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Chapter 2-74: Sacrifice

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2125 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1495 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Although Eleanor had dealt with Wilkis’ black outfitted people, the group that posed the greatest threat to us, the situation had descended into an extremely strange standoff.

On the aspect of combat strength, having lost his black clothed people, Wilkis was left with only a few scattered subordinates. Furthermore, he had already suffered a serious injury. Therefore, it was impossible for him to be a match for me and Eleanor. However…Wilkis had a hostage in his hand.

Originally, Wilkis didn’t notice that he had hostages in his hand. However, for the sake of manifesting some sense of existence, Carol, who had a knife pressed against her neck, growled out right at this moment: “Wuuuu, oh great Lilith, oh great Eleanor, save me…”

Although Durango did not say anything, there was no mistaking the expectation gushing out from within his swollen eyelids: Save me!


I’d almost forgotten about these 2 idiots! It was a facepalm moment for both me and Eleanor, as both of us immediately felt how terrible it felt to have such brainless teammates.

It was right at this moment that Wilkis finally reacted with a sneer: “Looks like the heavens still stand on our side.”

With a wave of his hand, a few large gleaming blades appeared on the throats of our two idiotic teammates.

Unlike the young slave girls, who had just been surrounded, Carol and Durango both had blades pressed against their throats, not allowing us any space to rescue them. Just a single eye signal from Wilkis and the two of them would no longer see tomorrow.

No matter how formidable Eleanor’s concealment Magic was, it was impossible for her to save two people in an instant. If she saves one of them, the other would immediately be killed. As for me…haha. Would they even let me get close to them?

It’s over. With this chance, all of the advantages Eleanor had brought to us by eliminating that group of black outfitted people had gone down the drain. On the contrary, we have now been forced into an exceedingly passive stance.

Should we just give up on these 2 idiots… ?

Just as this idea started to grow in my mind, Eleanor calmly took out a little black stone-like item before saying: “I will not abandon my compatriots.”

Woah…such a resolute tone! Even I suddenly felt embarrassed towards the thought of wanting to abandon my teammates.

“Is that so?” A sneer appeared at the corner of Wilkis’ mouth as he said: “Then you can just surrender obediently. Perhaps I’m still able to give you a quick death.”

“It’s impossible for me to surrender. I’ll never surrender for my entire life.” Raising the little black colored stone-like thing, Eleanor said: “Do you know what this is?”

“What’s that?”

“Twin Stones.”

In the beginning, Wilkis wasn’t able to react at all. However, only after gawking for a few seconds did he manage to think of something. In the next instant, his eyes suddenly snapped out, before speaking out in a trembling voice: “Could it be…”

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“That’s right…” a resolution I’ve never seen before blossomed from within Eleanor’s eyes, “I’ve already set a Saint Realm Scroll at the centremost position of the 7th level. You should know what would happen to this place if that Saint Realm Scroll explodes.”

“You! Exactly what do you want to do!”

“What do I want? I only want to trade.” Eleanor took out the black stone-like item to show Wilkis, only to keep it back within her hand: “Let every one of us leave, and I’ll give you this as a trade.”

“How’s that? Compared to the loss of a few dozen slaves, the business you’ve tolled for the past few decades should be much more important, right?”

“…” naturally, Wilkis knew that was more important to him. Nevertheless, he truly did not dare to believe Eleanor’s words, causing him to reply in doubt: “Are you for real?”

“Of course. However, you have to guarantee all of our safety.”
“How would I know that you’re not lying to me?”
“You don’t have to worry. I can stay behind to be your hostage.”

“You…” Narrowing his eyes, Wilkis tried to judge whether Eleanor was lying or not. Nevertheless, after considering it for a split second, Wilkis finally nodded his head: “Okay.”

He proceeded to give the order to his subordinates: “Release them.”

Seeing Wilkis release everyone, Eleanor walked to a place very close to him to as a sign of good faith. Turning her head around, she said to me: “I’m very glad to have known you guys. At the same time, thanks for all the help you guys provided. However, at this moment, can you help me one last time?”

“Okay.” How could I reject her after all this…

A sweet smile appeared on Eleanor’s face: “Help me bring them to a safe place.”

“Understood. They’ll be very safe.”

“Big… big sis Eleanor…” hearing those words, the young slave girls tried to say something, though all of them were silenced by a glare from Eleanor, leaving them no choice but to swallow all of their words.

“I know what you guys want to say. However, at this moment, this is the only thing I can do. You guys have to rely on each other from now on, so live on properly, and don’t get caught again.”

“Okay. Bring them and go.” finishing her sentence, Eleanor turned her head around while waving her hand in a confident manner.

Although Eleanor had an extremely petite physique, the figure of her back appeared incomparably large in our eyes. It was extremely clear to everyone here what “staying behind” meant. However, sensing that Weir was still not awed by her might, Eleanor pointed towards the cowering Weir behind Wilkis’ back and said: “We want her too.”

“Okay.” To Wilkis, losing one or two more was completely unimportant. At this moment, the most important thing was what kind of living hell he should bestow upon the young girl before him!

Suddenly being pointed out by Eleanor, Elle Weir subconsciously trembled. Nevertheless, she was immediately stunned by what Eleanor had said.

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Why save me? Didn’t I betray you guys?

In fact, ever since the beginning, Elle Weir had already started to feel regret for her actions. Truthfully speaking, she knew that if she did not report any details to Wilkis, Eleanor and the others would absolutely have had the chance to escape from here. Furthermore, she herself would have been able to obtain true freedom. However, due to her cowardice and terror of being sold off, Weir had chosen the traitor route. At this moment, seeing that Eleanor had sacrificed herself just for the safe passage of everyone else, Weir wished she could commit suicide to clear her crimes.

But, Eleanor had actually chosen to forgive me? She had chosen to forgive this deplorable me?

“Come over here.”

“I…” a look of struggle appeared on Weir’s face. Nevertheless, in the end she still lowered her head and slowly walked over.

The young slave girls looked towards the traitor with furious glares, though there were more of them that were feeling hurt because of the impending separation from Eleanor. In the end, one of them wasn’t able to endure it and started to sob and whimper. Just like an infection, the crying sounds multiplied, and before long, my ears were filled with sobs and whimpers.

“Uwaaaan, I really want to cry…”
“You’re a great person, Eleanor…”

Dammit. Even I felt as though sand had entered my eyes.

“Okay. It’s time for you to keep to your promise.”

“Naturally.” snapping his finger, a strange smile appeared on Wilkis’ face as he replied: “I’ll naturally keep to my word.”

However, he did not show signs of stepping aside. On the contrary, the smile on his face grew increasingly radiant. All of a sudden, an extreme feeling of unease surfaced within me. Seemingly having discovered something wasn’t right, Eleanor’s expression instantly turned ugly.

All of a sudden, the shadow beneath Eleanor’s feet started to wriggle, before what seemed like black snakes started to climb rapidly up, moving across her entire body. At the same time, Eleanor discovered that she was unable to move even a single inch.

“Hehehe…” a hair-raising laughter suddenly rang out. As that happened, the shadow beneath Eleanor’s feet started to extend, before a person wearing a clown mask slowly surfaced from within.

“What a touching scene. However, everyone’s going to stay right where they are.”


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