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Chapter 2-55: The playout of unexpected events (Part 3)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1979 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2184 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

All of a sudden, Anthony felt a massive change in the young girl’s aura.

He was unable to pinpoint exactly what kind of transformation it was. The only thing he could confirm was that a feeling of extreme disharmony had suddenly appeared in his heart. This feeling of disharmony was just as painful as a needle piercing his heart.

At this moment, the young girl’s head was lowered while remaining quiet, appearing just like a toy doll.

Just moments earlier, she had clearly bared her fangs and growled with anger at him just like a stubborn puppy would do, while giving off the impression of wanting to tear him into pieces if she ever gets free.

“Has she given up on struggling?”

Upon deeper thought, he realized that was also true. From the looks of it, she was still a kid. At this moment, she should be burying her head, sobbing while regretting in heart about offending a person she should never have offended.

She truly is pitiful.

However, this was inevitable. Although he felt a sliver of pity towards this petite cutie, and really wanted to pamper and show love to her after taking her into his harem, there was a big no-no that stopped him from doing so. Without considering the aspect that was Ramiele, there was already a clear indication of trouble from the cold look of indifference coming from Sir Hedecaien.

If he wasn’t able to handle such a small matter properly and show no mercy to his enemies, Sir Hedecain would never be able to feel at ease to give him any more important tasks in the future.

This would be extremely disadvantageous for his future progress and development.

Furthermore…the most important matter was the dragon blood, worth its value in cities…something which was extremely enticing for him. Until now, he has never once owned a Sacred Artifact at all. Despite being a Saint rank expert, the most he could afford was a Quasi-Saint Artifact without an item spirit. Just the thought of it made him feel embarrassed.

However, it would be different if he could sell the dragon blood off. As long as he could drain her blood and refine it properly, he would be able to obtain pure dragon blood! After selling it off in the black market, he would be able to buy for himself a very good Sacred Artifact, thereby shutting the mouths of those who had ridiculed him.

Just the mere thought of that caused Anthony to be filled with bliss, as well as a sliver of an upright curl to appear at the corner of his mouth. At this moment, he could imagine the looks of those people who had belittled him when they saw the awe-inspiring Sacred Artifact in his hands.

Anthony started to size up Lilith in detail once again. Although it was an extreme pity to kill such a petite beauty, he ended all of his thought with a sigh.

“I’ll extricate you as quickly as possible.”

Despite saying such words, Anthony continued to slowly increase the force of his starlight bindings, as he wanted to prevent the use of excessive force. This would greatly increase the possibility of blood spurting out, causing him to lose those valuable dragon blood.


Just at this moment, sweet laughter rang out in the air, sounding just like the laughter naive and innocent little girls would make when they are happy. However, this instantly caused goosebumps to rise from Anthony’s skin.

This was because the laughter came from the little girl before him that was just an inch away from death.

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Lilith slowly raised her head, revealing a faintly sweet smile hanging at the corners of her mouth. Nevertheless, regardless of how you look at it, that faint smile of hers would give anyone a slight feeling of foreboding.

Lilith locked her eyes firmly at Anthony, her spectacular liquid gold-like eyes absolutely devoid of any emotion.

Anthony was scared affright by the sudden change of events, causing him to subconsciously retreat two steps back. Every single one of his hair stood on their root while feeling as though he had come face to face with a genuine dragon.

How is this possible! Anthony shook his head in shock. From the looks of it, his guts have grown increasingly smaller. Now, he had actually been scared affright by a little girl that was unable to move at all.

However, Anthony suddenly raised his eyebrows, as the little girl before him had abruptly pulled out yet another scroll.

Why has she not given up struggling? However, on 2nd thought, this was also okay. I should let her feel absolute despair.

“Another Explosive Scroll, huh. However, you don’t even have the strength and capability to toss it out and activate it.”

How would a person that was bound up and unable to talk be able to toss and activate an Explosive Scroll at their enemies? There was no need to even think about this question, as it was an utter impossibility.

Yet, Anthony noticed not one shred of the so-called despair present on that little girl’s face. Not only that, but her smile also proceeded to grow increasingly malevolent.


All of a sudden, Anthony’s face changed as he rapidly backpedaled. At the same time, he immediately created a defensive barrier constructed from starlight.

That’s because the little girl… had directly exploded the scroll!

“BANG!” with a loud bang, the terrifying explosion devoured everything in its path.

Other than using a specific activation pattern, there was another way to activate these offensive type Magic Scrolls, which was to use direct force to induce it to explode. However, only a handful of people would resort to this method because just a bit of carelessness would lead to self-harm, to say nothing of the hands used in this method of activation.

Lunatic! She’s a lunatic! Anthony cursed loudly in his heart. Nevertheless, he was forced to retreat slightly by the might of the Explosive Scroll to avoid bearing the full brunt of it.

The force of the explosion destroyed the entire stairwell, sending countless rock chips and dust flying through the air. Upon contact with the metal walls in the surroundings, they were sent rebounding back, creating an aftershock.

However, these explosions were merely a little troublesome for the Saint rank Anthony to deal with, as the tightly constructed domain easily dealt with the 9th rank Explosion Magic. Yet…

An ugly expression hung on Anthony as he looked towards the direction of Lilith. Although the dust had prevented him from ascertaining the situation, and the beserk Fire Elements had rendered his sense of perception useless, he knew that the little girl…had most definitely been killed.

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No one was able to endure an explosion of such magnitude head-on without an ounce of defenses.

He did not care about the life or death of the little girl, but…

“Dammit! She’s actually willing to commit suicide than to hand her dragon blood to me! Dammit! Dammit!”

At this moment, Anthony had already cursed countless times about Lilith within his heart. Nevertheless, he was unable to change what had already happened.

“What a horrible day! Why’s everything not going my way!” he cursed out loud. Nevertheless, Anthony decided to turn around and leave, as there was no advantage for him remaining in this place. Might as well finish the mission as soon as possible before finding Wilkis and obtaining a tidy sum from him, right?

“Bang bang.”

Anthony thought he had heard wrongly.

“Bang bang.”

Or that he had bumped into a ghost.

“Bang bang.”

Why do I hear a person’s footsteps?

“Bang bang bang bang bang bang.”

The footsteps increased in intensity, appearing to increase in frequency until it became a run.

All of a sudden, Anthony’s heart skipped a beat, his neck turning stiff as he rotated around to look towards the location where Lilith had blown herself up.

In the next instant, a petite figure gradually appeared within the smoke, before suddenly rushing out like a vengeful ghost escaping out from hell to exact its revenge.

Anthony’s heart almost came to a stop upon seeing the figure that had rushed out from the smoke.

At this moment, he was finally able to understand something. The existence he had been dealing with was absolutely a non-human from the very beginning!

She…was a freak from head to toe!

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