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Chapter 2-76: Yet another mad one?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1687 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1171 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Seeing Eleanor’s eyes, which were now filled with shock, hatred and hopelessness, I suddenly felt as though I had turned into the most detestable person in the world.


“Do you think there’s any use in apologizing right now?” Spurting out an exaggerated amount of blood from her mouth, Eleanor started to calm down as she gave her reply. Nevertheless, her calm gaze was just like a knife, slicing painfully into my conscience.

I wanted to explain my actions, yet nothing came out of my mouth, as after all, my sword was still embedded in her abdomen.

“Hey hey! Although I don’t know what kind of problems you girls have, I still have to thank you, little girl~” The clown thanked me with an exceedingly disgusting tone. God knows how he had managed to obtain the Twin Stone, which was now held in his hand.

Giving a sigh, Eleanor spoke out in an indifferent tone: “I don’t blame you for the situation…After I’ve been tortured to death by them, could you offer a black Chrysanthemum to me at my grave? I really like the color black.”

No! You’re making my conscience feel even more horrible! Furthermore, what the hell’s a black Chrysanthemum? I’ve never heard of that kind of flower before!

However, appearing as if not wanting to give me, the main culprit, a chance to redeem myself, Eleanor immediately turned around, before using all of her remaining strength to rush towards the clown, as though she was doing the last struggle of her life.

“Hehe, attempting for one last struggle is it?” The clown gave two distasteful sneers. At this moment, an astonishing amount of magic power had already condensed within his jet black hands: “What a futile attempt.”


The technique the clown had started was extremely peculiar. It was only at this moment that I realized that he was actually a 9th rank Great Magician! It was easy to predict what would happen when facing a fully-prepared Great Magician head-on!

Even I could not bear to continue watching on. Other than Eleanor turning into ashes in an instant, there was no other possible outcome that could stem from this!

Godspeed, Eleanor Hamelin! I’ll help you take good care of your younger sisters!


A jet black ray of light brimming with terrifying destructive power shot straight towards Eleanor. Even the mere ripples the ray traveling through the air brought about were enough to cause my skin to turn numb. An attack of such a degree would be capable of posing a threat to a Saint Realm expert, and it was aimed right at Eleanor…

Yet, there wasn’t even the slightest trace of injury present on her.

“H…How!!!??? Impossible!!!”

The clown’s eyeballs had almost popped out of their sockets, while looks of disbelief filled the faces of Wilkis and his subordinates, with all of them wishing they could dig their eyeballs out in order to give them a wash before once again looking at the scene that had just unfolded before their eyes. Nevertheless, that was the reality! Eleanor didn’t even lose a single hair from the earlier attack!

“Huh! You still have such a trump card left up your sleeves! Why didn’t you tell me earlier! I was almost scared to death by you!”

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Being shocked to the core by Eleanor, who had endured that attack without the slightest trace of injury, I subconsciously walked over to pat her shoulder. However, right after her body shook uncontrollably, I felt some kind of mysterious connection form between me and her.

Eleanor turned her head to look right at me, her golden eyes now sparkling with a strange luster: “May I asketh thee, art thee mineth owneth new master?”


What the hell! Even if I ignore that beeping of addressing me, what the hell’s with “master”!? This isn’t the right situation for such a play, okay!?

Furthermore, why did her character change like this? Shouldn’t you eliminate our enemies in a quick and efficient manner after dealing with that attack? Why the hell are you saying such baffling words all of a sudden? Have you snapped, Eleanor?

Perhaps due to my glare and continued silence, Eleanor tilted her head, placing her head exceedingly near me before asking once again: “I asketh thee, art thee mineth owneth new master?”

“Wait a minute…”

Seeing Eleanor encroaching this near to me, I subconsciously retreated two steps back, before turning to look right into her golden pupils. All of a sudden, I recalled the guy who was light years apart from this strange world. If it was that fellow, it would serve as a reason behind Eleanor’s change.

“Er, sorry for being presumptuous, but you…aren’t Eleanor, right?”


“Then could you…” I turned my attention towards the short sword embedded in Eleanor’s abdomen. At this moment, the short sword was radiating with a faint brilliance: “be some item that the old ancestor had left behind?”

Eleanor…no, the presumed existence that had taken over Eleanor’s body replied in an emotionless manner: “If the old ancestor thou hadst mentioned is the mighty Dragon of Origin, Sir Aterlieum Niger Gerald, Then I, without a doubt, am what thee is talking about. However, precisely speaking, I am not the so-called “item” that thou hast mentioned, but the Spirit of that Divine Artifact—Sae.”

Sae rubbed the short sword embedded in its abdomen, all while giving a sigh akin to that of a person who had finally returned home after a long time.

A Spirit… this 5-centimeter toy actually has an accompanying Artifact Spirit? Although I’ve always known that Saint Artifacts would give birth to Spirits, it was still quite an unbelievable feeling for an actual Artifact Spirit appeared right before my very eyes. After all, if even that 5-centimeter toy has an accompanying Artifact Spirit, then nothing’s impossible, right?

“I asketh thee, art thee mineth owneth new master?” Sae asked for the third time. It seemed that she would continue asking till the end of time if I didn’t reply to her question.

“Erm…I guess so.” The old ancestor was the one who had handed that short sword to me, so it shouldn’t be wrong that I’m the master of Sae.

“Very well.” Sae nodded her head in satisfaction, closing her eyes, as though she was trying to construct something in her mind.

What is she doing? Could it be that there’s a need for some unique contract signing method behind this?

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Just as I was awaiting the development of this weird situation, Sae suddenly opened her eyes, revealing…her eyes that were gleaming with tears. In the next moment, she completely disregarded the short sword still embedded in her abdomen as she leapt forward to hug me.

“I’ve finally found you, master! Do you know how pitiful I’ve been, searching for you for 9 million years~”


What the hell’s going on? Could it be…yet another one has gone mad?


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