Chapter 2-61: Albinism (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1761 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1265 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Durango and Eleanor opened their eyes wide as they took in the scene before them, as they found it extremely hard to believe that a mistress of an aristocratic family would use an underhanded move like the 𝓣𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓵𝓮 Kick. However, after thinking about the life she had led, it does seem extremely plausible for her to have learnt such a move. After all, with Carol’s thought process, god knows what kind of ridiculous things she would do next. Furthermore, compared to betraying her compatriots, kicking someone’s nether regions was much more subtle.

“Tsk tsk tsk. I’m so lucky that I didn’t provoke her.” Durango said in a trembling voice as he retreated back, seemingly unable to endure watching the cruel scene that had happened before him.

A speechless expression appeared on Eleanor’s face as she looked at Durango, who was it that had been beaten into a pulp as a result of his wretched mouth earlier? In the end, he had already forgotten all about it even before the bruises on his face had subsided.

Nevertheless…despite this being a despicable move, the destructiveness of that kick was EX rank to men. That hoodlum Yakov would definitely regret having underestimated Miss Carol earlier.

However, this was still a good thing, as it saves Durango and Eleanor the effort to take action.

Eleanor pulled her hand back into her sleeves, before dispersing the Magic Power she had gathered in her palms.

After Carol’s kick had landed, the two of them came to a halt, remaining in a peculiar state of stillness. All of their expressions disappeared, as though both of them had turned into statues.

If no one interrupts them, they might very well remain in this state for eternity.

Something’s strange about this!

Eleanor extended a hand out from her sleeve, before faint rays of white light started to slowly condense before her fingertip.

She had seen the various kinds of responses that would result from the successful execution of the 𝓣𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓵𝓮 Kick. However, standing there and not moving was absolutely not something she had seen before…could it be…

“Wa! He’s not reacting after so long! Could it be that this fellow isn’t afraid at all to get kicked in that place?”

Just as Durango’s voice rang out, Eleanor felt unease brewing in her heart. Indeed, Yakov continued to stand there with an imposing manner, while Carol proceeded to clutch her leg as she fell down.

“WAAAAAAAAA!! My leg…my leg, boo hoo…Lilith lied to me! She, she told me that’s the weakness of all men! Why is he completely fine!”

That jinx!

Eleanor and Durango gulped down their saliva in silence, before fear, no, not fear, but respect, towards Yakov started to surface in their hearts.

That’s because it was impossible for a 6th Rank Martial Artist to train that area to be impenetrable to blades and spears. Since his expression did not change despite Carol’s heavy kick to his crotch, there were only 2 possible reasons that could explain this result.

The first one was that he was exceedingly tolerant to pain, that even the pain exceeding that of childbirth would be incapable of fazing him. The second one…

Was that he was a eunuch.

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“Haha.” Yakov gave a malevolent laugh: “Do you think that your small antics would be of any use against me? I’ll tell you that there aren’t any weaknesses present across my whole body!” You must be dreaming to use such a low blow like this to defeat me.”

Durango was stumped by how Yakov was able to voice out a man’s shortcoming with such pride. If it was him, he would have put up an act of righteousness, no matter what kind of person he was. However, he also knew that…

Trouble had arrived.

Raising the large blade in his hand, Yakov slowly aimed it towards Carol. At this moment, Carol was still minding her own business, clutching her foot as she rolled about on the ground, not caring one bit of what’s happening around her. In fact, she did not even react to the large blade that was hanging above her head.

“Do you have any last words, little miss?”
“Wuuuu, Lilith lied to me…”
“Is that right? I’ll make sure to convey all of your words to that Lilith person.”

While saying those words, Yakov cleaved his blade straight down without any mercy. If this chop lands, any magic beasts within the demon-infested region would be cleaved into two.

“Light Arrows!”

Three arrows constructed from light flew through the air, howling out as they shot towards Yakov’s vital regions.

If those arrows were to hit home, even 7th Rank Martial Artists would lose their lives, what more a 6th Rank Martial Artist like Yakov.

However, appearing as though he had precognitive ability, Yakov had already made a swipe with his blade that defied all common sense, completely blocking all of the golden arrows that headed his way.

“You are finally willing to take action.”

Holding his blade firmly before him, all of the earlier traces of ease disappeared from his face, as though he was prepared to stake his life to face his foe.

“Looks like you’ve been keeping a watch on me.”

Despite seeing her light arrows being blocked, not a single ripple appeared within Eleanor’s eyes, as though the former had merely pulled off an insignificant trick.

“That’s for sure. Who within the auction house doesn’t know about the mighty Eleanor Hamelin, a mighty 7th rank Great Magician who had nearly succeeded in assassinating the auction house master!”

Assassinating the auction house master? A 7th rank Great Magician? Durango found it slightly hard to believe that this petite little Fairy Elf was hiding such power within her diminutive frame.

Furthermore, from what that scarface had said, she was already a 7th rank Great Magician since 4 years ago! A 20 odd-year-old 7th rank Great Magician! Without any doubt, she was a genius!

One had to know the difference between magic spells and martial techniques. Other than the obvious requirement of magic power, one would also need an abundance of knowledge to properly unleash spells. That was because the constructs of magic spells were exceedingly complicated matters. If one doesn’t have adequate knowledge and fundamentals towards a magic spell, one’s magic power would not be able to come into any use at all. On the contrary, it would lead to extreme danger for the magician.

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Therefore, the stronger a magician was, the greater amount of time was required for one to accumulate the knowledge needed to unleash one’s full strength, as knowledge was not something that one could be born with.

However…how did a 20-year-old 7th rank Great Magician end up becoming a slave for this auction house?

“You know that I’m a 7th rank Great Magician, yet you dare to go out and search for me. Are you really not afraid of dying?” Eleanor’s tone was as cold as eternal ice, bringing about a bone-chilling murderous aura, while the glow of magic power at the tip of her finger showed proof of the killing intent she possessed.

“Hahahahaha!” as though he had heard the funniest joke in the world, Yakov burst out in laughter with so much force he couldn’t even straighten his back. Nevertheless, after a moment, he finally reined in his laughter, before speaking out with a sneer:

“It’s true that you’re a 7th rank Great Magician. However…how many spells can you cast?”
“Your hair’s…about to turn completely white.”


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