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Chapter 2-77: Sweeping

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3311 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1440 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Erm…can you let go of me first?” Although it was an extremely nice feeling to get hugged by a small and tender little girl, the discomfort from having the handle of the short sword embedded in her body pressing into me wasn’t nice at all. Furthermore, I was utterly clueless as to what had happened to her. That clearly was Eleanor’s body! However, Sae’s strength was so great that I wasn’t able to struggle out of her grasp.

“Eh? Why? Are you going to throw me away after our first meeting, Master?” Sae shot an really cute upwards glance towards me, while her embarrassed way of talking sounded just like the words a pitiful young girl would say after being dumped by a guy, utterly unlike what a million-year-old freak would say!

“I won’t throw you away, so could you please let go!? Ouch!”

“No! I won’t let you go.” Sae unwaveringly shook her head in response: “To us ‘swords’, letting go means giving us up! Our one and only mission is to be continuously held on to.”

“That only counts when I hold onto you, right? As a sword, what the hell are you thinking when hugging me so tightly like this!?”

“Strictly speaking, I’m not a sword, but a Sword Spirit. A Sword Spirit hugging its master all the way till the end of time is something that is all too common.”

“That’s not common at all! Furthermore, you’re contradicting your own words, okay! Hurry up and let go!”

“Not going to.”
“Let go!”

“Hurry up and let go! You’re gonna pierce right through my stomach! If you continue this, we might be strung together for the rest of our lives!”
“Sae is so happy~” as she increased the strength of her hug…

“I…am going to get angry, okay.”
“Don’t throw me away, onee-sama~”
“…Although I don’t know what experiences you’ve gone through, we’ll be chopped to death if you don’t let go of me!!!!”

During this debacle, Wilkis’ subordinates had slowly started to surround us. Although the majority of them still had shaky legs from the spectacle earlier, the pressure from Wilkis’ order could not be ignored. Therefore, they proceeded to chop their blades down on us without an ounce of hesitation.

“Tsk. Irritating bugs.” In an instant, Sae’s cutesy expression turned into what one would wear when looking at trash. With a low spitting sound, she turned her body around.

“You inferior and vulgar bugs, this lady would spare your lives if you kneel down now and lick my feet,” said Sae with a haughty tone, sounding just like a queen looking down at the ants grovelling at her feet, making it seem as though the cutesy acting girl that had just hugged me was nothing but a fragment of my imagination.

“Still trying to act all high and mighty, huh? Chop her to death!” as Wilkis’ order rang out, his subordinates followed it up with undecipherable roars of fury as they rushed straight towards Sae.

“You vulgar inferior beings. Nothing will change no matter how many of you come this lady’s way.” Sae waved her hand in disdain, and as casually as one would do to shoo away a fly. In the next instant, without any movement of her lips, two obscure, yet exceedingly abstruse syllables suddenly rang out from her.


These were the most ordinary and simplest syllables within the Draconic Language. When combined together, they would form the lowest ranking Magic Spell that even a dunce like me could easily cast. However, Sae’s two syllables gave me a feeling unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It appeared as though she wasn’t relying on the natural laws of the world… but creating new laws.


The people rushing towards her started to burst into flames. Shrieking in pain, all of them tried to put out the flames that covered their bodies. Nevertheless, they were unable to extinguish the flames. Be it Battle Qi or Magic Power, both of them became the perfect tinder for the flames. In fact, although someone managed to cast a water element magic spell, that person was still burnt into a crisp by the roaring flames seconds later.

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However, as though they weren’t satisfied, the flames started to extend their claws and tongues to whatever thing they could come into contact with and started burning with maddened frenzy.

All of a sudden, I thought back to the scene when that impeded Divine Spirit had given a casual point, causing me to recall that there’s no way for me to continue acting pretentiously before reaching the Heavenly Realm. From the looks of it, Sae’s Draconic Magic Spell was already encroaching on that very realm.

That’s right! For better or worse, she was an Item Spirit that had been around for god knows how many years. Even the apricot pits Ancestor Peng1 had spit out would have already turned into spirits over that period of time, what’s more Sae who had followed the old ancestor for countless years. Therefore, it’s extremely reasonable for her to be on that level.


With a snap of her finger, Sae extinguished the flames that had spread to the surroundings after burning Wilkis’ subordinates into ashes. At this moment, there’s only two of our enemies left, the clown and Wilkis.

Due to the clown mask, no one could see the expression on his face. However, at this moment, Wilkis’ face had already turned deathly pale, as trembles racked his entire body. His eyes bulged wide open as he stared at Sae with a look one would show when faced with an evil demon, filled with disbelief that the situation could turn around in such a manner.

The shock felt by our group wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to that of Wilkis and the clown. This was especially true for the young slave girls, who had treated Eleanor as their big sister. At this moment, all of their faces were already drenched with tears. After all, having seen Eleanor’s transformation right before their very eyes, all of them were very afraid that their big sis would be devoured by that existence, Sae.

“Is that…Draconic Language Magic?” Finally, a knowledgeable somebody noticed the origin of Sae’s magic. As shivers racked his body, the clown removed his mask, revealing an exceedingly ordinary face underneath it. Nevertheless, at this moment, his eyes were radiating with a maddened radiance.

“I never imagined that I’d get to observe real Draconic Language magic in my life.” he proceeded to give an exceedingly respectful bow towards Sae, just like an old gentleman would do when showing courtesy. “Oh honored Draconic Language Magic-user, could this lowly one boldly ask if you’re one of the members of the legendary Dragon Race?”

Sae did not give any reply. Although it might be my misconception, her gaze towards the clown appeared to grow increasingly colder.

“I don’t know if your honored one is a legendary Dragon. However, since your honored one is able to use Draconic Language Magic, you definitely have come extremely close to the true essence of Magic. Ah… all hail the Radiant Goddess! Let me show my utmost respect to your majesty.” The clown grew increasingly emotional as he continued to talk. In fact, he had already placed one knee on the ground, all while continuing to praise Sae with words that I had never heard before.

“Wait a minute.” all of a sudden, Sae opened her mouth: “Art thee trying to sayeth that thou truly respects me?”

“Of course! To us people who pursue the true essence of Magic, pioneers in our pursuit are naturally worthy of the worship from successors. Naturally…” the clown grew exceedingly emotional after finally receiving the attention of Sae, replying with a tone brimming with excitement: “If your honored one can help me in understanding some of the deeper meanings of Magic, I’ll worship your honored one even more.”

From the adoration he was showing, this clown appeared to have utterly tossed the classification of us as enemies into the back of his mind.

“Like that, huh.” Sae nodded his head.

Seeing hope in his request, the clown grew increasingly emotional.

However, it was at this moment, when astonishing killing intent suddenly burst forth from Sae. In the next instant, the surrounding temperature plummeted while she replied: “If thou art able to survive, I will help thee understand… what thee wished to knoweth about…the true essence of magic.”



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