Chapter 2-56: The start of the out-of-control spiral (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2917 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1980 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“What…kind of freak are you?”

Even a Saint rank expert like Anthony could not help but let out a trembling voice in fright upon the sudden appearance of Lilith rushing out from the smoke.

That’s right! The little girl before him, no, this thing can’t be called a little girl! It can no longer be known as a human! Only a freak was an apt term to describe it!

Not a single piece of clothing was present on its body, as all of her clothing was instantly turned into ashes by the intense heat of the earlier explosion. Yet, despite her butt naked body, not a single person would have any beautiful daydreams upon seeing her. On the contrary, everyone would feel fear building up in their hearts.

That’s because…

Her left hand, which she had used to activate the Explosive Scroll, seemed to be only composed of bare bones. Due to the intense heat of the explosion, the upper left part of her body seemed to be turned into slag, while faint red welts were present on the upper right half of her body. Her prior beautiful locks of long golden hair had been completely burnt up, leaving behind a completely bald head that was utterly lacking in any aesthetic appeal at all. The left side of her face had already disappeared, leaving a clump of the blood-red muscle that was tinged in a scorched black color. In fact, one could clearly make out the sinews of her muscles and the whiteness of her skull when looking at her.

There was no eyelid left on her left eye, causing her to appear just like a malevolent ghost that stared right at Anthony.

Anthony’s hair stood on its ends. As Lilith closed in on him, he could even smell a whiff of a charred smell in the air.

However, the most frightening aspect of all of these was…that she was still smiling!

Although her left face could not be made up from the injuries sustained, Anthony could clearly see the extremely familiar upturned curl of her mouth from her scorched face. At this moment, there was not a sliver of pain present in her eyes, as though smiling was everything that mattered to her.

How is this possible? How is she able to move after ending up in this state?
How is she still able to run?
How is she able to smile in this situation?

Anthony was utterly incapable of understanding what was happening. Even the Marsh Slime, which was known to be unkillable, would need time to recover and regenerate from an explosion of such magnitude.

Yet, the little girl before him appeared to not need that time at all! Other than her slightly strange running gait, there seemed to be utterly no issues with her movements.

While Anthony was in a daze, Lilith had already appeared right before him! Extending out her considerably perfect right hand, she grabbed ahold onto Anthony’s expensive Ice Fox fur coat.

“Hehe. I’ve caught you.”

This time around, her voice no longer sounded sweet, it was exceedingly hoarse and scratchy, sounding just like people who have never drunk water for a few days would sound like.

Turmoil shook through Anthony’s heart. Before he could react to Lilith’s actions, she had already appeared before him. Nevertheless, despite being frightened by her, there was not a sliver of confusion present in his heart.

So what if she had rushed over? Can she be of any threat to me in that state? It’s so good that she’s alive! I’m still able to get that dragon blood!

Smoke lingered around Lilith’s entire body, but rather than giving people the impression of a fairy floating in the clouds, the smoke and her broken body had amplified the malevolent look coming from her instead.

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Staring straight at Anthony with her head crooked, she continued to make a bone-chilling laugh at him.

Her mouth was obviously blown up, so it was really hard to imagine how she was able to snigger like that.

“No matter what kind of freak you are, you’re really unlucky to bump into me today.”

Gulping down his saliva, Anthony mustered his courage as he attempted to contain Lilith. For the sake of preventing any more of the earlier situation, he immediately unleashed his domain before extending his hand out to grab hold of Lilith.

Lilith tilted her head, shooting a look at the big hand that had grabbed hold of her arm before suddenly stopping her laughter.

For some unknown reason, an unprecedented feeling suddenly appeared within Anthony’s heart, as though he was just about to be met with some kind of calamity.

Being a Saint rank expert showed that Anthony wasn’t some pushover. Furthermore, he always had extraordinary confidence in his intuition, as he had relied on it to get himself out of quite a few life or death situations.

He furiously shrunk his domain to protect his body before preparing to toss away Lilith in order to retreat back.

However, he was still a split second too late, as Lilith suddenly opened her mouth to utter a simple-to-understand word.


We? What does that mean?

Anthony’s mind wasn’t capable of reacting to this word. However, before he could ponder about its meaning, calamity had already struck.


A bolt of lightning the width of a bucket suddenly appeared in the air and struck the two of them. Having suddenly received a lightning strike, Anthony’s mind was unable to react to it, but his body had already instinctively started to move.

Battle Qi burst out from his entire body as he expanded his domain. In fact, he had also deployed his strongest defensive technique.

Appearing to have a mind of its own, and seeing that there was a mortal that actually dared to obstruct its might, the lightning instantly grew berserk, with a greater half of its lightning transforming into lightning snakes that drilled into Anthony’s body.


Anthony shrieked out, the Saint rank power which he was always proud of was utterly incapable of providing an ounce of defense against the lightning. In an instant, his Domain and Battle Qi were smashed through, his forceful resistance causing him to suffer a massive rebound as a result.

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Coming and leaving quickly, the lightning disappeared in a blink of an eye, leaving only the smell of charred flesh, as well as the occasional sound of a spark ringing within the stairwell.


Knocked down onto the ground by the lightning strike, Anthony struggled to stand up, only to discover that he had sustained serious injuries. Coupled with the numbness caused by the lightning strike, he was temporarily unable to move.

“Dammit! Dammit! She’s just a mortal, yet she dares to scheme against this great one!”

Hatred and resentment filled Anthony’s eyes as he looked towards the completely scorched Lilith, who was also attempting to climb up.

Although he didn’t know where the hell that lightning had come out from, he had actually been schemed by a mortal, causing him to suffer serious injuries! This was a great embarrassment for Anthony! If other people knew about it, he might become the object of their jokes!

“Damn that little 𝓫𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱!”

Anthony cursed loudly. When he’s able to start moving, he’ll definitely smash that little 𝓫𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱 in pieces! So what about her dragon blood!

All of a sudden, Anthony noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

White smoke continued to pour out from Lily’s body. In the beginning, he had assumed that it was the result of the earlier explosion. However, after being right beside her, Anthony suddenly discovered that it wasn’t smoke, but water vapor that was pouring out from her body.

Furthermore… he didn’t notice it earlier due to the heat from the explosion, but now that the surrounding temperature had gradually decreased, he realized this little 𝓫𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱 has a damn high body temperature.

How is this possible? How is a dead person’s body capable of continuously emitting water vapor?

Could it be…that’s impossible! That’s just not possible! Anthony shook his head to get rid of that frightening thought from his head.

“Ah…that’s right. It’ll make sense if she had already become a piece of cooked meat. That’s right. This is definitely it. She had been completely cooked by the earlier lightning strike. That’s why she’s like that. Haha! That’s right! That’s definitely the case! It’s impossible for any other possibilities to…”

“Crack.” A sound akin to an eggshell cracking rang out. Anthony was instantly dazed by that faint sound, while his mind turned completely blank.

Black charred material started to fall off from Lilith’s moving fingers, revealing white and tender skin beneath.

“That’s impossible! That’s impossible!” Anthony roared out hysterically, appearing as though he wanted to check if Lilith was truly alive or not.

“Hehehehehehe…” A series of sniggers shattered Anthony’s delusions.

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“Crack crack crack crack.”

Lilith started wriggling about like a snake, before starting to slowly climb up in an extremely strange and peculiar manner. As she inched up, the black charred material on her body started to fall off bit by bit to reveal the white and tender skin beneath, which appeared to have stabbed Anthony’s eyes like a sharp needle.

At the same time, the parts of her body that were destroyed by the earlier explosion started to regrow at the speed visible to the naked eye. In a short span of time, her left hand, which was just bones earlier, had regrown back to its original form, and so did the left side of her face.

Only at this moment did Anthony understand the reason behind the white vapor being emitted from Lilith’s body. This was a byproduct of the massive heat being generated from the rapid regeneration of her flesh!

Anthony was extremely reluctant to accept this fact, as the more he understood, the more terror he felt within his heart, terror about exactly what kind of freak he had offended.

Upon standing up straight, Lilith was already completely recovered, with all of the black charred material falling off from her body. Now, her skin appeared whiter and more tender than before, appearing as though water could gush out with a single squeeze. In fact, even her completely burnt hair had rapidly regrown, extending all the way from her head to the ground.

That white and tender skin, petite physique, jade-like hands, cute face, coupled with her completely stark-naked body. In the eyes of most people, this would be an exceedingly delightful scene to take in. However, not an ounce of such thoughts had appeared in Anthony’s mind. On the contrary, the only thing present in his heart was deep-seated terror. At this moment, he was unable to move, while his opponent had completely recovered from her injuries. Even a pig would know what awaited him.

“What…kind of freak are you?”

“Freak?” Lilith tilted her head in a cute manner, while her scorching golden eyes appeared as though she was staring at a lowly ant: “Are you talking about me?”

“Other than the two of us, is there anyone else present in here?”

“My oh my. You are really rude…” All of a sudden, Lilith’s voice turned incomparably ice-cold as she raised her leg and placed it gently onto Anthony’s hand,

“This princess is the mighty princess of the Dragon Race, Artemis Niger Lilith, and given the title of Chaos Dragon. It’s inevitable that I’ll be an existence that will stand at the apex of all life forms in this world.”

“How dare you, an ugly and smelly bug…call this princess…a freak?”

“Crack.” Putting weight in her leg, Lilith gave a stamp, causing a bone-cracking sound to ring out. The ground caved in, while Anthony’s hand was instantly deformed.



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