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Chapter 2-65: Unsightly Way to Die

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2442 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1670 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Qi…Qilin’s arm!”
“That’s a dragon’s claw, oh dear miss! You’re a descendant of a Dragon Blood Family! How the hell would you end up with a Qilin’s arm?! Even mutations aren’t that far fetched!”

In the next instant, Durango rushed out from Carol’s side and started to unleash an attack at Yakov, not forgetting to spurt out an explanation about Carol’s supposed Qilin’s arm nonsense. Despite cursing out at her, he still felt incomparably grateful towards the great miss Carol for awakening her Dragon Race Bloodline, as only such a chance occurrence had allowed her to unleash such an unexpected attack on Yakov.

Ordinarily, only members within the Emona Family, that reached the age of 16 would awaken their Dragon Bloodline after undergoing their coming-of-age ceremony. Premature awakening of one’s bloodline, like Carol’s current situation, was an extremely rare occurrence. Something like that could even be considered as a blessing from the Dragon God! No! In layman terms, it could be described as a fool’s luck.

Not a single person had expected Carol to erupt in such fashion, least of all Yakov.

Yakov, who had completely lowered his defences, was caught off guard by Carol’s blow. He was so confused, that he was unable to come to his senses even after quite some time had passed. In a sense, it was the same as how a man wouldn’t know how to respond to an attack from a seemingly harmless rabbit.

However, this unexpected series of events had created an advantageous opportunity for Durango and Eleanor. Being the only person present with common sense, Durango reacted to this chance within a mere 0.3 seconds, rushing right towards Yakov’s abdomen to unleash a series of his family’s traditional combo punches.

Yakov received even more damage by Durango’s combo punches, causing him to spurt out another large mouthful of blood. Intense feelings of unwillingness and grievance surfaced in his eyes, though he couldn’t change it. Despite looking like a messy flurry of punches, every single punch that Durango had launched was filled with treacherous intent, rapidly smashing into and dissipating all of the Battle Qi Yakov had condensed. In a brief moment, Yakov was forced to the point of being utterly incapable of retaliating.

“Move aside, little brother!”

Following Eleanor’s cute roar, Durango rapidly shifted his body as a few Light Lances smashed right into Yakov. However, having developed an exceedingly frightening perception from years and years of training, Yakov was still able to react preemptively in such an awful situation, forcefully turning his vital spots away from the incoming attacks. Nevertheless, the Light Lances pierced through most of his limbs, pinning him right onto the ground so hard that even powerful demonic beasts would find it hard-pressed to move about.

“You…you guys…”

At this moment, a deathly pale shade filled Yakov’s face. The black martial artist outfit he wore was blotched with large patches of fresh blood, while three of his four limbs were tacked to the ground. His chest heaved up and down, everything coming together to create an exceedingly miserable sight. Yakov’s current state was basically worlds apart from the rampant one he was in just a moment ago.

“Wahahaha! Who asked you to ignore this miss! This is retribution! Retribution! Let’s see if you dare to continue looking down on me!” Of course, the first person to bash Yakov was the great miss Carol. Stepping directly on his wounds, she raised her nose as she laughed at Yakov.

Yakov’s face grew increasingly pale in response. Regardless of whether it was caused by losing too much blood or the anger resulting from Carol’s taunt, he stared right at Carol and squeezed out a single sentence from his gritted teeth.: “You…despicable bunch!”

“It’s not that I’m despicable, but that you’re too weak, okay. I’ve yet to even use my ancestral Qilin— Dragon Race Bloodline, and you’ve already fallen. What a spoilsport.” Waving her greenish-grey dragon claw in front of Yakov, the flaunting expression on Carol’s face was visible to everyone.

“Okay okay, miss. That’s enough fun for now,” said Durango as he pulled Carol back. “God knows what kind of tricks he will unleash upon you for the embarrassment you’ve given to him.”


“What…What’s the matter? Why are you two using that gaze to look at me?”

“You’re really an insightful person! You even know about my hidden trump card!” All of a sudden, Yakov, who was still being stamped on by Carol, blurted out those words while coughing out blood.


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“Demonic Descent!” With a loud roar, Yakov’s aura suddenly turned exceedingly cold and gloomy, while the surrounding temperature immediately dropped by quite a few degrees. At the same time, the remnant Battle Qi that surrounded his body instantly transformed into black flames, before his declining aura blasted out at full might once again.

“That’s a Demon Race Technique…what’s more, a forbidden technique…” Durango’s voice started to tremble uncontrollably.

“You’re right. This is the Demon’s Forbidden Technique,” said Yakov as all of the veins across his body swelled and bulged out. They transformed into a greyish-red shade, while his eyes morphed into a pair of red eyes, unique to the Demon Race. With a light tug from his free left hand, he pulled out the Light Lances embedded in his body, leaving behind holes which immediately started to close up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Forbidden Techniques have extremely horrible aftereffects upon using them, and yet, you dare to use the Demon’s Forbidden Technique while you’re a human! You really have a death wish!”

“So what about it.” Yakov replied with a malevolent snigger: “As long as I can chop you guys up into bits, I don’t care if I die!”

“You’re mad…you’re insane!” Finally understanding the situation he was in, Durango knew that they had truly sunk into desperate straits. Having activated a Forbidden Technique, the current Yakov was definitely much more formidable than before. This Demon Race Forbidden Technique allowed the user to maintain one’s combat strength without the slightest decrease no matter how serious one’s injuries were. Furthermore, the most important thing right now was that Yakov would not show any sort of mercy towards them! He would definitely use all of his strength to chop them into bits!

What to do…what to do! I need to think of a plan! If not, we’re all going to be finished!

“Can you restrict his movements, little brother? I just need a few seconds.” All of a sudden, Eleanor’s firm voice rang out. Looks like she’s also prepared to bet all her chips in this stake.


“What the hell should I do to control that freak’s movements!” Durango roared out as his facial expression showed utter despair.

At this point, Yakov’s entire body was wrapped in dreadful black flames. His body had ballooned three times in size, while the muscles across his body rippled about like coiled up dragons. Just a casual swipe from this terrifying monster would be enough to send him into the depths of hell!

“Everything’s resting on you, little brother.” Completely ignoring Durango’s exasperated shouting, Eleanor started to calm her heart and gathered her Magic Power. An exceedingly complicated Magic Array started to slowly form in front of her. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, there’s still quite a bit of time left before its completion.

“Ah…that’s right. With Carol’s Dragon Bloodline, we’ll definitely be able to endure for some time. As long as she…”

“He’s really a zombie, he’s really a zombie…” At this moment, god knows when the great miss Carol had ended up squatting at the corner of the wall 20 odd meters away, she mumbled those words while hugging her head.

Indeed, it’s a pipe dream to rely on Carol for anything.

“Hahaha! I’m not going to give you a chance to struggle! Die!” Without lifting his blade, Yakov let out a loud roar before sending a fist hurtling towards Durango.

As a terrifying wind enveloped his fist while it hurtled towards Durango, the latter was forced into desperate straits.

Nevertheless, only when forced into desperate straits, would a man be able to explode with power that surpasses normal situations. As his eyes turned bloodshot, Durango roared: “I’m gonna duke it out with you!” and fastened his grip on the remaining half of the steel pipe in his hand. He activated his family’s movement technique “Lightning: Three Flashes” to evade Yakov’s punch by the skin of his teeth, before wrapping towards the latter’s back.

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“I don’t believe that you don’t have any weaknesses.” Having been forced into a corner, Durango didn’t even think twice before piercing the steel pipe into his 𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖊.

“Ah—oohh~” A groan that made it impossible to distinguish delight or pain came out of Yakov’s mouth, accompanied by the same kind of ambiguous expression on his face, all while maintaining his horse-like stance as his movements came to a halt.

“Nice…nice job!” Seeing this situation, those were the only words of praise Eleanor could squeeze out from her mouth. As this happened, the Magic Array before her was completed.

‘Sigh of the Radiant Goddess!”

As the Magic Array was activated, a phantom sigh seemed to resonate in the air, before Yakov’s body was suddenly lit aflame with a white flame that radiated with holiness. Sensing the aura of its nemesis, the black flames that radiated from Yakov’s body started to resist with fervor. Nevertheless, having lost their connection to their master, those rootless flames were devoured by the white flames within a few breaths.

Right at the instant when the white flames engulfed the entirety of Yakov’s body, Eleanor, who was standing right across him, suddenly discovered that tears had started to flow down from the corner of his eyes. Nevertheless, nobody knew whether they were tears of joy or pain.

Regardless of that, they evaporated in an instant due to the surrounding flames.


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