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Chapter 2-50: Matters would always have unexpected turns (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2203 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1567 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Two figures continued to clash and cross each other in the narrow and dark staircase, whipping up violent winds through their movements.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Aren’t you very powerful? Why can’t you even touch the corners of my clothes?” A madman-like smile hung on the corners of [Number 1]’s mouth, sneering as he continued to leave wound after wound on my body with his shortsword.

“Dammit.” This caused the fury in my heart to grow more intense. Nevertheless, I am still incapable of doing anything against this mentally retarded person.

He would dodge every single punch I unleash. Regardless of how fast my attacks were, he seemed to be able to predict my movements in advance and left wound after wound on my body with his shortsword.

Within a few seconds, my clothes had already turned into tatters, while my body was completely covered in blood.

Nevertheless, the wounds weren’t overly serious at all, as [Number 1] basically didn’t dare to tangle too deeply with me. After using his shortsword to make contact with my body, he would immediately pull back, leaving behind a shallow wound that dripped with blood. With my recovery capabilities, these wounds would close and heal within a few minutes. The only downside to this was the exceedingly miserable appearance that I currently displayed.

However, this was extremely embarrassing for me. Be it speed or strength, I’ve totally outclassed [Number 1]. In fact, my reaction speed trumps his. However, due to his constant harassment, he now appears just like that mouse that’s taunting the elephant on top of its back.1So disgusting!

“Go and die!” The anger and fury within my heart grew so intense that him shattering into pieces was the only way to appease the hatred in my heart. A furious roar exploded out from my throat as I immediately transformed into a remnant shade as I shot towards [Number 1].

Nevertheless, the same smile continued to hang on [Number 1]’s face. This time, he did not even use any martial arts! As though he was able to predict the target of my punch, he proceeded to sway and evade my attack before extending his shortsword out. Slicing it lightly across my chest, it made it seem as though I have purposefully moved my body into his blade.


With the immense speed I was travelling at, the resulting wound had extended across my entire chest. Even with my recovery capabilities, this wound would take some time for me to heal from. Half kneeling on the ground, I tried to buy myself some time to regenerate.

“Exactly how did you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Predict my movements. Could it be that you have some kind of precognition ability?”

“Hahahaha!!” [Number 1] burst into mad laughter, as though he had heard the funniest joke in the world: “Precognition? If I have that ability, why would I continue to be a dog to that ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ Wilkis.”

It took a long while before [Number 1] finally managed to calm himself down. Wiping away the tears at the corners of his eyes, he said: “You being too stupid’s the reason why I can predict your movements.”

“No. I shouldn’t call you stupid, but clueless. You’ve so many treasures, yet you don’t know how to use them. Your strength, agility, and reaction speed far surpass a high-rank martial artist like me. However…”

“You’re just like a kid with a Sacred Artifact who only knows how to swing it around wildly, utterly incapable of utilizing its full strength.”

“Without talking about that, you’re utterly incapable of using any martial arts. Your attacks are as simple as those used by the thugs and hoodlums that litter the streets. There’s not the slightest bit of technique present in them.”

“Heh… but doesn’t being inept equate to unpredictability?”

“You’re underestimating martial artists too much. From what I have seen, you indeed have an abundance of combat experience, and have perfect reactions after getting injured. However, you’ve never fought against genuine martial artists before. Your combat style is suitable against demonic beasts with low intelligence, as it’s just a ferocious smashing against your target’s weak points…eh, I’m sorry. In the face of your punches, my entire body’s just a big weak point for you. However, exactly because of that, I can predict your next move judging by your line of sight.”

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“So that’s the case…” Perhaps due to [Number 1] having suppressed his emotions for too long, my question had caused him to rattle out like a machine gun. However…I’m really lucky that he’s this talkative.

What [Number 1] said is completely on point. I have never fought against a genuine martial artist before. During my fight on the Dragon Island, all of my enemies were deep-sea giants. However, being massive life forms, it was extremely easy to defeat them as long as one’s strength triumphs them. That’s the same case during my training sessions with other giant dragons, where we would undertake contests of pure strength and head-on fistfights, with utterly no martial techniques or strategies involved.

“As long as you’re able to turn people into a pulp with a punch, who would dare to fight against you? Why the hell do we have to care about troublesome matters like martial arts?” Ice Dragon Fenice once said something like that.

However, the enemy before me was completely different from anyone I’ve faced against before. He has abundant experience, unpredictable martial arts, as well as an eagle-like level of observation capabilities that allows him to completely see through my combat style. Despite him being physically inferior to me on all aspects, I’m still being played around like a ball in his hands.

“What’s the matter? Have you given up struggling?”

[Number 1] played about with his shortsword while keeping up a casual look, as though I was an old friend he has not met for quite a long time. He did not have even the slightest feeling of me being able to defeat him or a threat to him. Even if I were to half-kneel all day long, I’ll not get any chances to land an attack. At this moment, his entire body was a big weak point, yet I knew that any of my attempts to land a blow on him would be as fruitless as before.

I need to find other ways to eliminate him. At the very least, I have to jump out of this strange close-range combat against him. If not, I’ll be strangled to death like a lion being encircled by a kennel of dogs.

However…I only have one style when it comes to close-range combat.

Sweeping my gaze across the Storage Ring present on my left hand, I subconsciously started to ponder what kind of scroll I could use to deal with this situation.

Nope. This absolutely doesn’t cut it. I quickly shook this thought out from my head. This is the 1st battle since coming into this human empire. If I needed to rely on scrolls to obtain victory, what qualifications do I have to hold on to the title of Chaos Dragon Artemis Niger Lilith, the princess of the dragon race!

Furthermore, I need to personally make this fellow pay the price for utterly not placing me within his eyes! This was what the voice in the depths of my heart had been telling me all for all this time.

“What’s the matter? Have you finished considering how you would die?” [Number 1] spoke out in an extremely casual tone, as though I was a bug that he could squash at any moment.

This caused me to subconsciously clench my hand that was pressed on the ground. All of a sudden, I felt that there was something amiss with the material that made up this staircase.

This rough texture…this isn’t metal?

Regardless of the walls or the floor, the entire 1st level was constructed out of metal. Therefore, I had also subconsciously assumed that this staircase was also constructed out of metal. However…it’s actually made out of stone.

If this is stone…

“Why are you smirking? Could it be that you’ve become dumb from all the shock?” Unable to understand what he was seeing, [Number 1] asked.
“I’m just laughing…” raising my hand and clenching my fist, I aimed it against the ground: “That you’re finished!”

In an instant, [Number 1]’s face turned pale. Seemingly realizing what I was about to do, he turned around and shot rapidly towards the 2nd level. However… how could I give him such a chance!

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If the staircase was made out of metal, the most powerful punch unleashed by me would only cause it to warp at best. However, it was a totally different story with stone. If it’s made out of stone…it will shatter.

“BANG!” The staircase shattered, sending me and [Number 1] falling down. Nevertheless, this distance wasn’t high, taking only a slight instant for both of us to stabilize ourselves.

However, this isn’t what I need…rather…

Grabbing hold on a piece of rock, I sent an evil laugh at [Number 1] with his scrunched up face and said: “Can you guess how many moves I need to make to be able to land a blow on you?”


  1. *Referring to the house standing on the back of the elephant…

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