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Chapter 2-54: The playout of unexpected events (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2041 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2184 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Looks like you’re the intruder, little sis.”

Anthony floated before me as he played with the Explosive Scroll I tossed out without any fear at all. From the relaxed expression on his face, it looks like he did not even treat me as his opponent.

“A 9th rank Explosive Scroll. This is why you guys are able to create chaos in this place. Nevertheless, since I’m already here, my face will hit rock bottom if I let you guys flee from here.”

You don’t even have any face to begin with, what more let it hit rock bottom?
That was something I wanted to say to him. However, at this moment, I was utterly incapable of saying any words.

Anthony started to size me up carefully from the top to bottom before a look of pity suddenly appeared on his face.

“You look really cute. If not for sir Hadecaien’s firm orders, I really want to take you as my concubine.”

Concubine?! You actually dare to say that!

I attempted to break free of my restraints, but my efforts were utterly useless. The starlight-formed restraints bound me tightly, leaving me in an almost immobile state. Left with no other choice, I could only focus my hatred filled eyes at Anthony.

“However, even if sir Hadecaien allows me to spare your life, Ramiele might not agree to that. After all, she’s that arrogant of a person.” Not caring about my hatred-filled gaze at all, Anthony shook his head in regret while saying: “It’s…although it’s a pity, you’ll have to say goodbye to this world, little sis.”

Anthony pointed his finger at me, commanding the starlight restraints to tighten. In an instant, a terrifying amount of pressure squashed by body from any direction, causing my bones to immediately start creaking.

This fellow…wants to squash me to death!

Dammit! I’m the princess of the mighty Dragon Race! How can I die in such an embarrassing fashion!

“Roar!” A ******* roar rang out from my throat.

Blood surged and pumped through my blood vessels like a burst dam, the pounding of my heart sounds like the beatings of war drums, as every single bone and muscle present in my body gave their all to resist against this surmounting pressure.

The starlight restraints…were gradually pulled apart.

“Oh?” Seeing his Saint rank level starlight restraints being pulled apart, Anthony raised his uneven caterpillar-like eyebrows in astonishment.

Focusing his eyes on my face, a look of excitement suddenly appeared on his face:
“So that’s why you’ve so much strength! You got Dragon blood flowing in your veins?”

It looks like he had taken notice of my golden pupils as well as the dragon aura that subconsciously appears when I unleash my full might.

It’s a pity that I’ve yet to breakthrough into Saint rank, so the Dragon Aura I radiate would only have an effect against those with dragon bloodlines. If not, I’ll definitely squash this ******* to death!

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“Haha! Looks like this isn’t a wasted trip for me. No matter how dilute it is, dragon bloodlines are worth a pretty penny in the black market. What’s more…your bloodline doesn’t seem to be dilute, little sis.”

A look of greed surfaces on Anthony’s face. Licking his parched lips, he said:
“After selling your blood off, I should have enough to buy a Sacred Artifact.”

Anthony slowly clenched the hand he had extended out towards me. In the next instant, countless bright starlights suddenly appeared, intertwining and weaving together before gradually starting to contract.

“I can’t use any overly forceful moves. If not, it’ll affect the quality of your dragon blood.”

These fellows dare to even sell dragon blood?! Aren’t they scared of pissing off the dragon race and causing a huge calamity for themselves?

A wave of anger I’ve never felt before surfaced in my heart. This feeling of anger was unlike the explosive anger I would feel when my bloodline goes out of control, as this anger came from the depths of my heart. This is an anger that made me want to rip the person before me into shreds and use his blood to wash away the embarrassment I’ve felt earlier.

My embarrassment, as well as the anger for the entire dragon race!

However…I’m unable to extricate myself, utterly incapable of doing so.

Unlike earlier, this restrictive force isn’t fast and ferocious. However, I was unable to shake myself free. Despite how much strength I put into struggling, the starlight continued to slowly and steadily contract and bind me up.

If this continues, it would take less than a few minutes for me to become the first dragon in the history of the dragon race to get strangled to death!

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!!

“Stop struggling, little sis. There’s utterly no use in struggling. The only thing you’ll get is more pain and suffering.”

A faint smile hung on Anthony’s ugly face, as though he was ridiculing my overestimation of my own capabilities.

As time continued to slowly tick by, my breathing grew increasing laboured, while my vision started to turn blurry. As my mind started to wander, I noticed that the ugly face before me started to slowly change into a face that I was extremely familiar with.

It’s that face! It’s that face! Completely identical to that face!

My mind started to relive my past life, as the face before me started to merge with those cursing, blood-drenched, and elusive black mask-like faces.

Go to hell, drop dead, die die die die die die die die die die!!!!

Nevertheless, I was very clear that it was impossible for him to die, no matter how many times I curse him in my heart. Just like before, I’m too weak. Be it this life or my previous life, I’m always too weak. Too weak to do anything, too weak to accomplish the least demanding task of saving my own life.

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So what if I’m an innate 9th rank expert? So what if I’m the princess of the dragon race? So what if I’ve inherited the name of the old ancestor, and given the title of Chaos Dragon?

These things have covered my eyes, causing me to only see a fake appearance to console my own heart.

I’ve obviously stayed on Dragon Island for 3 whole years, and I’ve clearly been surrounded by experts that would gladly empty their pockets to come to my aid. However, I’ve never learned from my mistake.

Other than my innate talent, I’ve nothing else.

At this moment, I’m just a stupid idiot that could only bully those powerless people. However, when I come face to face with genuine experts, my seemingly powerful titles and lofty status were utterly useless. Now, the only thing I can do is laugh at my own stupidity.

Concubine? Revenge? What are those? Those are merely fantastical thoughts I’ve constructed in my head!

I’m the true weakling!

“Hehe. Do you wish to become strong?” A familiar voice filled with enticement suddenly rang out beside my ears.

“I want to.”
“I want to become very strong.”
“I want to.”
“Become stronger than anyone!”
“I want to!”
“Become so strong that everyone would need to kiss my feet! I want to become so strong that no one would dare to look me in the eyes! I want to become so strong that everyone would quiver at the thought of my name!”
“I want to…become strong!” I could not help but roar out in fury.

“Hehe, so obedient. This is how a genuine dragon should act.” All of sudden, another “me” appeared in the darkness. “She” extended “her” slender arms to squeeze my face, while staring straight at me with her scorching golden eyes.

“With such power in your hands, you should just kill anyone that dares to offend you.”

Faint smiles of viciousness appeared at the corner of “our” face before the other “me” suddenly embraced me:
“Okay. Your soliloquizing ends here…”
“Now, you should go and kill that dirty and smelly bug first.”


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