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Chapter 2-75: Why did you stab me?!

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2257 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1570 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The shadow transformed into numerous black snakes that climbed all over Eleanor’s body. From time to time, they would lift their heads slightly and stick out their jet black tongues to hiss, causing people’s blood to run cold.

The purpose of these snakes was not to scare, but to completely bind Eleanor’s movements. She didn’t even have the capability to shatter the brittle Twin Stone anymore.

Once Eleanor loses the ability to activate the Saint Rank Scroll, this trade will fail and we will once again sink into danger.

And the cause of all this is the man wearing a clown mask standing right before Eleanor.

The man wasn’t unfamiliar to us, as he was the host of that auction, who stood a few steps away from us, as well as the one who had captured us. However, never in my wildest dreams did I expect that the clown, who had been ambushed that easily by Carol, would actually be the hidden trump card of this auction house! With a single move, he had removed the person with the highest combat ability among our group.

“Despicable!” Despite being unable to move a single inch, Eleanor’s ability to speak wasn’t hampered, as well as her eyes, which she used to send a furious glare at Wilkis and the clown before her.

“Hehehe…” The clown extended his hand and caressed Eleanor’s face lightly, causing her anger to surge. She really wished she could tear the skin and pull the tendons out of the fellow before her. However, her hatred-filled gaze only caused the clown to laugh out in delight: “This isn’t anything despicable. Our great auction housemaster had given you a chance to leave. Yet, who asked you to stay…”

“You!” Eleanor’s face contorted in fury but there was nothing that she could do to stop him. Just a moment ago, she had managed to catch the hidden signal Wilkis had sent, causing her to make silent preparations for anything that could happen. However, who would have imagined that the latter’s reinforcements would appear so quickly! Furthermore, the power that bound her was exceedingly strange, as it could not be defended effectively against, making it very easy for one to get captured in its grasp.

“Hahaha! You’re too inexperienced, Eleanor!” Wilkis roared in delight, appearing to have tossed all of the earlier depression out of the window: “In the end, I’m still the final victor!”

Wilkis was drunk within his extreme narcissism for a moment, before speaking out with a fierce roar: “Capture all of them!”

Hearing his words, the scattered guards turned their sinister-looking gazes and evil smiles back towards the young slave girls, causing the girls’ weeping to turn into cries of despair.

Seeing this, Eleanor’s eyes turned bloodshot. Appearing to have made some kind of resolution, she proceeded to say: “You guys forced my hand!”

As those words left her mouth, her lips parted slightly, before a few strange sounds rang out.

The syllables sounded forced and strange, yet were accompanied by a feeling of grandeur, like they were muttered by some great existence from antiquity. Although they were completely different from the language used by humans, everyone could clearly understand the intent behind those sounds: [Collapse]

“Not good!” A feeling of unease immediately arose within the clown right as Eleanor started to utter those strange words. Lunging forward, he attempted to interrupt Eleanor’s speech. Nevertheless, the small gap between him and her felt like an insurmountable barrier between the heavens and the earth!

Filled with terrifying might, the clown’s 5 fingers hurtled towards Eleanor, however, just as they were less than 10 centimeters from Eleanor, all of the surrounding elements, with Eleanor in the centre, appeared to instantly flush away as though they had encountered something exceedingly terrifying to them.

“Retreat! Retreat! Everyone hurry up and use your magic power or battle qi to protect your internal organs!”

Right as Eleanor uttered those draconic words, my entire body felt unwell. This felt just like one having trained bitterly as an acrobat for more than 20 years, only to discover that one’s backflip wasn’t even comparable to the backflip done by a 3-year kid on the streets.

Draconic Language Magic! How the hell is a Fairy Elf able to use Draconic Language Magic!

Furthermore, the Draconic Language Magic she had just cast was the overly famous [Collapse]! Although this wasn’t the most destructive magic out there, it was able to indiscriminately shatter anything in the vicinity of its caster! Furthermore, the requirements needed to cast this magic was exceedingly severe, with only a few among the current dragon race able to meet the requirements!

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That’s more ridiculous than Carol being able to dragonify while I can’t!


What seemed like the shriek of an ordinary girl rang out and in the next instant, the hand the clown had extended towards Eleanor shattered, sending blood blasting out, creating a large bloody mist in the air.

As this happened, the shriek grew increasingly sharp, before transforming into what seemed like clicks made by countless dolphins. Despite using their magic power to shut their hearing, everyone could clearly see the faces of several young girls turning deathly pale, with blood flowing out from their ears.

Wilkis could sense that the current situation was turning against him. After all, he was Eleanor’s target, yet those weak fellows were already clutching their ears while rolling on the ground in pain.

However, this sharp shriek was just a side-effect of [Collapse], as the destructive power that could demolish everything in its path contained with the sound was this magic’s most frightening aspect.

Nevertheless, the clown was an experienced combat veteran and it was very clear that the situation would spiral out of his control once Eleanor’s able to recover her mobility. Therefore, he chose not to retreat, all while sending the shadow beneath his feet to cover his entire body, creating what seemed to be an armour made out of his shadow.

The armour continued to vibrate in the presence of the shrieks, managing to put up an extremely resilient defence against the might of [Collapse].

As he defended against the incoming attack, the clown was secretly surprised at how this attack was not as terrifying as he had expected it to be. However, right at this moment, the clown saw a sliver of blood dripping from the corner of Eleanor’s mouth, and he suddenly realized why it was weaker than he had expected.

That’s because she had spread out a portion of that attack right onto herself!


However, it was already too late, as in the next instant, the black snakes binding Eleanor’s body shattered apart, giving Eleanor her mobility back. At the same time, the clown was blasted a dozen meters back by a sudden burst of power.

“Since that’s the case, let’s die together.” Eleanor said those bone-chilling words with a calm expression, though everyone could see the madness brimming within her eyes.

Eleanor knew that as long as she wasn’t able to kill the clown in front of her, the power he was using to bind her would never disappear. All of us would be just like fish on a chopping block, waiting for anyone to come up and slaughter us. Since that’s the case, she should destroy everything indiscriminately!

Blow the auction house up and incite chaos! Although she would die in the process, it would create a sliver of hope for the other people to escape!

Yes…I believe that Eleanor’s definitely thinking along this line. She really is a true “big sis”! Even at the brink of death, she was still thinking about others. There’s no way to not respect her. However.

That! Won’t! Do!

That wasn’t because Wilkis could fly into a rage, resulting in him doing anything to obliterate us, but…there wasn’t only a Saint Realm Scroll buried in the auction house, but over a thousand other scrolls too!

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All of those scrolls were Middle Ranked Scrolls and above. If a Saint Realm Scroll was added to them, even I don’t know how powerful the resulting destructiveness would be! However, I definitely know that it would be exceedingly easy to blow this entire auction house into the heavens…



Although those thoughts appeared in my head, my body had already shot forwards at a speed I’ve never reached in my life before. Indeed, only when faced with life or death situations would people be able to utilize 200% of their strength.

Being frightened by my sudden roar, Eleanor’s actions subconsciously came to a halt, before she turned her head around to shoot a strange look at me.

That’s right before she saw a black broken blade starting to grow continuously larger before her very eyes…


Eleanor lowered her head to look at the black broken sword embedded in her abdomen, before raising her head to look inconceivably at me while asking: “What…why?”

“I can’t let you activate your scroll! I’ve placed over a thousand scrolls around the entire auction house! If you activate your scroll, we’ll be blown straight into heaven!”

“So that’s the reason…” Eleanor nodded her head before her expression suddenly turned malevolent: “Stab him, then. Why the heck have you stabbed me?”

“If you had stabbed him to death, I wouldn’t have to 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 pull a kamikaze attack!”


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