Chapter 2-64: Carol’s Qilin Arm

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1997 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1400 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Extending her small head out from Durango’s back, Carol surveyed her surroundings before resting her eyes onto Yakov’s body. After discovering that his wounds have completely gone, she spoke out in a cautious manner:

“Is…is he really not a zombie?”

“Did I just say that he isn’t, big miss? How is he a zombie?” giving a sigh, Durango proceeded to reply in a grim manner: “I really hope that he is some kind of zombie, at least we’ll be able to fight against him.”

Being the only person here with an ordinary mind and body, Durango was obviously extremely clear about the grimness of the current situation. Firstly, Eleanor was unable to continue her offense due to her albinism. Secondly, although he was only 1 rank lower than Yakov, he did not have any weapons, leaving him utterly incapable of pulling off any victory against the latter.

As for Carol…it’s already a good thing that’s she’s not double-crossing any one of her supposed allies.

“It’s good that he’s not a zombie.” all of a sudden, Carol opened her mouth.


Standing up, Carol focused her eyes right towards Yakov. In the next instant, her expression turned into one of fearlessness before speaking out: “I’ll duke it out with him.”

“What?” Durango’s eyes sprang wide open in disbelief, as he was utterly gobsmacked by what Carol, that outrageous fellow, had said.

“You two still have other tasks to complete, so just leave this fellow to me.”
“Why are you so courageous out of the blue?”
“This isn’t courage, but responsibility.”
“Responsibility my 𝓪𝓼𝓼. I beg of you, big miss. Can you don’t continue showing off? Your greatest responsibility is to sit obediently behind us.”
“So I should just sit here and see you two die one after another?”

“Urgh!” even Durango was stumped by Carol’s reply, as he knew that what she said made sense. Even if she was to sit obediently behind him, it wouldn’t change the horrible situation that they were in. Therefore, why not just risk it all, right?

“Don’t forget that my name’s— Emona Carol!”

“What!” in that instant, Durango noticed an incomparable flash of angelic brilliance blossoming from Carol’s body, making it impossible for him to stare straight at her.

She might have some kind of trump card up her sleeves! At this moment, even Durango, who had utterly no faith in Carol, could not help but let those thoughts fill his mind.

“Huh, I see. Looks like the weakest one of you is actually the one with the greatest threat, huh.” retracting his smile, Yakov took a deep breath. In the next instant, Battle Qi gushed out ferociously from his entire body, before finally converging towards his large blade.

Yakov’s large blade started to turn into an astonishing jet black shade. Despite remaining stationary, frightening aura started to radiate out from it.

Nevertheless, there wasn’t a single ounce of fear present on Carol’s face. Raising her little fists up, she rushed straight towards Yakov while unleashing a yell from her mouth.

Not a single Battle Qi fluctuation? Doubts couldn’t help but surface in Yakov’s head as he looked at Carol’s utterly ordinary fist hurtling towards him.

No. This isn’t right. Unless there’s something wrong with her head, she would definitely not rush towards himself without any Battle Qi. She definitely has the ability to conceal her Battle Qi like what Eleanor had done so earlier!

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She’s able to perfectly conceal her aura, and is also able to rush fearlessly to unleash an attack. This girl’s level must definitely be on par, or even higher than me!

Her previous joke of an attack had misled him! She did that to create a weak facade and used that opportunity to launch a fatal attack on himself!

Naive! Am I really that stupid?

A feeling of embarrassment from being played with surfaced within Yakov’s heart. With a loud roar, Battle Qi exploded ferociously from him, blasting out in the form of a terrifying wave of air.

“Come, you stinking brat that only knows how to play dirty tricks! I’m gonna duke it out with you!”



Was blown off by the expanding wave of air…


Durango reacted the quickest with a facepalm, having already known that this was going to happen.

Eleanor was also stupefied for quite a while as her face twitched in an exceedingly peculiar manner.

At this moment, Yakov’s expression was as ugly as one would become after eating a fly, as he felt that he had been pranked so badly by Carol. This was even more uncomfortable than landing an empty blow.

Carol rolled around a few times on the ground. After covering her face with dust, she finally stood up. As the pain from the fall came shooting across her body, her mouth pucker into a crying look. Nevertheless, she forced it back, though her red and moist eyes created an exceedingly pitiful look for anyone to see.

“Are you trying to fool around with me?” Yakov felt an incomparable surge of fury greater than what he had felt earlier, he had actually been fooled into unleashing a powerful move by this brat! What an embarrassment! What an embarrassment!

Scattering his Battle Qi, Yakov stood upright once again, before sneering: “I don’t have to time and effort to accompany you and your nonsense. I’ll deal with you slowly after killing the other two off.”

This was the only method that Yakov knew that could wash away the embarrassment he had suffered in the hands of Carol’s feint. Furthermore, that name Emona. What a familiar surname. It should be the name of some aristocratic family. Hmhmhm. This means I can take my time to play with her.

Yakov turned his attention back towards Eleanor as she was the enemy that posed the greatest threat to him.

Nevertheless, this was an utter show of disrespect towards our intensely prideful (lol) miss Carol! How could the great miss Carol endure such humiliation! In the next instant, the pain that she had suffered was completely tossed out from her mind, and with a cute roar, she rushed forwards.

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“Grrrr! I’m gonna duke it out with you!”

Yakov’s face twitched in irritation. As he really didn’t want to deal with that brat, he opted to use a casual wave of his large blade to chase the latter off.

The humiliation present within Carol’s heart grew even more fervent in the face of Yakov’s exceedingly casual move. As her emotions surged higher and higher, a heatwave suddenly blasted out from her body. An exceedingly powerful feeling of strength proceeded to surge through Carol as this happened, something that felt extremely familiar to her. Wanting to teach this ignorant fellow a lesson, Carol did not even hesitate a single bit before focusing on this feeling.

The heatwave was followed suit by a surge of scorching hot blood that converged towards Carol’s right arm, instantly causing a change to occur. Her arm started to grow thicker, as vicious-looking spikes sprouted through her sleeve. Black iron-like scales proceeded to surface on her arm, while her neat and groomed fingernails transformed into sharp claws that sparked with a terrifying glint.

This is…

Before Carol even had time to think about the transformations happening to her arm, a wave of heat suddenly appeared before her eyes. All of a sudden, her vision became exceedingly clear, to the point where she could even count the number of strands that make up the cobweb hanging at the corner of the faraway wall.

At the same time, from Carol’s point of view, Yakov’s movements seemed to turn into a slow-motion film. With a slight tilt of her body, she evaded his casually swung chop, before launching her right first directly into his unguarded abdomen.

“Oof!” A large fountain of scarlet blood spurted out from Yakov’s mouth as he backpedaled two steps in response. Unable to believe what he had just experienced, he pointed towards Carol while voicing out “you, you” from his mouth. Nevertheless, he was unable to say a single word even after a long time had passed.

A dumbfounded look hung on Carol’s face as she looked towards her transformed right arm, taking quite a long while before gawking out as a flash of realization struck her:

“Qi…Qilin’s arm!”


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