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Chapter 2-51: Matters would always have unexpected turns (Part 3)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2519 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1814 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

With an extremely ugly expression on his face, [Number 1] gritted his teeth and said: “Do you think that you’ll be able to defeat me by holding on to two pieces of rocks?”
“How would I know without trying?” I replied with a sneer before tossing the rocks in my hand forcefully towards [Number 1].


Just like bullets, the rocks shrilled through the air as they shot towards [Number 1]’s chest.

“Shadow step!”

Knowing that he was incapable of facing those rocks head-on after seeing their incoming speed, [Number 1]’s face turned serious as he roared out in response. In an instant, he transformed into a completely black state once again, causing the rocks to pass through him. With a bang, half-meter deep dents were formed as the rocks smashed against the metal wall behind.

Once again unharmed, [Number 1] reappeared not far away, though his face turned into a shade of green after seeing the dents on the wall.

“I’ve said that you’ll not be able to hit me.”

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!!!”

Before [Number 1] could finish his statement, three more stones bringing along the might of a storm proceeded to hurtle over. The directions the stones flew out in weren’t wide nor near him, but were just enough to seal off all possible directions that [Number 1] could escape to.

“Shadow Evasion!”

[Number 1] roared out once again, his body started to melt and transform into a pool of black liquid that quickly seeped and disappeared between the cracks of the shattered rocks on the ground. With their target disappearing, the flying rocks struck thin air, though they still created sizable damage to the wall behind.

“What’s the matter…” Tossing the rocks in my hands lightly into the air, I started to show my ridicule towards the empty staircase: “Since I’m unable to hit you, why the hell are you running?”

“I’m not running.’

All of a sudden, a voice laced with killing intent rang out from behind me. As the voice appeared, alarm bells started ringing within my heart. My innate danger perception caused me to instinctively tilt my body slightly to the right. Nevertheless, I was still cut by the sudden reappearance of [Number 1].

This fellow’s aiming for my heart.
After suffering such a big loss, it’s impossible for me to let him off easily. Rapidly turning around, I sent my right fist hurtling towards my back.
Nevertheless, [Number 1] had already retreated rapidly from there.

After being played around so many times by [Number 1], I could already make some approximate guesses to his actions. Knowing that he would retreat, I relaxed my fist, sending two rocks flying out towards [Number 1].


Having already used his Qi for the earlier attack, [Number 1] was in the midst of rebuilding his Qi flow, causing him to be incapable of evading the incoming rocks.

“Shadow step.” Seeing no way out of this, [Number 1] naturally had no choice but to use his martial arts, transforming into a jet black shadow once again. Passing through the shadow, the rocks smashed against the wall behind, creating a massive bang and more destruction.

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However, from my observations, the martial art that he had used, “Shadow Step”, allowed him to only travel a limited range from the location upon usage. If not, he would have used it to launch a direct attack against me, and not rely on such a troublesome method to attack me.

So the question is, would he appear on the left, or the right?
I quickly thought and weighed the possibility of which direction he would appear in.

I remember hearing…that he said he was a left-hander.

Let’s make a gamble. I gamble that he would choose the direction that’s more comfortable for his dominant hand, which would be my right side.

Having made my decision, I no longer hesitated and proceeded to lean forward and put more power in my back leg. In an instant, the metal ground spanning a few meters from me caved in, while the shattered rocks were blasted away from the surge of power coming from me. At the same time, the massive rebounding force sent me shooting forward with extreme speed, taking only an instant to arrive at the empty space on the right side.

There’s a 1 out of 2 chance of me being correct. Although I don’t believe in the Goddess, and even have some grudges against her, I still subconsciously started to pray for her blessings.

If my gamble’s right, I’ll make sure to be more gentle when I shove you all into lizard eggs in the future. That’s how I prayed.

It seemed like the goddess had heard my prayers, as an extremely faint shade suddenly appeared before me just as I launched my tightly clenched fist out. Rapidly congealing, the shade formed into the figure of [Number 1].

“Spear of love~” An extremely precise English phrase rang out from my mouth. Not caring if the people of this world understood what I was saying, I proceeded to drive my fist mercilessly into [Number 1]’s aghast face.

“Crack.” Sounds of bones cracking rang out. In an instant, I could feel that [Number 1]’s rather high nose arch transforming from the Himalayas to the great canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo, while blood spurted out like a raging waterfall.

Like a sandbag, [Number 1] smashed into the wall, creating a massive dent. Spurting out a large mouthful of blood, he collapsed weakly onto the ground.

Being well versed in combat, I naturally knew the importance of finishing the deed. Rushing forwards, I immediately sent a stamp towards [Number 1]’s chest. With a “Crack”, his eyes instantly turned as round as saucers while blood spurted out from his mouth in the shape of a ½ meter tall fountain.

Admiring the fountain of blood, I immediately felt the soreness of my waist fading away, the pain in my legs fading away, as well as the tightness in my heart. In fact, even the pent up blood that had formed in my head for the past 10 minutes and 32 seconds had disappeared.

“Ah… is this the so-called happiness in my heart when you suffer in pain?”

“You…” Grabbing onto my leg like a pervert, [Number 1] struggled about as though he wanted to say something.

“What are you saying?” I asked while placing my ear near to [Number 1]’s mouth. After all, I’ll still need to respect the wishes of those with impending death.

“I said…you’re not the one who beat me…”

This sentence immediately pissed me off. Pressing my leg down with 30% extra power, I replied: “Aren’t I stepping on you count as my win?”

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[Number 1] coughed out another large mouthful of blood, before stuttering as he said:

“If…if not for that ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ Wilkis falling over, causing this metal staircase to be rebuilt with stone, you basically have no chance to win against me…”

Hatred akin to the depths of hell was present in [Number 1]’s eyes, appearing as though he wanted to burn everything to ashes.


[Number 1]’s breathing grew increasingly weak. Light proceeded to fade away from his hatred-filled eyes before they slowly closed shut.

Taking my foot off [Number 1]’s chest, the surroundings suddenly turned quiet.

I was unable to reply to that, I scratched my head while asking the near-dead [Number 1]: “Then go and grieve alone, I’ll be going first.”

Just as I was about to turn around and walk off, the seemingly dead [Number 1] suddenly sat upright while opening his eyes as wide as saucers.

“What…what’s the matter? Are you trying to become a zombie?” I jumped back in fright towards [Number 1]’s sudden zombie-like actions. Hastily making a cross sign with my hand, I quickly made a stance to wade off devils and demons before speaking out in a trembling voice.

[Number 1] shot a death stare at me while mouthing off one word at a time: “Help me kill Wilkis.”

He sounded as though he would continue battling against me if I didn’t accept his request.

“Okay okay. I’ll kill him if I get the chance.”

I’ve no choice but to accept for the sake of preventing curses from turning into hauntings.

After hearing my reply, [Number 1] gave a slight nod before lying back down.
I cautiously gave [Number 1] a tap with my feet. Only after discovering that the latter had already passed away did I breathe a sigh of relief.

“That scared the hell out of me. So it’s just an end-of-life rally. I thought that he had really managed to become a zombie. It’s ironic that he’s still able to keep an act of loyalty towards Wilkis despite hating the latter. He doesn’t even have that much hatred towards me, the person that had clearly ended his life.”

Looking at [Number 1], who still had hatred present on his face, I could not help but to give a sigh.

“Okay. It’s time for me to go.”

Taking a bit of time to arrange my tattered clothes, I could see that most of my wounds have already healed, with the two deepest wounds in the process of closing up. Nevertheless, it’s alright as long as they don’t affect my movement. At this moment, the most important thing I need to do is to complete the mission of placing the scrolls.

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It’s likely that Eleanor and the others have already fallen into the auction house master’s trap. However, with Weir having already gone over to inform them, there will be no use for me to head over and do the same thing. May as well set those scrolls so we can have an edge against the auction house, right.

Okay, let’s do that.

Just as I prepared myself to jump to the 2nd level, the space within the staircase suddenly started to distort, and then an extremely irritated voice rang out from within.

“Sigh. Sir Hadecaien’s really too cautious. Although he had clearly guessed that Wilkis was just being exaggerated, he still ended up sending me here. Sigh~ I give up. I’ll just make sure to charge Wilkis a good deal for this. I just so happen to be a bit tight on my pockets.”

These…are spatial transmission fluctuations. God knows how many spatial transmissions I’ve experienced before. Naturally, it’s impossible for me to make a mistake. After all, my mother had always brought me around using this method.

However, after hearing that voice that was brimming with extreme irritation, all of the hairs on my skin immediately stood on their ends, while the feeling of life-or-death started to wrap around my heart.

Saint rank expert! Furthermore…it’s an enemy!


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