a 90% discount! I had to suck it up and do this job for him without complaint. I know that on the surface, though my title made me seem all-powerful, in reality, I was so poor I couldn’t even afford to buy a shirt…”

“……” Why does she seem so miserable…

“Ah, that’s right.” All of a sudden, Sae patted her hands in realization before saying, “I remember a person by the name of Ruth Devia. She’s an international criminal with a bounty of a million gold pieces on her head, possesses great strength, cruel methods, and is the self-proclaimed “cruelest of all”. She’s previously assassinated the 3rd prince and a princess of the Macedonia Empire hailing in the north. Furthermore, she’s also done jobs in quite a few neighboring countries. All of her targets of assassination were big figures, with some of them being tied to the respective royal families. She’s also done jobs like killing off entire families. As of now, she’s currently ranked first on the Slaughter List.”

“Slaughter List? What’s that?”

“It’s a list made by various countries, and is used to share information and rank criminals. The majority of the names on that list are Saint Realm Martial Artists or Magicians. They are exceedingly dangerous people to deal with. Therefore, there’s always a high bounty attached to those names, attracting those people confident in their own strength to take action to eliminate those listed names.”

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Sae gave Devia a kick as she continued speaking in a stern voice: “Being able to obtain a 90% discount off the hiring fees of the 1st ranker on the Slaughter List, and even making her completely willing to take the job. The person that gave her the job is definitely an existence that stands at the highest levels of the human race. Since Devia here can find us, that means that whoever it was that put her up to this can also find us…”

Giving a sigh, Sae continued speaking in helplessness: “We might be in trouble once again, oh great Lilith. Big trouble.”


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