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Chapter 2-38: Dagger is Better than Long Sword

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2034 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1280 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“A map of the auction grounds? A perfect plan?”

Could it be that the heavens had heard my pleas, and are finally willing to send a reliable squadron mate to me?

“You aren’t trying to trick me again, are you?”

Despite being met with a suspicious gaze, there was no change in Eleanor’s expression: “Of course not. In any case, I was captured by the Auction House when I was 5 years old, and had stayed in there for close to 20 years. Therefore, it’s a breeze for me to create such a detailed map of it.”

From a certain perspective, not being sold after being held by them for close to 20 years was an extremely pitiful thing to experience.

“You…seem to be thinking about something discourteous.”
“Eh? Cough cough…” I never expected Eleanor to be that sensitive. Coughing twice, I immediately changed the topic: “Okay, we have the map, so what is it about your so-called perfect plan?”
“There’s no rush. Before that…” Eleanor shot a penetrating stare at me: “Aren’t you going to show me if you are truly capable of escaping from the prison?”
“If we get to know each other better, it will be easier for me to talk about the plan, right?”
“So it turns out that our mutual cooperation is based on having sufficient strength, huh?”

Rubbing the storage ring on my hand, the ancient engraving on it glowed with increasing brilliance.

“Since that’s the case, I have no choice but to show off that fellow. Hmph, hmph. You guys better open your eyes wide to see. What I’m going to bring out is the Divine Artifact from the legends.”
“No…that’s impossible! Divine Artifacts cannot exist in this world.”
“What…what? Divine Artifact? Woah! This miss also wants to see it..ah, ah! So painful! I can’t turn my head, wuuuu…”
“You’re just showing off.”

You guys don’t believe me? Since it’s the case, feast your eyes on this.
A faint flash of brilliance burst forth, and my Ancestral Divine Artifact appeared in my hand.

“So beautiful…”
“That’s…that a genuine Divine Artifact! Hurry up and let me see…”
“That…that shouldn’t be real, right?”

A sword hilt engraved with ancient carvings, a sword scabbard forged out of gold and inlaid with 10 exquisite gemstones, and my real name in the ancient dragon language engraved near the hilt.

Gorgeous, extravagant, high-end, outrageous. Anyone who set their eyes on this sword would always sigh in amazement.

“Pay attention. I’m going to draw my sword.”

Everyone present could not help but hold their breaths upon seeing the serious expression on my face. Even Carol, who was stuck in there, had reduced shaking her butt by a lot.


As the sword slid out from its scabbard, everyone’s gaze locked on it gradually revealing itself.

“Schwing.” the sword rang as it finally left its scabbard.


“Woah! What’s the matter? Why aren’t you guys saying anything? Doesn’t it look awesome? I bet you’ve never seen a Divine Artifact this awesome at all…”

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Silence filled the air for a few seconds, with the only noise coming from Carol’s incessant chirping. Eleanor’s face proceeded to turn ugly as she started at my Divine Artifact: “Are you making fun of me?”

“You just took out a broken sword to fool me, and you still say that you’re not joking with me.”
“I’m really not joking. As for why the Divine Artifact has become like that, I’ll have to ask my ancestors about it.”
“Looks like you’re not sincere in working with me. Since it’s the case, I’ll not accompany you after all.”

Seemingly losing patience with me, Eleanor immediately walked into the shadows.

“Haha, you’ve gone slightly overboard with your jokes, big sis~”
Durango yawned, before proceeding to continue lying by the side.

The Fairy Elf Weir looked towards her left and right, before hugging her head and crouching down.
In an instant, the atmosphere turned extremely awkward.

“You guys…”

Although this sword was only 5 centimeters long and appeared extremely unreliable, it was a weapon that was left behind by the old ancestor. Seeing it being mistreated like that made me feel slightly angry.

“Since you all don’t believe me, I’ve no choice but to demonstrate to you guys.”
“Hmph, I’ll wait and see.”

Perhaps being shocked by the angry tone in my voice, Eleanor stopped in her tracks and looked over.

“Don’t move, Carol.”
“Eh? What are you trying to do?”
“Just stay still!”
“What exactly are you talking about? You’re making me feel very uneasy.”
“Here it comes!”

Wielding the sword with a standard 2-handed grip, I made a slash down towards….the bar beside Carol’s neck.

When the old ancestor had handed this sword over to me, he had told me that it had the ability to ignore all defenses. However, after my tests, I discovered that the “ignore all defenses” wasn’t due to it being able to pass through defenses, but being able to slice right through them.

That means that all kinds of things below the level of divine beings would be as weak as paper before its edge.

As I cleaved down, the metal bars were sliced right through with such swiftness they appeared as though they never existed in the first place. With a few soft swipes, the few bars that had shackled Carol up were completely sliced apart.

“Woah…I’m finally free…”

Carol rubbed her head with excitement as though she had just regained her life: “Wow…your Divine Artifact’s really awesome, Lilith! Can you…let me take a look? Huh? That’s a Divine Artifact? It clearly is a broken sword, right…”

Carol’s excitement suddenly turned into a look of contempt.

“Do you want to die?”
“Ah haha. Your Divine Artifact’s really awesome, Lilith. I’ve never seen such a formidable weapon before! It’s simply as pretty and powerful as its owner!” (Thumbs up sign)

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After being touched by my kindness and gentle smile, Carol could not help but be full of praise for my Divine Artifact.

“How’s that? This should convince you, right?” I looked towards Eleanor and asked.

Shaking her head, Eleanor calmly looked back and replied: “Cutting apart steel chains isn’t enough to prove anything. Any sharp sword can easily do the trick.”

“You should know that it’s not easy to slice through Madrica Silver.”
“Hoho, is that right?”

Seeing the confidence displayed on my face, Eleanor showed a serious expression on her face as she narrowed her eyes: “Let’s do a test to see if it has the ability to slice through Madrica Silver.”

“Open your eyes wide and see clearly.”

Wielding the broken sword, I gave a light slash towards the Madrica Silver-made chains. With a faint ring, the chains were severed into two. Spreading my arms out, I indicated to them that even the shackles that were binding my hands have already been severed.

“Now… do you believe me?”

Everyone had incredulous expressions on their faces as they saw how easily I have severed the shackles.

“How is that possible! There clearly is no Magic or Battle-Qi used. There’s also no usage indications of any magic or martial skills. The Madrica Silver has actually been severed with such ease!”

As those words rang out, they tried to touch my broken sword.

“Take your dirty hands away.” I slapped Durango’s dog paw away, before speaking towards the stunned Eleanor: “So, you aren’t going to continue doubting me, are you?”
“Oh…” finally recovering from her shock, Eleanor proceeded to scrutinize me with her gaze before suddenly revealing a smile: “Please take care of me, compatriot.”


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