Chapter 2-43: The Auction Master’s Nightmare (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3266 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2083 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The faint flashes of light seeped through the cracks of my curtains, continuously disrupting my sleep.
I really wished to turn around and continue sleeping. However, I was suddenly reminded of the extremely important matters I have to do today, forcing me to climb out of the warm and comfortable bed I was lying in.

“You’re awake, master.”

The one asking this obvious question was a beautiful young lady that stood by my bed. A young lady with a head full of slightly-curly golden blonde hair, a beautiful egg-shaped face and a bewitching figure.
She was dressed in a set of black laced maid clothes, one that was purposefully shortened and altered to fit her alluring physique, revealing her long and slender legs as well as her ample bosom for the world to see.

“It’s a beautiful night as usual, Ⓢⓛⓤⓣ.”

Despite being called a ⓢⓛⓤⓣ by me, there was not a single change to the young lady’s expression as she continued to wear a sweet smile at the corners of her mouth.

“You’re right, master. It is a beautiful night.”
“Didn’t I tell you to greet me every day like a ⓢⓛⓤⓣ?”
“Sor…sorry. It’s my mistake for forgetting your order.”

The young lady hastily knelt down on fours, before raising her head and whispering in a beautiful voice: “Woof.”

Despite being in an extremely subservient posture, a faint smile was ever so present on the young girl’s face.

Ah-ah. She really is an obedient girl. She wouldn’t even have a single ounce of hesitation if I order her to strip off her clothes and dance naked before a crowd of people.

Looking at the young girl lying prostrate on the ground in a beggar-like fashion, it would be hard to imagine that she was still the daughter of an Earl just a month ago.

Aegerth Rosberg. This was the name of the Earl, and he was considered to be one of the top figures within the Theocracy. However, he had become too corrupted, to the point where he had actually dared to offend the Chatholic Cardinal, whose power was just second to that of the Pope. This caused the downfall of his entire family, to the point of his little daughter being sent to my place.

Speaking about that, she was as rampant as a wild horse when she was sent over to my place. Even after making mistakes, she would cry, scream, and vow to end her life. However, within a mere month of arriving here, she had already treated prostrating herself to kiss my feet as a form of enjoyment.
It truly takes a short amount of time to change a person.

“Has the auction started?”
“Yes. It has started, master.”

I didn’t add anymore than a nod. After all, god knows how many auctions I’ve managed in this auction house for over the span of 30 years. There’s no need for me to place too much attention on running the show.

“Aid me in my bath.”
“Yes, master.”

Standing up, the female maid walked towards the bathroom.
She poured the preheated water into the bathtub, before tossing in various fragrances and flower petals.

The fragrances were top-grade ones produced in the empire hailing from the south, the Sildonian Empire. Just a single gram of it was equivalent to half a year’s income for an ordinary household. The flower petals were harvested from the Durance Orchids grown in the flower fields of the Holy Dragon Empire. These flowers stay in bloom for an extremely short amount of time, so preserving them for delivery required specialized magic to be cast on them to maintain their freshness.

Entering the bathtub, the comfortable water temperature and faint fragrance immediately cleared all of the sleepiness I still had after waking up.
I laze around and play with the floating petals, letting those azure petals float and sink on the water. All of a sudden, a thought flashed across my mind, causing me to shout towards the nearby young lady in wait:

“Has my darling arrived?”
“It has already arrived.”

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Hearing that my darling had already arrived, my tranquil heart started to beat with increasing intensity. At this moment, even this exceedingly expensive scented bath was unable to keep me within its confines.
Taking the towel presented courteously from the young lady, I took a few hasty dabs to dry my body before putting on my clothes, unable to control my impatience as I walked into my storeroom.

Ever since 30 years ago, when I started to control this auction house, my enthusiasm for life had started to continuously decrease. Now, some of the things that the masses thirst for were already not able to incite any bit of interest in me.

Authority? Although I’m not able to rule over the heavens, there weren’t many people in this country that could restrict me.
Money? Despite needing to pass half of my earnings every month to that great sir, I’m still one of the richest people in this country.
Beauties? Haha, that’s something that I’m least lacking.

Being able to have everything in this world, I’ve started to develop a dislike for everything. Even the training of the feistiest of virgin girls wasn’t able to incite the slightest bit of response from me.
Only the cutest, most beautiful and precious of darlings were able to give me the feeling of life.

“Ah~my cute Muse Goddess Eyes! You’re still that beautiful.”
“You too, you little cute~ Durandica Crystal Vase! Your exquisite curves are always that alluring!”
“Heart of Light, you’re so dazzling today~”

My storeroom was a large 100 square meter room. In fact, it was even bigger than my private quarters and guest room combined. There was only a double-layered display shelf, as well as a small tea table carved out from a piece of a Primal Beast’s bone.

There’s only one reason why l leave my beloved darlings here. My darlings cannot be compared to those cruel and vulgar magic artifacts! Being carved out of genuine precious gemstones, they are extremely fragile. Therefore, I’ve laid out over a hundred magic traps, a few dozen magic artifacts, and even 2 people from my 4-man personal guard “Shadows”.
Other than Saint Realm experts, no one would be able to threaten my darlings!

I’ve only 6 darlings that I store in this showroom. That wasn’t due to my lack of money, but due to the people in this world not understanding what true beauty was! They would even use those extremely precious gemstones to create Magic Artifacts! What a waste of treasures! Only when those gemstones are used to create art pieces without a trace of magic power will it not tarnish the true value of those gemstones!

Just the thought of this would always make me burst out in anger. However, I was feeling incomparably delighted today.

“Take that darling over.”
“Yes, master.”

The young lady replied courteously before exiting the room. In the next moment, she walked back carefully with a crystal-made display case in her embrace.

The young lady had trained in Battle Qi and was around the level of a 3rd rank warrior. Therefore, it wasn’t difficult for her to carry the display case over. Nevertheless, she took every single step with extreme caution. It seems that she knew that she would end up in a state worse than death if she destroys my darling.

However, despite how careful she was, an accident happened. Perhaps, my tea table was too short, or that the display case had blocked her vision, but the case had left her hands before she could place it down on the tea table.

“BANG!” A bang rang out.

The young girl’s face instantly turned deathly pale as all emotion drained from her face. In the next instant, she was smashing her head down on the ground repeatedly as she begged for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please forgive me, master! Please forgive me, master!”

AH! AHHHHHHH! What’s the use of forgiving her! Don’t you know that this was my most precious, most beautiful, most alluring darling that no one could match up to!? This lowly wretch! This lowly wretch! How dare let go of my darling when it’s just 10 centimeters away from the table! Do you know that I only let my hands go when my darling makes contact with the table!!


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I gave a slap across her tender cheek in fury, causing a clear sound to ring out across the storeroom.
The young girl was sent flying a few meters. Sprawled on the ground, she struggled to stand up.
The red palm print on the young girl’s face gave her an incomparably miserable look as blood dripped slowly from the corners of her mouth. However, despite that, the young girl clenched her teeth, not daring to even cry out in pain.

AHHH! Looks like my training is useful. She had properly remembered the words I’ve said to her.
However, it doesn’t matter as she had almost destroyed my precious darling!

“Guards, toss this waste into the basement.”

Colour instantly drained from her face after hearing my words. Trembling, she shook her head while sobbing: “Please no! Please no! It’s all my fault, master! Please…no! I’ll do anything you want! Just please don’t send me to the basement!”

She continued to knock her head against the ground, completely ignoring the blood flowing out from her forehead.
It looks like she was extremely clear about what kind of place the basement was. However, I’m a perfectionist! I will absolutely not let anyone have the chance to make another mistake. What more a lowly maid.

A figure dressed in a black martial artist garb, and eyes glistening with the coldness of a savage beast, walked out from the corner of the room.
He was one of my “Shadows”.

“Take her away.”

The “Shadow” nodded his head slightly. In the next instant, he gave a hand chop and knocked out the pleading young lady before carrying her out of the room.

“My precious darling! I’ve almost let you get damaged.”

I carefully took my darling out from the display case before closely examining it under the illumination of the light stone.
This new darling of mine was a crystal the size of a goose egg. It was carefully cut into a hexagonal shape, and gave off thirteen different beautiful shades of colors as light reflected within it.

“Truly worthy of the Ysabelot Crystal. It’s really able to give off thirteen different colors of light… so beautiful…”

After getting drunk in admiration of its beauty, I placed the Ysabelot Crystal in the middle of the 2nd rack of my display shelf.

“Ahhhh…what a beautiful position! All of my darlings are now sharing the spotlight! So beautiful! Too beautiful!!”

I brushed my hand lightly over my treasured darlings, feeling the coldness across my skin, bringing about incomparable delight and excitement in my heart.

“Enjoy your stay here, darlings! Your dear father will continue to collect more companions…and make sure to fill all three display cases.”

Three display cases! Just the thought of it brought bliss in my heart. Although I’m still far from achieving my goal, I…
“Bang!” All of a sudden, a large bang rang out from somewhere with the auction house, followed up by intense tremors.

“What the hell?!”

Of course, a 7th rank martial expert would not be hampered by those tremors at all. However, just as I was developing doubts about the origin of those tremors…a disaster happened.
Due to the intense tremors, the display cases, my beauties, my cuties, my precious, one and only darlings…
Had fallen off from their displays…

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I couldn’t help but let out a roar. In the first instant, the martial artist in me immediately reacted, sending me lunging towards my darlings…alas…
At this instant, how much I hoped to be a Magician, not a Martial Artist! If I’m a Magician, I’ll be able to use magic to levitate all of my darlings in the air!
However, I’m not one. I’m just a Martial Artist with 2 arms.

“Clink! Clink! Clang! Clang!”

Four successive shattering sounds ring out, sending waves of despair I’ve never felt before during the past 30 years!

“My Muse Goddess Eyes!!”
“My Durandica Crystal Vase!!”
“My Heart of Light!”
“My Altaic Holy Grail!!”
“AHHHHH!!!! What the hell is going on!!!!”


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