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Chapter 2-42: Explosions are an art!

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2365 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1635 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After being shocked by the imposingness of my kick, everyone had been stunned into a halt, with the cries of agony coming from the brother squirming on the ground being the only sounds present in the hallway.

“Hehehe, aren’t you having a blast~huh?”

I swept my gaze across the patrol team, causing every single one of them to take two steps back in response, while subconsciously clutching their nether regions.
From the looks of it, their fighting spirit had been demolished. Seeing how easily I’ve done it, I really don’t know how the auction house would leave an important task like patrolling to such people.

“Very good…now, I only need to deal with you guys…”

Yet another clump of dirt was formed in my hands as I cast a 1st Rank Magic. Now, this Magic, which should have no offensive power at all, had turned into something as frightening as a surge of ferocious beasts in the eyes of the patrol team members.

The patrol team members exchanged glances with each other, seemingly communicating through their eyes.

“What’s the matter? Have you guys decided the order of death?”

Taking small steps, I started to walk towards them, causing the patrol team members to start retreating in response. Just at this moment, a square-faced patrol team member suddenly took a step forward. Appearing as though he wasn’t able to endure the embarrassment of being forced by me to retreat, a look of determination filled his stubble-covered face.

“It ends here!”

Soft rustling sounds rang as the square face’s armour rubbed against his body, while the long spear in his hand glimmered with a cold light under the illumination of the light stones.

“This isn’t a place for you to sprout your 𝒷𝓊𝓁𝓁𝓈𝒽𝒾𝓉!”

The square face pointed his spear tip at me as his eyes grew round and malevolent, like a tiger’s, while his brows were raised slightly, as though they had been carved out with a knife.

Despite maintaining a standing position, his being radiated an imposing attitude, making him appear just like a tall and big giant.
Being influenced by him, his other patrol teams pulled out their weapons and stood behind him. Their frightened looks turned firm and powerful, as though the person before them was capable of bringing them close to victory.

“Oh? Finally, a person with some backbone”

Seeing a man with some spine standing before me, I discarded my intimidation plan. Now, I have no choice but to display my true abilities. As always, men who are able to stand up during critical moments would garner people’s respect, what more a man that was able to use his own imposing attitude to influence his teammates to stand up and fight with him.

“Then I’ll make my move.”

Lowering my body slightly, my muscles rippled and tensed like a leopard getting ready to pounce on its prey. My heartbeat quickened, my senses sharpened. I could even hear the rushing sounds made as blood surged through my veins.

Although it would be something akin to bullying if I activated my Dragon’s Blood to deal with such low ranking martial artists, a man like him should be feeling happy I did so.

“Wait a minute!”

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The square face suddenly shouted out for me to halt while pointing his speartip away from me. He proceeded to extend his hand and feel around within his jacket, as though he was searching for something.

For some unknown reason, the aggression-lowering actions he made had clearly spiked their rampancy, as not a sliver of fear could now be seen in their eyes. On the contrary, all of them had malevolent smiles on their faces as they looked towards me.
It seemed as though the thing the square face was attempting to take out would make me end up in an extremely horrible death in the next second.

Could it be that the square face had some kind of insta-kill weapon up his sleeves? From the looks of it, I seemed to have underestimated him. That seems reasonable. Without any strength as backup, it was impossible for people to feel that safe just by relying on one’s imposing manners.

Since it has come to this, I should also make my preparations.
Flipping my hand, I took out a Strengthening Scroll, preparing to use it at an instant. This Strengthening Scroll was able to greatly enhance the various different abilities of its user. Even if the square face pulls out some powerful weapon, I’ll still have sufficient strength and capability to react to it.

The square face’s eyebrows suddenly raised up. From the looks of it, he had managed to find the item he was looking for.

“Hehehe. Prepare to die, little miss!”

Whether or not that might stem from my misconception, the square face’s firm looking expression suddenly turned malevolent, while a cruel downward curl appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Square Face pulled his hand out from his chest, holding the thing I’ve seen hanging on the bodies of those patrol team members I encountered last time.


What the hell, That’s a whistle!!!
Did he purposely make a courageous hero-like stance and dig for half a day just to pull out a whistle!?
Are you even a fit for that square face of yours? Are you even worthy of being a figure worthy of this princess’s respect?
Return my feelings back, you 𝒷𝒶𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓇𝒹!!


The sharp sound of the whistle rang out from the hallway. In this enclosed space, this whistle sound would basically be able to travel through the entire complex! Even a deaf person would be able to hear it!
Just as the whistle sounded out, a continuous flurry of footsteps started to ring out from the walkways. From the looks of it, it won’t take long before we’re surrounded.

Finally, I understood why the auction house would allow this group of cowards to form their patrolling teams. Although cowardice could be detrimental in some cases, for them however, it meant that they would issue a warning without delay. This meant that they would absolutely not face anyone head-on. Instead, they would make sure to call for backup!

“What…what should we do?”

Weir’s face turned green with anxiousness. Shivering in fright, she asked me while gripping the edge of my dress.

“What else can we do but… run!”

Holding onto Weir’s hand, I pulled her along as I ran towards the opposite direction of the patrol team. In reality, the auction house floor layout was that of a circle. Therefore, I would bump into someone, no matter which direction I ran in. Nevertheless, in this situation, there was no other choice for me but to find a weak point to breakthrough.
The chaotic mess of curses rang out from various directions. Behind me, a malevolent smile hung on Square Face as he took the lead in the chase for us.

“Hehehe. Don’t run, little girls! Come and talk about life and dreams with this uncle!”

Damn! I should have given him a taste of Loli Nether Kick earlier.
Just at this moment, a patrol team appeared before us. Upon spotting us, they rushed towards us like pigs in heat.

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“Hold tight.”

The soft feeling I had in my hand was already drenched in sweat. I could sense that Weir was extremely frightened. Nevertheless, she still followed close behind me without uttering a single word.


I activated my scroll. However, I’ve set the target on Weir. This allowed her, who was having some trouble keeping up with me, to instantly feel much more relaxed.

“It’ll get a little intense, alright.”

I activated my 7th rank Freezy Scroll, causing white plumes of frosty air to envelop the patrol team, freezing them into ice statues.

“Rush through them!”

Continuing to hold on to Weir’s hand, I protected my face with the other as I rushed forwards. Not caring at all about the newly created obstacles, I rushed straight into them.
I smashed right into the first ice statue, revealing bright red flesh and bone as the statue shattered. Nevertheless, my Dragon’s Blood had already been completely activated. Not only does it not raise my disgust, it also spurred even more excitement in me!
Weir grasped tightly to my hand as she buried her face into my back. Perhaps she did not dare to witness the bloody scene around her.

“Next up…”

The feeling of brutality filled my entire mind. This left me not willing to immediately run away. Furthermore, even if I had run away, it would be extremely difficult to place the Explosive Scrolls.

Looking back, I noticed the patrol team members closing in. With a flip of my hand, a 9th rank Explosive Scroll appeared in my hand. This was the most powerful scroll I had in my inventory.

Upon seeing and recognizing the Explosive Scroll in my hand, the Square Face was drained of all its colour:
“Hey hey hey. Don’t be that impulsive, little girl! You should know that it’s not wise to use an Explosive Scroll in an enclosed space.”

Indeed. If a 9th Rank Explosive Scroll was activated in this place, it might shake the entire auction house up.

“Wise?” I sniggered. Although I can’t see my own expression, Square Face and the other people around him could. At this moment, the expression on my face was as frightening as a demon that had leapt out from the abyss.

“Isn’t wisdom meant to be broken?” Not giving those people a chance to persuade me, I immediately tossed the scroll out.

“I love my mother the most.”

A massive explosion erupted, unleashing an intense burning ball of flames, that devoured everything within the walkways.


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