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Chapter 2-41: Keeping a low profile is needed during infiltration

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2242 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1590 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“This is the first level.”

The walkway before me extended out in a slight arcing shape, with a T-junction present on the left at every few meters and the right wall being of a darker shade as it extended into the depths of the auction house.

“That…that’s right. This is the main walkway of the 1st level.”
“That means that the auction is held behind this wall.” I said as I pasted my ear against the wall, though I could not hear a single sound at all.
“The sound isolation is really good.”

The auction should be ongoing at this moment. According to Eleanor’s explanation, most auctions would last for around 4 hours. We only lasted about half an hour before we were captured. Adding the half an hour we’ve wasted in the prison, we still have around 3 hours to move about.

Truthfully speaking, 3 hours wasn’t sufficient. After all, Eleanor had indicated a total of 17 points on the map. That was even after removing quite a few due to the 7th rank Explosive Scrolls that I have in possession.

Rapping the wall, I discovered that the feedback sounded deeper than other walls. That should be due to the greater resilience in the materials used in its construction. Therefore, Explosive Scrolls would only be effective in thinner areas.

However, I seem to have forgotten to ask her why she wants to bomb the auction house. Hmm…nevertheless, there’s no need to think too much about it, as I can guess that it was most probably to create greater chances for us to escape via the ensuing chaos.

“Lead the way, Weir. Although I have the map, you should be much more familiar with this place.”
“O..okay.” Weir nodded her head shyly. Taking the map from me, she started to carefully walk forwards.

There were a total of 13 levels in the auction area. However, truthfully speaking, there were only 12 levels, with the last level being a basement, which was precisely where we were locked up in earlier.

The basement was used to lock up slaves that were either extremely ill or unsold ones. They would be locked up all the way till their death, then people would come and dispose of their corpses. Therefore, most guards weren’t willing to enter this place. Coupled with the auction house placing their auctions with the highest regard, this allowed us to infiltrate this place with ease. However, this wasn’t the case for the 1st to 6th levels.

Not only was the auction area extremely guarded, it was also the headquarters of those black-clothed people.
The black-clothed people’s training area was located on the 3rd and 4th level.

Although the individual combat ability of the black-clothed people was extremely low, their combined offensive formation had left a deep impression in people’s minds. The only uncertainty factor was the upper limit to the number of people in the formation.

“Someone’s coming.”

Everything around here, including the walls and floor, was constructed out of metals. This resulted in the high clarity of the footsteps made here. This was the reason for the extremely slow and careful pace we were making.

At this moment, the clear sound of footsteps could be heard resounding over from the right side of the walkway. Pulling Weir over, we immediately hid on the left side of the walkway.

Other than the main walkway, all of the other walkways were arcing towards left. Therefore, as long as we hid here, the incoming people would not be able to spot us.

“I love my mum the most.”

As insurance, I still pulled out a Concealment Scroll as prevention against the possibility of being discovered by the patrolling guards.

The patrolling guards walked out from the walkway only a few metres away from us, before gradually leaving in the direction ahead of us. Due to the curved shape of the main walkway, it took approximately a few minutes for the patrol to disappear out of sight.

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“You should know about their patrol patterns, right, Weir?”
“I think…so.”
“That’s good.”

Previously, I was still thinking about why Eleanor did not mention anything about the patrol patterns. From the looks of it, she had done so to save time. After all, she would definitely know about it if even Weir knew about it.
Giving explanations on the go was definitely more time saving than giving one before the start of the plan.

“Gen… generally speaking, there will be 6 patrol teams per level. They will patrol the 18 walkways that connect to the main walkway, then they will cover the semi-circle perimeter before leaving through the walkway at the side.”

6 teams? That doesn’t seem like a lot. If this was their patrol pattern…one patrol team would appear in the main walkway in approximately every few minutes.

As for exactly how many minutes…hmhmhm. So naive! Did you all believe that this princess will waste her valuable brain cells to ponder on this matter?

“Oh right. Are all of the patrol teams made up of those black-clothed people?”
“Wha…what?” Weir seemed to not know what I was talking about. However, after thinking about it, it was understandable, as the black-clothed people was a title I have created for the guards. Those people within the basement might not be wearing black clothes at all.

“Er…most likely…” organizing my words, I spoke out as softly as I could: “most likely formed by those people with severed tongues.”
“They…they…” Weir seemed to be extremely afraid of them. “They don’t do patrolling, as they aren’t suitable…”
“Not suitable?”

Weir pointed towards her mouth, and I immediately understood what she meant. If they had no tongues, they wouldn’t be able to give immediate warnings upon noticing something. Furthermore, their vocal cords should have degenerated greatly from not speaking for a very long time.

“Let’s take this chance to get out of here. Take a look and see how far the first Explosive Scroll location is approximately from us.”
“It’s approximately…a few dozen meters away.”
“That’s good. This time, we’ll quickly sneak over, and try our best to not get…”
“Who’s there!”

A loud and furious roar rang out as a patrol team rushed out from the walkway we were hiding in.

“…C’mon bro, I haven’t even raised the flag1, just how impatient can you be…”

Dammit! I’ve forgotten to listen to the footsteps as I was too focused on talking! Furthermore, didn’t Weir say that there were only 6 teams? Why was the next team so near to the last one!

Yet, a dumbfounded look was present on Weir’s face. This should be an honest mistake from her. What’s more, it would not bring any good for her if she gets captured by the patrol team.
From the looks of it, it would appear that they were the additional manpower sent by the auction house for the auction.

“Where the hell did these little slaves escape from! Are they rushing to their deaths?” The frontman of the patrol team roared out in an extremely vulgar manner: “Or are you two trying to give us brothers a little bit of enjoyment before your deaths!”

“Hahaha!!” The whole patrol team burst into evil laughter after hearing those words.
“What…what’s the matter?

Weir cowered and hid behind my back.
“Don’t worry.” I turned my head around to comfort Weir.

Instead of rushing forwards to capture us, those people started to goad and laugh as they sized us up. From the looks of it, those people were treating us as little slaves that have managed to sneak out from prison.
However, that was also a good thing. As long as I can get rid of them quietly, we would be able to proceed on.

“Generate Sand.” I squeezed out an obscure word from my mouth. Nevertheless, I suppressed my voice to the maximum of my ability, to prevent people from noticing my usage of Dragon Language Magic.

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“Yo~1st rank Magic, huh? This uncle’s so afraid….hahaha…”

Everyone burst into laughter after seeing me use a 1st rank Magic, with some people even starting to whistle in an extremely rampant fashion.

“Don’t resist, little girl! We uncles will make it a blast for you…”

Haha! I know I’ll make it a blast for you guys.
Leaning my body slightly forwards, I charged ahead and appeared right before them in an instant. A flash of shock appeared on the face of the frontman, completely not expecting the speed that I was able to reach to close the distance.

“Don’t look down on 1st rank Magic~ eat my Explosive Wind Palm!!”
“AH!! My eyes!”

The frontman covered his eyes and cried out in agony as my conjured sand entered his eyes.
However, I wasn’t prepared to let him off like that. Slightly lowering my centre of gravity, I gathered my strength before unleashing a kick at a delicate part of his lower body.

“Eat my Loli Nether Kick!!”

The man was sent smashing into the ceiling by my kick, before falling back down. He curled up on the ground with snorts covering his face. For a moment, he didn’t know whether to cover his crotch or his head.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you having a blast~?”


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