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Chapter 2-52: Anthony’s Frustrations

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2920 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2005 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴! Didn’t that red-clothed old man hang the call earlier? Why the hell does he have to send more people over, and more so, a Saint rank expert?

Why do people have to be such 𝓫𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓼!

Although there’s always a bunch of Saint ranks present in my surroundings during my time on Dragon Island, only at this moment was I able to deeply feel how frightening a Saint rank expert was!

Regardless of whether one was a martial artist or a magician, anyone below Saint rank would be classified as mortals. However, upon taking the step into Saint rank, one would become a genuine superhuman, a saint! There was utterly no comparison between the two! This was a complete and all-rounded qualitative change!

In normal circumstances, I’ve a heap of life-preserving items I could use to defend myself against a Saint rank. However, all of these items were being carried by that damnable clown! At this moment, I only have a bunch of 9th rank Magic Scrolls and a 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓽𝓽𝔂 ranged Sacred Artifact. These would be enough to deal with anyone of 9th rank and below, though it is impossible for them to have any effect against a Saint rank expert.

Dammit! Dammit! Why the hell is my luck so horrible! This auction house is so damn big, so why the hell does he have to transmit right onto my location!

Regardless of my anger, the most important thing now is to run away.

In an instant, my feet picked up speed as I attempted to flee this place before the Saint rank expert could react.

“Why are you running, little sis? Is it because this uncle’s very ugly looking?”

For some unknown reason, a sliver of hatred was present in the voice that rang out behind me, instantly causing my heart to turn cold.

At the same time, the air in my surroundings appeared to have instantly coagulated, causing my movements to slow down. Furthermore, a massive weight started to press down on my body, appearing as though it would squash me into pulp the instant I continued moving.

The mark of a Saint rank expert, a Domain!

𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴 𝓲𝓽—𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴 𝓲𝓽—! Why the hell do you have to use your domain so quickly! Don’t you have any of the pride a Saint rank expert is supposed to have? Shouldn’t you play it slowly like how a cat would do to a mouse? What’s with the big move right at the start? Do you feel proud to bully a weakling?!

At this moment, I feel as though tens of thousands of wild horses are galloping in my heart, galloping while using cute loli voices to question the entire family of this Saint rank expert!

What an unstylish man! He’ll definitely be unable to find a wife!

At this moment, Anthony felt extremely depressed.

He had dressed up in an extremely smart attire. Not only did he wear a coat made from the northern fox’s fur, he had also used perfume created from the exceedingly rare Blue Moon Orchid, something which he was extremely reluctant to use in normal circumstances.

Anthony made quite a few spins before a mirror. No matter how he looked, he felt that he was extremely handsome. In fact, even the gazes coming from the female servants who served him were extremely fiery.

“I’ll definitely succeed tonight.” he said in a staunch voice.

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Taking the opportunity of the 106th birthday celebration of his good friend Croix, Anthony professed his feelings to the captain of the blue rose, Ramiele Xoey, who was also known as the Light of the Lake.

However, Ramiele Xoey didn’t even take a second to ponder before rejecting. Furthermore, the reason for her rejection wasn’t that “you’re a good man” or “I feel that we should remain as good friends”. Instead, with her nose raised, she replied in a chilling voice: “You’re too ugly.”

You’re too ugly…too ugly…ugly…

In an instant, Anthony had thought that he had heard wrongly. He definitely had too much to drink yesterday, causing his auditory hallucinations to occur. However, the chilling gaze coming from Ramiele’s limpid eyes pulled him back to reality.

He did not hear wrongly. He had never once lost control of himself. Instead, the girl he liked had pointed at his nose and said: You’re too ugly.

In that instant, Anthony suddenly felt as though he had walked right into the Great Krostanin mountains stark naked, letting the sharp knife-like northern winds howl around his body. Snow flew and danced in his surroundings, obscuring his vision, with his precious Snow Fox coat unable to provide any warmth at all to him.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t able to clamp her neck in anger, right? That was because..
He was unable to defeat the woman before him.

Upon regaining his senses, Ramiele had left the celebration party. Before leaving, she did not even say her greetings, treating him as though he was someone she had passed by on the roadside.

Perhaps, he had never once entered her eyes.

Anthony pulled his coat tightly against his body before activating his Saint rank power, taking only a few breaths to return back to his house. However, upon walking through the doors, he discovered all of his female servants trembling as they stood timidly at the door, looking at him with gazes as though they had just seen the appearance of their saviour.

Had they also gone crazy? A vicious glow flashed across Anthony’s eyes as the thought flashed across his mind. His female servants must give their all towards serving him and him alone. If they start liking other people…he had no choice but to kill them.

“Sir Hadecaien is waiting for you inside,” one of the female servants spoke out in a respectful voice, instantly clearing Anthony’s muddleheadedness away.

Cedar Hadecain, a person standing at the apex of this country, and one of the five Catholic Cardinals. At the same time, he was the person that Anthony was secretly loyal towards.

This country’s Pope is already old and withered. Not long from now, the entire country would be divided between those that support the Saintess’s rise to power, and those that support Sir Hadecaien to take the mantle of Pope.

The four other cardinals stood behind Hadecaien, but the Pope and the Luminous Judgement stood firmly behind the Saintess. Therefore, the former was continuously in a suppressed position.

However, once the current Pope dies, the situation would instantly change.

Therefore, Anthony would secretly swear loyalty to Archbishop Hadecaien, as he was always a believer of realism.

It was noteworthy to mention that Ramiele Xoey was part of the Luminous Judgement, so these two people were considered to be enemies standing on different political sides.

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Originally, Anthony had planned on waiting for Sir Hadecaien to rise to the position of Pope before begging him to give him Ramiele. However, from the looks of it, there should not be any need for him to do so anymore.

Pushing open the door, Anthony walked into the room, only to discover Archbishop Hadecaien seated on a stool. Although the dim lighting made it impossible to see his expression, Anthony could still spot the ageing wrinkles present on his face.

Truthfully speaking, Sir Hadecaien isn’t old. He is only 150 years old, and is considered to be middle-aged among Saint rank experts, who have a lifespan of 300 years.

A 150-year-old man with an abundance of experience, versus a little brat who has not even reached 15 years old. It took only one look to see who was the more suitable person to become the next Pope. However, the current Pope, that old fogy, was hell-bent on supporting the Saintess. God knows that the hell is going on inside his brain!

“Immediately head off to the auction house.” After seeing Anthony enter the room, Hadecaien gave a minute frown before going straight to the point. Without even exchanging conventional greetings, he immediately pulled Anthony back to reality.

The underground auction house is secretly supported by Hadecaien, and is an important source of money for him. Therefore, absolutely nothing can be allowed to happen in such an important period of time.


“The auction house is well fortified. Other than Saint rank experts, no one should be able to break into it.”

Hadecaien looked right towards Anthony, while an unknown brilliance flashed across his eyes.

“Wilkis called earlier. They seem to have been invaded by a mysterious organization.”

It’s that mysterious organization again? A frown appeared on Anthony’s face as he recalled that Wilkis had reported a few years ago about the intrusion of the auction house by a mysterious organization. After doing that, he had mustered a large number of forces to fill the entire port city with turmoil and destruction. In fact, he had even attracted the attention of the Pope, and almost destroyed everything that Hadecaien had achieved over the past few decades.

All this while, Anthony did not know why Sir Hadecaien would allow that idiot to be in charge of such an important position as the auction house master for such a long time. Nevertheless, since this was arranged by Sir Hadecain, he cannot take the initiative and toss this question out.

“Can it be a result of that idiot Wilkis’s blowing a small matter into a large one?”

“That’s extremely likely.” Hadecaien nodded his head in agreement: “However, the situation’s critical, and we need large amounts of money to placate those greedy aristocrats. Therefore, absolutely nothing can be allowed to happen to the auction house. If not, it would delay our plans by a good couple of years.”

“Furthermore, if the Pope discovers about the auction house, all of our work would really go down the drain.”

Hadecaien spoke out in a serious tone before extending his withered hand out to pass a scroll to Anthony: “Immediately use this scroll to transmit over. Make sure that the auction house suffers no damage.”


Standing up, Hadecaien gave another command: “If something massively troublesome really occurs, give up those that should be given up. If you’re really unable to handle it, just take away Wilkis’s private stash. In any case, he should have saved up quite a bit over the past few years.

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“This subordinate understands.”

Hedecaien nodded his head in satisfaction before turning around and disappearing into the darkness.

After Hedecain had left, Anthony started to stare blankly at the scroll in his hand.

For the sake of getting on Ramiele’s good side, he had spent a good few years of his savings to buy gifts for her. Therefore, he didn’t have many Transmission Scrolls left in his possession. However, Sir Hadecaien had given him only one scroll! Does that mean he needs to fly all the way back after finishing the mission? One has to know that it would take a Saint rank expert three whole days to fly from the Port City all the way back to Aeria City.

Did Sir Hadecaien forget to give me a second one, or am I not worth a 2nd scroll?

No no no. That’s impossible. Although he was ranked at the bottom within the Saint realm, he was still a true and true Saint rank expert! It’s unlikely that Sir Hadecaien would be that stingy to not give him another scroll!

I’m definitely overthinking! That’s for sure!

As he consoled himself, Anthony activated the scroll. While doing so, he started to curse out as he released the pent up frustration within his heart:
“Sigh. Sir Hadecaien’s really too cautious…”

Just as Anthony appeared in the auction house, the first thing he saw was a golden-haired loli that was fleeing away in a freakishly quick manner. This sight immediately caused Anthony to feel as though salt had been poured on his wounds, causing him to feel the raw pain of those tumultuous emotions.

“Why are you running, little sis? Is it because this uncle’s very ugly looking?”


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