Chapter 2-62: Albinism (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1492 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1068 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Albinism!” Durango exclaimed in shock.

During their first meeting, Durango’s eyes were already drawn towards Eleanor’s beautiful silvery hair. It was extremely rare to have silvery hair as a Fairy Elf, which, on the other hand, was an extremely common sight among the Demon Race. This was especially conspicuous when she had cast that Light Element Magic earlier, causing his doubts to skyrocket.

Among the various elvish races, Fairy Elves are the only subspecies that could cast Light Element Spells. However, it was impossible for Fairy Elves to have anything near to white coloured hair, as this was the unique trait of this race.

However, after hearing Yakov’s words, how would Durango not know the reason behind Eleanor’s silver hair. Only Fairy Elves with Albinism would have their hair slowly turn white in colour.

It was extremely rare for Fairy Elves to suffer from Albinism. However, once they get it, it is impossible for them to live past 25 years in age, as…

They fear the light.

Eleanor looked quietly towards Yakov, with her clenched hands being the only sign of the turmoil brewing within her heart.

Albinism. This was the nightmare that had tormented her for 20 over years, and was also the main culprit behind the premature withering of her overflowing talent. Although she had long put it behind her, it still invoked a wave of stabbing pain in her heart when it was pulled back out to the surface.

“Hey hey. What’s albinism?”

Carol, who had been rolling around on the ground in pain, finally came back to her senses, as she knew a supernatural fight was about to begin. At this moment, she would be unable to offer any help at all. With a twist and a turn, she rolled over to Durango before asking him while tugging at his sleeve.

“Albinism, huh?” Durango replied with a sigh: “It’s actually a genetic disorder that doesn’t do any harm to anyone, but it’s a terminal illness if contracted by the Fairy Elf race.”
“Why is that so?”

“That’s because despite it being a harmless illness, the most significant trait of it is—light intolerance. To ordinary people, that would only force them to carry umbrellas when they leave the house. However, for the Fairy Elves, who need to bask under the light to live, light intolerance would mean that they would not be able to replenish the light elements within their body. As a result, the light elements in their bodies would gradually deplete, before finally, all of the albino Fairy Elves would wither and die. Furthermore, they would generally not live past 25 years in age.”

Needing the radiance of light, yet being unable to obtain it. Like people who were allergic to water, this was life-threatening for Fairy Elves.

This might also be the reason behind Eleanor’s diminutive and petite body, as she had never been able to obtain sufficient nutrients and replenishment since birth.

“Do you mean that…” even with Carol, with her level of intelligence, was able to understand the ins and out of the condition after repeating Durango’s words in her head for a few times, causing her to sweep her eyes continuously around Eleanor’s body. It was fortunate that she still knew what not to say, causing her to promptly cover her own mouth, preventing the “she’s gonna die” words that she had almost uttered subconsciously from coming out.

Naturally, Durango, guessing what Carol was about to say, nodded his head in silence.

“Hey hey. Your compatriots are feeling pity for you.” Noticing the development of the situation, Yakov spared no mercy towards Eleanor as he continued to launch ridiculing verbal attacks at her.

Revealing a cruel smile, Yakov replied: “You really are pitiful.”

“Not that I care.” Eleanor extended her hands out emotionlessly from her sleeves, while golden colored light slowly condensed on her thin fingers.

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“Be it sympathy or ridicule, I’ve already experienced so much of both that I don’t care about them at all anymore.”

Pressing her fingers on both hands against each other, a magic array constructed from light instantly formed right before Eleanor.

“Now, the most important thing…is to kill you.”

“Sun Prismatic Lens.”

A small and bright spot suddenly appeared on Yakov’s forehead. Swaying about slightly, it appeared just like the focal point created by a kid playing with a mirror under the sun, seemingly harmless and being unable to do anything to anyone.

Yet, a life-threatening feeling of danger suddenly appeared within Yakov’s heart. Despite that, he was unable to make out where that feeling was coming from. In fact, he wasn’t even sure what kind of attack Eleanor was about to unleash! Therefore, the only thing he could do was to move his body as his subconscious dictates.

While this was happening, the bright spot on his forehead instantly contracted into a beam. However, from Durango’s point of view, he was able to see that it was no ordinary spot of light. On the contrary, it was a golden beam of scorching hot light!

Yakov’s subconscious reflexes had saved his life, as the beam of light grazed past the side of his ear, leaving behind a trail of blood and the smell of charred flesh.

It’s not hard to imagine what had just happened. If Yakov was just an instant slower, his head would have been blown clean off by that laser beam.

An ugly expression appeared on Yakov’s face as he clutched his ear. No matter how crude and rampant his earlier words were, a 7th rank Great Magician was truly hard to deal with.

However, before Yakov could catch his breath, 7 to 8 spots of light appeared on his body. These spots of light weren’t in his blind spots, so it was exceedingly easy to notice. Be that as it may, it was extremely clear that Eleanor was definitely not willing to show any mercy on him.

Although those 7 to 8 spots of light doesn’t seem to be ordered in any manner, they were not only aimed at his vital spots but had also sealed up all possibility of him evading the incoming attacks at a single go.

“You wretch!” knowing that he was unable to evade the incoming attack, Yakov cursed in fury. Nevertheless, the only thing he could do was to unleash his Battle Qi to the greatest of his ability.

In the next instant, all of the light spots contracted into dots.

“Now die.”


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