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Chapter 2-39: Execution! Exploding Eggs Plan! (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1807 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1280 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Ahh, being free really feels good.”

Twisting her wrists, Eleanor gave a sigh as she said: “I’ve been shackled here for 5 years. Yet, I’m suddenly feeling slightly unwilling to take a step into freedom.”

Due to being shackled up for so long, there were ring-shaped areas on Eleanor’s arms and legs that were much slender than the other areas of her limbs. Furthermore, the skin within those areas was crimson red in color, just like skin with 2nd-degree burns. Coupled that with her weak and frail figure, it was truly a heart-aching sight.

“Do you want me to help you put on those shackles?”
“Haha, there’s really no need for that. Didn’t I say that I feel very comfortable now?”

Eleanor gave two delightful chuckles. Only people who were truly free could produce such sounds of laughter from the bottom of their hearts.

“Big sis Eleanor!”

With her hand and leg shackles being removed, the Fairy Elf Weir brimmed with impatience as she immediately lunged right towards Eleanor, causing the weakened Eleanor to tumble backward.

“Achaa, as usual, you’re still pestering people, huh, Weir…”
“Wu…it’s so good that you’re already, big sis Eleanor! Lucy and others will definitely be happy…if they know about this…”

All of a sudden, the emotion-filled Weir became depressed.

“What’s the matter…” Although she was the one posing the question, a knowing expression had already appeared on Eleanor’s face.
“Lucy and the others… have been sold away…”
“Indeed, that has happened.” Eleanor’s excitement was replaced by an expression of sadness. “…However, you shouldn’t be sad, Weir. Now, we should pray for them that they meet up with a good owner…”
“How is that possible! Don’t you know the kind of people who come here, big sis Eleanor…”
“Hey hey. Aren’t you extending your stereotyping range a bit too wide?”

Right after hearing my words, Weir immediately hid behind Eleanor’s back like a scared little mouse being met with daylight.

Am I that scary?

Scratching my head, I spoke towards Eleanor: “Now’s not the time for you two to reminisce about the past. It’s time for you to take your map out. While doing so, please explain the perfect escape plan you have in mind for us. I’m really interested in it.”

Eleanor took out the crumpled paper that she had shown us earlier. However, she did not unfold it.

“I can give you all the map. However, I have a request.”
“Request? You seem to have a lot of requests,” the continuous requests had amplified my already present unhappiness, causing my tone to start turning harsh.

As this happened, Eleanor continued to stare right into my eyes, her scarlet red pupils appearing as if they could stare right into people’s hearts. Nevertheless, I could see the bottomless pain and sorrow present within that pair of beautiful eyes.

“It isn’t some overboard request. I just wish for you guys to try your best to rescue some slaves during your escape.”
“I…beg of you.”

The proud and arrogant Eleanor lowered her head towards us. This was also the first time that she didn’t use any self-elevating words to refer to herself.1

“Eh…let me think carefully over this matter for a while. After all, there’s a great deal of danger involved in rescuing slaves.”
“I’ll trouble you then.” Eleanor’s stance grew increasingly lower, while even pulling Weir and pressing her head down.

Although that has originally been our goal, it was still better to be aloof at times, as I don’t want people to assume that I’m a goody-two-shoes that will roar out immediately when unfairness appeared before my eyes.
Furthermore, it was rather enjoyable to be beseeched by people.

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“Huh? Isn’t our goal to rescue slaves? What do you still need to consider, Lilith?”

The atmosphere immediately turned extremely awkward.

“Er…hey hey. Wah! Your expression’s so scary, Lilith!”
“Can you go and die for a while~”
“Woahhh! No…don’t come over! Ahhhhhh!!”

“Cough cough.” ignoring Eleanor’s ambiguous expression, I suppressed the feeling I had to crawl into a hole: “I…I can reluctantly accept your request.”
“That’s good.” Eleanor didn’t waste much time haggling over the earlier issue. Seating down, she unfolded the map before her: “I’ll now explain about my perfect plan.”

Just as Eleanor unfolded the map, Carol, with a large bag resting on her head, had quietly snuck over. After taking a close look at the map, she pointed angrily at Eleanor’s nose as she snapped out: “What map is this! This obviously is half a chicken egg!”

“…I want to ask…does this compatriot of yours have a brain problem?”
“I’m sorry. I’ll immediately take care of it.”

“You’re the one with the brain problem! Your entire family has brain problems! I- ahhh pain, pain!”
I pointed at Carol and said towards Durango: “Tie her up.”

“Awawawa…what are you guys doing…you can’t treat me like this! If you dare to tie me up, I’ll make life difficult for you when we get back, Durango!”
“Tie up her mouth too.”

“Okay. It’s finally quiet. You can continue talking.”

Eleanor nodded her head, before pointing straight towards the half a boiled egg-shaped map:
“The entire auction house is shaped in a 2-level semicircle, which is why it appeared just like half an egg.
However, I prefer to treat it as an egg within an egg. The shell of the outer egg is made out of resilient metals, and there are a total of 246 exits. However, every exit is protected by remnant Sacred Tools, with no gap between them. Even Saint Level experts would find it extremely hard to break through from the outside.”

No gap? The hoodlum-faced old grandpa appeared once again in my mind. So it turns out that it isn’t guarding only one door.

Eleanor pointed towards the area between the semicircles: “The middle portion can be divided into 13 layers. Every layer has its own distinct purpose. Due to time constraints, I won’t go into detail. In any case, I’ve already indicated on the map.
Next up will be the smaller egg. Like the outer egg, it’s separated into 2 layers. I deduce that the inner egg is for important figures of the auction house to retreat into if the outer layer gets invaded.”

“I think that everyone should be extremely clear of the little egg’s purpose—as it’s the place where the auctions are held.
As for my plan, it’s very simple.” Eleanor raised her head, revealing a sharp sword-like luster within her eyes: “Blow up the little auction egg, also known as— The exploding eggs plan!”


  1. TLN: 我=I, 本座=I in the sense a woman of nobility would address herself

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