Chapter 2-34: The Importance of Good Teammates (Part 3)

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2186 characters
Translator: Nexus English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1281 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The sudden movement of the fairy elf quieted the originally noisy venue. Everyone was watching the auctioneer’s next move. After all, it was only a short while ago that a slave had committed suicide, if that were to happen again then the auctioneer will lose a lot of face.

“I don’t want to be sold, please don’t sell me, you can do anything you want, but don’t sell me.”

The fairy elf suddenly knelt, begged, and pleaded with tears at the clown’s feet, but the more she begged the more the clown’s expression became a volcano about to erupt, and the anger he was accumulating could be felt from a distance.

“Don’t sell me… I’ll be obedient, I’ll listen to you, but please don’t sell me…”
“Since you want to be obedient, then obediently go away.” The clown’s tone was as cold as a glacier.
“No… I don’t wanna… Sniffs…”

The clown kicked the fairy elf right in the stomach, sending her flying away.

“Do you qualify to bargain with me?”

The fairy elf wrapped her arms around her stomach and curled up in the fetal position like a shrimp. Even so, she still whimpered and begged not to be sold.

“My deepest apologies. I didn’t train the auction property well enough. We will treat the injuries I caused just now for free, and guarantee a perfect product for our customers. We will also … Ah !!!”

The clown bent over to apologize to Durango, but suddenly screamed and jumped up.

“Ah!!! My ⓐⓢⓢ!”

The clown quickly turned around and found that Carol was standing behind him with an angry look, holding a bloody knife in her hand.
At the same time, an ominous premonition suddenly appeared in my heart, and instinctively told me, Young Lady Carol is… about to do something again!

“Why did you hit her!”

Sure enough, Carol had completely forgotten about her situation, and pointed a delicate finger at the clown and her shout split the crowd,
“Why did you hit her!”

I don’t know how powerful this clown is, but being in an important position like the auctioneer of this event implies that he is certainly strong and cunning, but I’m afraid he didn’t expect a slave to be bold enough to stab him with a knife that’s not even finger length!
He was stabbed in the ⓐⓢⓢ right in front of so many people. Compared with the physical pain of the act, I’m afraid that the shame is even more traumatic.
Now the clown… is going to want to kill Carol, I suppose…

“Do you not know where you are?”
“You may be in control of my position, however you are wrong.”
“Hehe … even the merchandise regarded as dregs dares to argue what is right or wrong … It seems you are tired of living!”

A terrible killing intent filled the entire venue, and the clown’s body glowed with Battle-Qi. Considering the strength of his Battle-Qi, I’m afraid that the clown seems to be incredibly powerful even amongst High-Ranking Warriors.

However, Carol was still true to herself even amidst such terrible momentum, “Hurry up and apologize!”
“You …” Seeing Carol’s earnest expression, the clown became a little skeptical, and stopped in place to consider his next move.

The clown lowered his head and began to think, and seemed to consider Carol’s energy, but how could he have possibly known that the reason she wasn’t scared was merely because she had thick nerves and nothing more.

After a while, the clown looked up and asked, “I heard that you took the initiative to enter the auction house, is that true?”
“Yes,” Carol replied bluntly.

“Damn!” I was beginning to think that things were becoming bad. With Carol’s IQ, I’m afraid the clown might really ask something.
“You… you got a problem with that?” Seeing the clown’s gaze constantly turning on herself, Carol unconsciously stepped back.

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“No one in the world, especially not a young girl, would ask to enter the auction unless…” The clown took two steps forward, “You entered with a purpose in mind.”
“Haha …how… how could…”

Wow, Miss Carol, your guilty answer will only make people more skeptical!!
No, you can’t let the clown ask any more questions, otherwise Carol might give everything away.

“You go and stop the clown from asking anymore questions, hurry up.”
“Why?” Suddenly, Durango scratched his head and asked me, “Why should I do that?”

“I’ll cut the interest in half.”

“Well… that,” Durango stood up and spoke to the clown, “Can we continue the auction, my time is precious.”
“Guests, please forgive me, we have very important things to do now, please wait a moment.”

Damn, it’s totally useless.

“Well, you are certainly fearless…” the clown turned his head again and continued to ask, “is it perhaps…”
“Quick Quick Quick! Hurry up and stop him!” (Lilith)
“Well… then let go of me first…” (Durango)
“Yeah…” Because it was so urgent I didn’t realize I had been grabbing Durango’s collar.

“How the hell do you want me to stop them?” (Durango)
“Rush down there and punch the clown.” (Lilith)
“I can’t, big sis, I’m already terrified now that I’ve offended a duke, if I also go and assault the auctioneer I really will die!” (Durango)
“You can…” (Lilith)
“Because you have an accomplice?” (Clown)

Damn, is it too late? It seems that we can only believe in Carol now, I hope she won’t be so retarded.
“You … how do you know …”

God dammit, Carol! It’s fine if you give up that you’re in disguise, but don’t keep glancing at me while you’re revealing your identity!
Sure enough, the clown followed Carol’s gaze.
Calm down. Either way, he only knows a general direction and shouldn’t be able to accurately locate me.

“Catch that blonde loli in the fox mask over there.”
How did you guess it was me!!!
A few men in black suddenly jumped out of the shadows and held a knife directly on my neck.

“Why are you catching me?”
Even if I die, I have to know the reason.

“Because you are her companion.”
“Why do you say that?”

The clown said unhurriedly, “One strange thing happening may be chance, but if two strange things happen at the same time, it’s no coincidence.
I have been an auctioneer at the auction house for more than 30 years and I have never seen a young girl like you come to one before.
Then, the only conclusion is that you’re the one who is playing house with this slave. In short, you’re just another kid who is brainwashed by stories of justice.”

It’s… such an unpleasant answer, but I also know that the clown is just guessing, and he has no absolute evidence.
That being the case, I might be able to struggle a bit.

“He he he he…”
“Why are you laughing?”

“I’m laughing at your poor eyes,” I stood on a chair, puffed out my chest, and said, “can’t you see that I’m an adult?”
“……” As soon as I said that, I felt that the entire auction house went silent.

“Apologies, I don’t see any characteristics that an adult should have on you.”
“Hmph! If you don’t believe me, ask Durango, the son of Count Aneva, you should believe what he says.”
“Is she an adult, guest?”

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With Durango’s affirmative answer, the clown couldn’t help but start to doubt his previous conjecture.
Hmph, you’re still too inexperienced to have a battle of wits with this princess.

Just then, the clown suddenly turned around and asked Carol, “Is she actually your companion?”
“Hahaha, you are a joker, how could Lilith be my companion …”

You… freaking… IDIOOOOOT!!!!!!


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