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Chapter 2-53: The playout of unexpected events (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3311 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1334 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

A massive force pressed down on my body, causing creaking sounds to ring out from my entire body. In such a situation, it will be incredibly difficult for me to take even a single step forward.

“Where are you going, little girl? Is it because this uncle’s ugly?”

The Saint rank expert sounded extremely sad, as though he had just seen the girl who had rejected him walking and having fun talking with other guys.

What the hell are you talking about, big brother? Even if you’ve been dumped, there isn’t any need to vent on me, right? I don’t even have the instrument required to make that happen.

Seeing that it’s impossible for me to flee, I had no choice but to turn around and act dumb, and see if I’m able to deceive this newcomer.

“Ah ha ha. Uncle must be joking. There’s no way you look ugl…” (Yuck)

What the freak! How can there be such an ugly person present in this world!

Having experiences from two lives, I can proclaim myself of having seen much more than others, and this extends to the number of ugly people I’ve seen. However, the person before me…

…is so ugly to the point that it cannot be described with words. Unlike him, the previous ugliest person I’ve seen has at least his five sensory organs at their designated place. However, the five sensory organs of the guy before me have perfectly strayed away from the supposed location, be it that they were a slight bit off.

It would be alright if it was some portion of his face being slightly off. However, if all of the facial features were slightly off…

“You…did you just avert your eyes?” the person raised his irregularly shaped eyebrows as he asked, revealing a mouthful of black and ugly yellow teeth whenever he opened his mouth.

Nevertheless, despite how ugly he was, he was a Saint rank expert. Every single word and articulation from him was filled with imposing might. Despite saying only a single sentence, it caused me to lose all arrogance in my stance.

As his voice rang out, the weight pressing down on my body started to increase. Despite my powerful fleshly body, I couldn’t help but to…

“Urgh…” vomit.
“…ahhaha…I seem to have an upset stomach from dinner.” I gave a hollow laugh while scratching my head with much difficulty.

In any case, this person is a Saint Rank expert. If he knows that the reason for me vomiting was due to his ugliness, he would definitely give me a beating. That would absolutely be the worst thing that could happen to me at this moment. Therefore, it’s still best for me to lie and hope that my deception succeeds.

“Am I that ugly?” Looks like my deception has failed.
“Didn’t I say that I’ve got an upset stomach from dinner…”
“I’m just that ugly!” His tone grew heavier. At the same time, the weight bearing down on my body increased abruptly, almost causing me to drop to my knees.

Although I was able to continue resisting the pressure, all of the bones in my body groaned and creaked in agony, while the crater that had formed beneath my feet had already grown to a depth of half a meter.

“I’ve…said…that I’ve…got…an upset stomach…from…dinner…Can…you… not… be…such an…idiot…”
“Shut up.” Wiping away the tears at the corner of his eyes, the person pulled out a Spectrum Stone, which projected the image of a beautiful lady.

This is an extremely beautiful lady, living on the complete opposite spectrum as compared to the fellow before me. Every single aspect of her facial features complemented her beauty. Her eyes were sharp-looking, gleaming with a chilling glow akin to that of a frozen lake, where eyebrows were slightly creased, appearing just like the pain of late spring. She was dressed in a blue, tight-fitting light armour that fully accentuated her alluring figure, catching the eyes of anyone who lay their eyes on her.

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“I know.

What do you know! You have something wrong with your head!
He extended his hands out to gently caress the projected image as his eyes filled with infatuation.

“I…am not ugly!”

???? What the 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴? Doesn’t your conscience hurt when you say those words?

“All of these are excuses.”

His infatuation-filled voice caused my already empty stomach to retch and my legs to go numb, almost sending my knees to the ground.

“I know that you’re ignoring me because I’m weak. However…”

All of a sudden, his gaze turned resolute, as though he had already experienced the slow course of heartbreak through the ages.

“I’ll become strong! I’ll become stronger than you! When that happens, I’ll buy all of the flowers from the Holy Dragon Empire’s sea of flowers to propose to you.”

He sounded extremely affectionate, as though he was the main male character in a Mary Sue story.

You’ve deep feelings of love. That’s true. Your feelings are so deep that I can’t help but to praise you. However…I really can’t endure any longer!

AHHHHHH!!! Beat me if you want! I wouldn’t even complain if you smash me into the ground! However, can you please not torture me anymore!!

A toad ******* for a swan’s flesh can barely count as an encouraging story. However, an earth fungus ******* for a swan’s flesh was a completely terrifying story!

“But now…” his gaze suddenly turned to me, his irregularly sized eyes sending chills all across my body, “I’ve to complete my mission first.”

Keeping the Spectrum Stone away, the atmosphere of misery that surrounded him disappeared in a flash, being replaced by the powerful aura befitting of a Saint rank expert.

“I’m Anthony, and I’m here to clear the auction house from its intruders. Little sis, do you know who the intruders are?”

The sudden earnest change of this fellow, Anthony, left me unable to come up with an immediate response.

It took me 3 whole seconds of pondering to realize that he was now focusing on the present.

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Dammit! Ignore my earlier comments, alright? I’m just joking! Big brother, you can just go play to play the main male character role by yourself, alright? I believe that you’ll definitely be able to obtain the girl of your dreams. Definitely…alright…

“You don’t know?” Anthony scratched his head in extreme distress. Sweeping his gaze around: “However, you’re the only person here.”
“Huh?” All of a sudden, Anthony exclaimed in shock, then he waved his hands towards a distant place. In the next instant, a corpse flew out and stopped right before him.

That was [Number 1], whom I’d just stamped to death.

“I remember that he’s that useless subordinate of Wilkis. How did he die? He seems to have been beaten to death by someone.”

He proceeded to focus his gaze onto my bloodsoaked clothes. Suddenly, the temperature of the surroundings dropped as Anthony spoke out in a chilling voice:
“You really don’t know, little sis?”

Seeing that I can no longer mask this up, I unleashed all of my accumulated strength in one go. Immediately, I shook off the restraints caused by his aura before tossing the 9th rank Explosive Scroll that I’ve sneaked out from my Storage Ring right at Anthony.

I proceeded to turn around and run. While doing so, I started to shout out loudly while activating my scroll: “I really…”

However, before I could say more than 2 words, my mouth was stuffed by something, preventing me from saying anything more.

Little star-like dots suddenly appeared in the surroundings. These star-like dots started to criss and cross with each other, creating a net-like structure that bound me, preventing me from moving.

In the next instant, Anthony appeared before me, with my Explosive Scroll in his hand. Then he said with a relaxed expression:
“Looks like you’re the intruder, little sis.”


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