Chapter 2-33: The Incoming Death Will be Refreshing

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1777 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1035 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Lil Red Imp, Deximus_Maximus

As soon as the bid of six thousand was called, the entire auction room exploded. Five thousand gold coins were more than enough to buy two of them, but the Duke directly bid a thousand more.

Hearing the price, Durango, who was already relieved, looked serious again.

“Come on, what are you doing?”

I shoved Durango, who was still in a daze and motioned him to continue.

Durango swallowed hard, but still held up the sign, “Seven thousand!”

“Oh! Seven thousand! Guest thirty-eight is bidding seven thousand. This is already the highest bid ever placed in this auction house. Is there anyone who wants to counter-bid?”

Duke Carterbell turned around with an ugly expression and said, “Little friend give an old man some face, and give these two beauties to this old man.”

As expected of the duke who has been standing in a high position for a long time. With only his incredibly dull tone, he made Durango sweat coldly. I could see the sweat dripping on his chin from where I was sitting.

“This old man will bid eight thousand.” Duke Carterbell raised his plate again.

Durango’s thoughts were likely extremely tangled, on one side Duke Carterbell was staking his claim and on the other, Duke Emona would kill him if he didn’t save his daughter from slavery.
But since you are so hesitant, then let this Princess help you.

“Who cares about giving you face.”

Maybe it wasn’t expected that someone would actually scold Duke Carterbell to his face, the whole venue was quiet, and everyone stared at me.

Even Carol and the fairy elf on the stage looked at me subconsciously, but when Carol saw me, her eyes brightened, and she seemed to recognize who I was.
It’s really strange. I was obviously wearing a mask, how could she tell who I was.

“Big … big sister, you … what are you doing …” Durango trembled and quietly asked as he pulled on my sleeve to hide his face.
“Don’t say anything,” I gave him a reassuring look and a thumbs up, “Just leave it to me.”

Then I turned around and pointed at Duke Carterbell and scolded
“So what do you count, why should we give face to an old fart like you?”
“We?” Duke Carterbell squinted his eyes and asked.

He’s certainly a person who earned his title as Duke. If someone scolded me like that I’d be mad.

“Sure, don’t you know who he is?” I asked, pointing at Durango, who was sweating next to me.
“Oh? Who?”

“Perk up your dog ears and listen, he is the Holy Dragon Empire’s …” As soon as Durango heard me start, Durango moved to cover my mouth, but I smartly leaned away to avoid him.
“He is the son of the Holy Dragon Empire’s Count Aneva, Aneva Durango!”

The people around laughed suddenly, even Duke Carterbell, “Count Aneva truly has a good son.”
“…OH MY GOD… what are you doing …” Durango almost started crying.

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“What does it seems like I am doing? Since he is pressuring us with his authority, we naturally have to return the favor.”
“Even so, you have look at who you’re returning the favor to! He is a dignified duke. My father is just an Earl. Moreover, Duke Carterbell is infamous, if he spreads my name then I could be killed.”

“It’s not important, if you want to buy Carol you’ll have to fight him for it, if you’re going to fight him anyway, you might as well show some fighting spirit.”
“But I … I don’t…”

“You still haven’t resolved yourself to offend them?” I said with a sneer. “You have to know that if you offend the Duke Carterbell, you will probably die, but if you don’t buy Carol, then you will definitely die.”
“You have to think clearly~”

“Hmm …” Durango’s face became as ugly as if he’d seen his parents get killed and his face even turned whiter than the mask he was wearing.

Durango’s eyes wavered as if a war of gods was occurring in his mind. After a while, he suddenly broke down and pointed at Duke Carterbell, and shouted after finally abandoning his fear, “ That’s right! I’m Aneva Durango, son of the renowned Count Aneva! I want those girls, so why would I make things easier for a competitor!”

“I will bid for ten thousand!!!” Durango threw the number plate on his hands and directly spent more money than he even brought with him.

“Woohoo … hahahaha!” Durango gasped heavily and stared Duke Carterbell in the eyes like a lunatic, “old *******, are you okay? If you can add more then do so, hahaha!!!”

Duke Carterbell’s face swelled like a pig’s liver and after taking a long pause to consider, turned his head with a grunt.

“Ten thousand! Guest thirty-eight bids ten thousand! Is there anyone else who would like to counter, no one? Well then, with no one else bidding, I declare that these two products belong to the guest number Thirty-eight!!!!”

Clap Clap Clap!” Everyone, except Duke Carterbell, raised their hands in applause, seemingly praising Durango for his courage.
“Hahaha, I … I won, I won …”

“You’re indeed the son of the famous Count Aneva. I’m very impressive…”

I patted Durango on the shoulder and handed him a note, “Here’s an IOU1 of six thousand gold coins, one day’s interest, remember to pay back the money.”
“You … when did you make this IOU?” Durango looked at the IOU before staring at me.

“I just wrote it, don’t think too much about it. Just sign already.”
Durango cried a bit, but signed the IOU.

I put away the IOU with satisfaction, “Congratulations, you have got yourself two amazing beauties.”
“Congratulations… you, Congratulations to you as well.” Durango sat paralyzed, like he’d lost the will to live.

He really had no spirit, it was only a mere six thousand coins and yet he’s already so dispirited.
“Well, congratulations to guest thirty-eight for taking the products you like, let’s…”

“I don’t …” The fairy elf on the stage suddenly squat down and held her head, wailing.
“I don’t want to be sold …”
“I don’t…”


  1. IOU – acronym short for “I owe you” (“U” sounds like “you;” “O” sounds like “owe”). A promissory note of various legal standing that states the signer owes the holder something or some amount of money to be collected at a later date.

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