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Chapter 2-78: Bug killing

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1853 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1323 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The clown was instantly stunned by Sae’s sudden blast of killing intent and terrifying magic power. Nevertheless, being a mighty 9th rank Great Magician with an abundance of combat experience, his reflexes kicked in faster than his mind could process the development of the situation.

The black shadows melted into a liquid, before rapidly forming a sphere-like defense that enveloped the entirety of the clown’s body. Right as it appeared, Sae’s attack had arrived.

Sae did not cast any magic. Instead, with a speed that defied logic, she appeared right in front of the clown. Forming a claw with her right hand, she ferociously thrust it towards the black ball.

Spurt Sae’s claws did not do any substantial damage to the surface of the black ball. Her attack had only caused the black ball to sway and form ripples on its surface.

“Oh honored Pioneer, I feel there’s some kind of misunderstanding between us. If I’ve done anything to insult you, please do let me know so that I might rectify it. There’s no need for us to fight to the death, right?”

The clown’s voice that was tinged with respect rang out from the black ball. Nevertheless, the killing intent radiating from Sae continued to grow increasingly terrifying.

At this moment, a large blade approximately the size of Sae’s body had appeared within her hand from god knows where and she sent a flurry of chops towards the black ball. She did not use any magic spells at all, making her attacks seem like she was just trying to vent her anger.

“Don’t waste your strength, oh Pioneer. This lowly one had inherited this magic spell from an old senior, and it’s impossible for any blade or sword techniques to break through it.”

“Looks like you’re very confident in this magic spell of yours.”

“This lowly one isn’t confident in my own ability, but confident in that old senior of mine. That senior’s one of the most outstanding magicians within this entire continent, so the magic spell he had created naturally can’t be broken so easily.”

“So that’s the case. Looks like I really can’t use ordinary methods to deal with it.” Sae nodded her head. In the next instant, under the astonished gazes coming from us people, she pulled the short sword embedded in her abdomen straight out, before saying “Thee has’t the right to be arrogant for thee to maketh me useth my real self.”

As the sword was pulled out from her abdomen, extreme amounts of blood had already gushed out from the open wound. Not caring the slightest, Sae proceeded to give a light slice towards the black ball with the short sword. In the next instant, the seemingly impenetrable black ball was split apart like it was a piece of paper, revealing the shocked face of the clown.


“There’s nothing impossible.” with a calm and perturbed expression on her face, Sae stuck the Divine short sword back into her abdomen, before her expression suddenly turned malevolent.

“Now it’s time for you to die.”

Before the clown could react, Sae hoisted up her large blade once again and sent another chop towards him. Despite its large size, the large blade appeared exceedingly agile in Sae’s hand. Tilting his body, the clown tried to avoid the incoming chop. However, appearing to have known what he was going to do, Sae quickly tilted the blade to the side, chopping one of the clown’s arms off.

“Hmph! You still want to run from me? Such naivety. Thou should know that my blade skills are one of the very best among the 3000 worlds.”

Finishing her sentence, this blade-wielding Sword Spirit continued her pursuit of the clown, unleashing a dazzling flurry of blade slashes that enveloped the latter with her large blade.

“Outrageous!” with his arm chopped off, the clown was filled with anger. Having been the target of Sae’s aggression, even the most kind-hearted of people would explode with anger.

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With a furious roar, the shadows beneath the clown’s feet appeared to come to life as they transformed into countless tentacles that wriggled frantically. Every single tentacle seemed to be filled with monstrous strength, shattering the surrounding stone floor with just the slightest touch.

Sae’s blade slashes shot out like an impenetrable net. Nevertheless, it was unable to defend against the powerful succession of attacks. Before long, she could no longer hold the attacking shadows back.

“Oof…” a tentacle struck Sae’s abdomen, sending her flying a long-distance away. It took a wall to stop her flight, before she struggled to climb back up.

If my eyes didn’t play tricks on me, that sword handle seemed to have been smashed right into her…

“Dammit. If I had my sister blade with me, there’s no way you’d be acting this rampantly.” spitting out a lump of clotted blood from her mouth, Sae lifted her large blade up and rushed forward once again, clashing against the waving clump of tentacles.

“Why…why aren’t you using magic?!” feeling that he was being underestimated, the clown grew even more furious than before, causing the shadow-formed tentacles to grow a few times in size in response.

“There’s no need to use any magic to deal with you.” After tossing that elegant line, Sae was sent flying once again.

This time, Sae was sent flying right towards me. Smashed onto the ground, she proceeded to exchange glances with me.

“You can continue.” I said while pointing towards the clown that was continuing to unleash crazy omnidirectional attacks.

Sae clasped my finger pitifully and uttered embarrassedly, “I’m… out of strength.””


I knew it. There was definitely a reason why this Sword Spirit hasn’t continued to use magic against the clown.

“What should we do? From the looks of it, if he continues to go crazy like that, we’ll all be finished.”

“No… don’t worry.” Sae’s eyes burst with a splendor unlike anything before as she replied: “As long as Master gives me a bit of blood, everything will be alright.”


“Blood…blood. Just a bit will do,” said Sae. Pulling out the short sword embedded in her abdomen, she proceeded to shove it right into my hand: “Use…use this. Just a few drops will do.”

Looking at the blood gushing out from Sae’s abdomen, I had a feeling as though Eleanor would never, ever return back to her body.

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With things progressing up till this point, there was no way for me to reject Sae’s request. Rubbing my fingers lightly across the edge of the sword to open my skin up, a few drops of blood fell onto the short sword before handing it back to Sae: “This should be sufficient, right?”

“It’s…it’s enough. Thanks, master.” with a calm look on her face, Sae shoved the sword back into her abdomen. In the next moment, magic power surged out from her entire body, before she disappeared in an instant.

Sae reappeared right before the clown. Her blood stained clothes ruffling about within the wind, she looked down at the clown arrogantly. With a slight movement of her lips, she spoke out a cold and emotionless death sentence: “Die, you vulgar and inferior life form.”

Sensing the true aura of death emanating from Sae, the crazed clown roared out as his mind collapsed: “Why! Why! Why do you want to kill me! You clearly know how much I worshipped you! Yet why do you want to kill me! Why!!!”

A sign of a haughty expression appeared at the corner of Sae’s mouth, while her eyes were filled with icy-cold indifference: “Being worshipped by an inferior lifeform like you really makes me feel extremely disgusted.”

As Sae waved her hand, an array formed out of purple crystal structures appeared around the clown, sealing all of his retreat routes.

“Therefore, I want to kill you, a….dirty bug.”


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