Chapter 2-40: Execution! Exploding Eggs Plan! (Part 2)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1831 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1233 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Is there any issue?”

“You can call the two halves as a big egg and a small egg, but why do you have to use a misleading title like Exploding eggs plan?”
“You aren’t thinking in the wrong direction.”

“That name contains my hatred for a certain part of men!” Eleanor clenched her fists, as a demonic red glow burst forth from her eyes. “I’ll really be very happy if it explodes.”

A wave of cold air rushed forth from my feet up to my head, causing me to involuntarily tuck my clothes tight against my body.

“’s fine as long as you’re happy with it…hehehe…”
“I’ll continue with my explanation of the plan.”

Eleanor swept her eyes from the left to right while saying: “First up, we have to split into 2 groups. The first group will be in charge of the explosives.”

Eleanor pointed at the red dots marked across the map: “We can make contact with the little egg’s outer shell from the 1st to 6th story. The job of the first group would be to place explosive scrolls at those places.”

“The explosive scrolls need to be at least 5th rank. Do you have that many of them?”
“I have them. However, I only have those that are 7th rank and above. I don’t have any 5th rank ones.” I replied while pushing my hands out sideways.


“What, what’s the matter? Your face doesn’t seem good.”
“You just need to place them at these places.”

Eleanor took out a pen and canceled a few of the red spots present on the map.

“The 2nd group’s job will be to save those imprisoned slaves. Most of the slaves are locked up at the 7th to 9th level. Due to the presence of slave contracts, ordinary slaves will not be locked up with Madrica Silver shackles. That means that we don’t need Miss Lilith’s…er…Divine Artifact. Therefore, I feel that it’s best for Miss Lilith to join the 1st group. After all, the defense is tighter on the 1st to 6th levels, and Miss Lilith should be the person with the strongest combat capability among us.”


That’s strange. I don’t remember ever showing my strength? How did she know that I’m the strongest here? Generally speaking, most people would assume that Durango was the strongest person with their group.

“Okay, I’ll start allocating the groups…”
“I and Weir will be in group 1. You three will be in the other group.”

Nevertheless, it wasn’t important how Eleanor knew about my strength. At this moment, the most important thing was to arrange ourselves properly into 2 groups, as this would affect the success rate of the mission.

Although my group has a numerical disadvantage, this was done to balance out the combat strength disparity between the 2 groups.

Hmm hmm. Not bad. Let’s stick to this.

“Hey hey! Why did you force the two burdens onto me!” Durango seemed to be extremely dissatisfied with my arrangement.
“Since the people in your group are weaker in personal strength, it’s only natural to allocate more people to your group.”

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“I don’t mind having more people. However, you should at least place that retarded Ca…Ca…”
“Retarded Ca?” Sensing what Durango was about to say, Carol shot a penetrating glare at him with narrowed eyes, with a warning and threatening look present within.

Nice one, Carol. You’ve finally managed to stand firm.

“Why..why are you so smart only at such moments…” Durango cried out as he clutched his head
“Hmph, hmph! I’m always that smart.”
“I also feel that this arrangement is very reasonable. A person with each group that is very familiar with auction house layout will be a great benefit towards the success of the plan.”

Since the plan’s creator, Eleanor had chimed in, Durango had no longer any points left to argue, resulting in him having no choice but to accept with a crying face.

“Eh~that’s right, little brother. Because I have been locked up in here for a long period of time, my mobility is extremely hampered. Therefore I might need you to carry me at times…”
“What kind of situations are you talking about?”

“Er…” Eleanor cocked her head cutely as she gave the question a thought: “When I’m tired.”
“Plop—” Durango collapsed onto the ground, his eyes turning lifeless, as though he had lost all hope towards life.

“Is…is he alright…”
“Relax, Weir. Young people have a very strong resistance to setbacks. Just let him rest a while and he’ll be alright.”

Eleanor walked over and gave a pat on Durango’s shoulder, before turning around and speaking to Weir: “However, you have to be careful, Weir. After all, your group will be faced with much more dangers.”
“Er…I…will be careful.” Weir nodded her head shyly in response.

For some unknown reason, I always felt that was something slightly off about this Weir, as though she wasn’t too enthusiastic about escaping out from here.

“We can’t escape, we can’t escape…”

My mind started to think back about the words she had spoken while crying. Could it be that she still doesn’t believe in the possibility of us succeeding? Even if it was her extremely trusted big sister Eleanor who had come up with the escape plan?

“Okay. Let’s execute the plan. When it is time, we’ll gather back at here. You should keep this map. After all, I’ve already carved the entire layout of the auction house in my head.”

Forget about it. There’s no use in thinking so much about it at this moment. Now, the most important thing was to successfully execute the so-called “Exploding eggs plan”. As for Weir, I’ll just make sure to keep an eye on her.

“Finally, I wish you all success in battle.” Lifting up the edges of her tattered blouse, Eleanor gave a proper noble’s salute towards us before turning around and leaving: “Okay, let’s go.”

Dressed in tattered clothes, her physique was extremely small and petite. Due to her long imprisonment and absence of sunlight in her, her skin was extremely pale white. Furthermore, her extremely long silvery-white hair draped messily down onto the ground.

This was a young girl that had been imprisoned for so many years.

Despite that, this fairy elf by the name of Eleanor still took every step with extreme conviction, her eyes never wavering as she strode forwards, appearing as though there was no mountain or sea tall or wide enough to make her halt in her tracks.

Truly worthy of the figure that was able to create an organization 10 over years ago by herself. One could immediately sense the extraordinary manner that she held in her stride. Even a mighty figure like me could not help but develop respect for her.

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“Ah ha ha. I’ve forgotten how to walk since it’s been too long since I’ve walked. Come and help carry me, golden-haired little brother…”
“…we’ll also take our leave.”

Indeed, an awesome figure like me would not respect anyone other than myself.

“Eh? big sis Eleanor alright…”
“You won’t die if you slip and fall.”
After thinking about it, I chimed in: “In the worst case, there will just be another ****** in this world.”


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