Chapter 2-63: Absolute Despair!

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1594 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1078 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In an instant, the spots of light contracted, dumping massive amounts of scorching heat onto Yakov’s body, instantly destroying the Battle Qi around his body with such speed that it doesn’t even seem to exist at all.

After all, being a 7th rank Magic Spell, it was not easy at all to block it.


Carol and Durango couldn’t help but burst out in joy after seeing their enemy being turned into a sieve.

“You’re awesome, big sis Eleanor!” Durango raised his thumbs towards Eleanor in heartfelt admiration, just as Carol cheered and launched herself towards the latter.

“Don’t come over.” Despite having turned Yakov into swiss cheese, the expression on Eleanor’s face proceeded to grow increasingly solemn, with her eyes never leaving the unmoving body of Yakov.

“It’s not over yet.”
“Huh?” Carol tilted her head in confusion. Their enemy’s dead! Why isn’t this over?

It was at this moment when Durango finally discovered the issue, resulting in him pulling Carol back while saying: “That fellow’s not dead yet. No. it’s more like he’s still in good condition.”

“What do you mean?”

An ugly expression appeared on Durango’s face as he spoke out while pointing at the wounds covering Yakov’s body: “Take a good look. Despite being riddled with holes…there isn’t a drop of blood oozing out from his wounds.”

Carol’s eyes shot wide open as she looked towards Yakov. Spotting the point that didn’t make sense, she gawked for a few seconds before realizing something, causing her to burst out in exclamation: “Zombie!”

Colour instantly drained from Carol’s face before she scuttled and hid behind Durango, hugging her head as she started to tremble.

“He…he’s a zombie!”
“Zombie my 𝓪𝓼𝓼. He’s obviously a human, alright.”
“H- h- however… there isn’t any blood flowing out from his wounds…”

Durango’s face couldn’t help but quiver unnaturally upon hearing her words, as never did he expect to see the fearless big miss Carol being afraid of something as obscure as zombies. However… compared to that, he seemed to have seen non-bleeding wounds like what Yakov had suffered before. That happened when he had followed his father on his crusade against those on the criminal blacklist. One of the criminals had ended up in an immobile state where blood similarly did not flow out of his wounds. The reason being the criminal ending up in that state was…

“National Artifact [Death Substitution Doll].”

Generally speaking, National Artifacts were weapons that possess massive destructive power. However, this wasn’t the case for the [Death Substitution Doll]. It did not possess any offensive nor defensive capabilities. On the contrary, despite being a precious National Artifact, it could only be used once.

Yet, just like its name, it possessed an extremely powerful ability— Death Substitution.

Furthermore, when in use, the [Death Substitution Doll] would negate all attacks that land on its user’s body. This was the reason why Eleanor didn’t make any move after noticing the oddity around the bloodless wounds on Yakov’s body. She knew that any further attacks she tosses at him would be an utter waste of her strength and time.

Who would ever expect that an underground auction house subordinate would possess such a valuable artifact! This shows exactly how great the profits they have made from selling slaves.

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“You’re quite knowledgeable, huh, brat.”

The holes that pockmarked Yakov’s body started to close, taking an instant before completely closing up and appearing as though they had never existed in the first place.

“Truly worthy of a one-time-use National Artifact.” Yakov cracked his neck and smacked his lips as he said: “Rather than substituting death for me once, why not help create a body from scratch for me, right? Nevertheless, it really pains my heart to use it.”

“Light Lance.”

Just as Yakov’s words rang out, three Light Lances radiating with golden brilliance shattered through space as they shot towards the former. However, with extremely deftness, he waved his large blade and blocked all of them.

“What’s the matter? You’re back to using low-rank magic spells? What about your earlier move? I’ll be finished if you use that again. Could it be that you feel that I’m not qualified to receive that attack again?”

Raising his hand, Yakov rubbed the scar on his face. Looking at the sweat-drenched Eleanor, he purposefully spoke out as though he had come to a sudden realization: “AH~I know! It’s not that you don’t want to, but you’re utterly incapable of doing so! Hahahahaha!!”

Raising her head to look at Yakov, who had burst out in laughter and ridicule towards her, Eleanor bit down on her lip with extreme unwillingness. Nevertheless, there was basically nothing that she could do. Just as Yakov has said, the killing blow she had launched at Yakov earlier had already consumed all of her strength. At this moment, it was even hard for her to cast low-rank magic spells.

In the beginning, she had planned to use that move to finish Yakov off. However, who would have expected for him to possess an artifact like the [Death Substitution Doll]!

Dammit…if not for my albinism, dealing with this trash…. trash like him doesn’t even deserve to exchange a few rounds with me!

Nevertheless, Eleanor knew that those thoughts were utterly useless right now. At this moment, the most important matter was the enemy that stood right before her.

Although Yakov had used his full strength to defend against Eleanor’s attack, he still had quite a bit left in his tank. At the very least, it was no problem for him to kill off everyone before him.

Focusing her eyes at the threatening Yakov, Eleanor started to calculate the odds of victory. On the other side, Yakov didn’t proceed to rush over, as he wanted to play with his prey as a cat does to a mouse. He wanted his enemies to be filled with terror, and then torment them to death!

At this moment, Eleanor still had a killing move up her sleeves. However, it’s nigh impossible for this killing move to be able to finish off a 6th Rank Martial Artist, as it requires her enemy to be unaware of it. This means that she needs someone else to draw Yakov’s attention to land this attack. As for who could shoulder such a heavy burden…

After thinking about it, Eleanor discovered…
That she was on the brink of defeat.


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